What is Upoknews.com? Is Upoknews Scam?

What is Upoknews.com? Is Upoknews Scam?

Do you also have some troubles regarding Upoknews.com? We are also dealing with some troubles regarding this website in Upoknews Review, which are raised by our readers like, is Upoknews Scam? Or is Upoknews Legit? Or is Upoknews Real? Or is Upoknews Fake? If you are reading this article then you are a wise person who want to get insight of a website that are offering people very profitable offer without any basis. Upoknews is not only one website that is offering lucrative offers. There are other websites working on the internet that are providing same offers, theme and working like Upoknews. In our website we have made the Avoid Scam list which contain website similar to Upoknews like Socupnew, Newsmain17, Socofnews, Majorsnews, 17upnews , 17topnews and others. If you do not want to read the full article then Upoknews is a scam website. They are not paying to its member. The complaints of non-payment can be seen on many forums available on the internet. There is very high probability that all such scam websites similar in nature are operated by same group of people. Their aim is very simple, fool others and earn money.

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What is Upoknews.com Is Upoknews Scam or Legit Is Upoknews Real or Fake Upoknews Review Upoknews

How Upoknews works?

Upoknews is offering job to everyone. In this website you can earn around $3 to read the article and you can easily earn more than $100 for a day. It is not our claims, the company is claiming it. The articles they provide on their website to read are useless and absurd. They are not even written in sync. The company provides more than 30 articles to read in a day. Members have to confirm on their own that they have read the article. It generally takes only 5 seconds. Working in this website is very profitable for any person.

Reading article is not the only way by which anyone can earn money on this website. What we mean is that, the affiliate program run by this website is very profitable for people. They are offering $170 for every referral made by the members. Earning even $1 in genuine website is very difficult but here you can earn directly $170. This is great and extraordinary. After earning handsomely in this website and getting credit immediately, are you able to cash it out? No, the minimum limit to cash out is $2700. Once you meet this limit then you can request for the payment. It is very difficult to reach this limit and even if somebody with hard work reaches this limit then he/she able to put a request for payment in this website. Even after completing the limit, the company delays the process of payment and never pay to its members. It does not matter how hard member work in this website. The company is not going to pay. If you think with peaceful mind about the offer of this website then you will find if any company pays as Upoknews claims, then the company will get collapse. Upoknews will not get collapse in any coming times. It is because they never pay. So, the question of getting collapse is not appropriate for this company.

The company does not provide any kind of information about it. They are not sharing it purposely. No one can find even one name of any personal working in this company. This million dollar company is does not have any employ or owner, it is not possible. They hide their information on WHOIS records and not allowing public to view their details. This is the way scam website works. They hide from public so that no one can catch them. They are not leaving any trail behind them that is why they work freely without fear of getting caught.

The company use people information to sell it to third party. They get information while registering the member or by providing any task or condition on their website. In short, they earn from every possible way. You may not invest your money, but you invest your time which is very precious even than gold or bullions.


Upoknews is a scam website. Their working is very similar to other scam website already listed in our Avoid Scam list. Avoid this website is the only possible best advise anybody can give. They are not worthy of your time. They know the importance of time and that is why they want others to work for them and they earn from people. It is unethical and that is why they are scamming others because they do not have any values in their working.

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If you have any doubt about Upoknews then feel free to share it with us. We will be glad to answer you.