Wish to earn money? UpVoice Review

In the era of globalization social media has become one of the greatest platforms for earning online money. People are investing much of their time in social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tweeter and Amazon.

One such panel namely UpVoice promotes such tasks which make the work easy. The company brags their claims which create curiosity in the minds of people.

In this article we will cover all the major prospects and reveal whether UpVoice is a legit platform or just wandering around.

Such investigation is very important to protect the surrounding from scam people who try to corrupt the environment. Hence we congratulate all of you for taking an initiative towards the well being of the society.

Wish to earn money? UpVoice Review

What is UpVoice?

The company UpVoice is run by BrandTotal which is a marketing research company that carry out creative platform for the members. This way company is able to accumulate many details through the medium of internet which convey leading brands the areas which need to be improved in their ads.

Unlike conventional norms of surveys sites UpVoice is variant from it. The panelist will be required to download the browser extension and chose one of the following sites:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Tweeter
  • Linkedln
  • YouTube

Various institutions frequently collect information for free while for the same purpose you will fetch rewards using UpVoice.

Though the money you will accumulate as being one of the panelists of UpVoice won’t pay off your bills but definitely will add extra income in your pocket with lame work.

Currently the UpVoice is limit to the browsing extension and is working on launching a mobile application which can be used through easy way i.e. tablets and mobile phones.

How UpVoice does tend to work?

Firstly you will have to browse the extension and download the software. Thereafter the extension browsed will track your ID for keeping an eye on the advertisements you view while using the provided sites. These participating sites include campaigns, banner ads, sponsored posts which you will be unveiled on social media site.

You must remember to illuminate the point that all your data collected from your Facebook id i.e. name, date of birth, country, age, hobbies, relationship status, etc so that all the information accumulated must be anonymous so that you becomes identifiable to anyone.

We are aware of the competition prevailing these days. Hence the leading brands also want to know the strategy of the competitors so that they can track their each step.

Basically UpVoice will develop statistical analysis which will result in ad campaign intuition for the marketers. Therefore the brand marketers will be able to fabricate much emphatic marketing strategy.

Requirements to become a panelist:

If you wish to become one of the panelists of UpVoice then you must fulfill all the requirements laid down by the company. Hence the requirements are mentioned below:

  • First and foremost thing is to be at least the age of 18 to consider you to be a panelist.
  • You must suit ideal for the demographics come in your way.
  • Must have a Facebook account to visit sites.
  • You should use Chrome or Brave browser.

Each and every person residing in all parts of the world is welcomed to become a part of UpVoice but presently the company is rendering the opportunity to the residents of US.

Once you get disqualify in completing the required details then the UpVoice will not ignore you from the list but they will schedule you and contact once they feel the requirement.

How to get started?

In order to become the panelist of UpVoice firstly you will be required to register through your Facebook account. The registration is completely free. Currently there is no other way to register then using Facebook account. Therefore it is mandatory to have a Facebook account for participating in the UpVoice.

Thereafter you will be required to qualify a screening test which will consist of few basic profiling questions. Thus you must to qualify the test for becoming the panelist of UpVoice.

Usually it takes 7-10 days for the company to review your application and therefore approve it. Fortunately the company also provides an additional sing up bonus of 300 tokens.

How much can you fetch?

Presently you will receive $1 in exchange of 60 tokens. According to the statements of the company if you keep the UpVoice extension installed for at least one year then you will fetch 10 tokens on a daily basis and approximately you can earn $60 rewards in an annum. Plus 300 tokens will be added of the sign up bonus.

Approximately the members will be laible to fetch $75 in each year but this milestone is only achievable if you are an active member and participate in the upcoming surveys.


Once you become the member or panelist of UpVoice you will be provided with a link which can be used to install the UpVoice extension. The company claims that 10 tokens can be fetched daily if the members visit the participating sites at least once a day. In simpler words the members are not required to log in at any particular time specified but viewing once a day at any time is satisfactory.

Thus logging various times day and browsing for a longer period will not upsurge the earnings to heights. Hence more tokens can be accumulated by participating in surveys and accruing activities.


The moment you accumulate 600 tokens which equals to $10 the company will flourish the members with numerous e-gift cards consisting of BestBuy, iTunes, Amazon and Visa prepaid.

Unluckily the company is not crediting the payments via PayPal which is the most reliable source of payments.

According to UpVoice the company will process nearby 5 working days in order to review the request of payment and approve one.


  • The company provides a sign up bonus of 300 tokens.
  • The income potential is high.
  • The data accumulated by the company is done anonymously.
  • UpVoice respects and secures the privacy policy of the members.


  • Presently the opportunity is only available for the residents of US, otherwise all over the world people can register.
  • Usually UpVoice is not always gateway for new panelist.
  • The company does not process payments through PayPal.


The platform UpVoice is legit and trusted which allows you to earn passive income by collecting your data. While various people have stated that they had received their payments after reaching 600 tokens without occurring with issues in their way.

Unfortunately UpVoice is accessible only for the residents of the US but the company is planning to grow their range to other parts of the world.

There are various alternatives of UpVoice like Panel app, Qmee, MobileExpression, etc.

Hence UpVoice is a legit panel and we recommend it to our readers.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below.


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