What is USDTimes.com? Is USDTimes Scam?

What is USDTimes.com? Is USDTimes Scam?

If you are looking for what is USDtimes.com? Then you have arrived at the right USDtimes review page. In this USDtimes review article, we are going to solve some generally asked questions like, is USDtimes Scam? Or is USDtimes Legit? Or is USDtimes Real? Or is USDtimes Fake? Before answering the questions, we want to appreciate your sincerity and curiosity that urge you to get information first about this website. The website offers are really very good and also tempting. Earning $10 for doing easy task may seem good and easy. The question arises that, does it is really easy to earn $10 for doing a task which is absurd. If you do not want to read this article more and want to get the crux of the review, then ‘USDtimes is a scam website and it is not legitimate’. They are not paying to its members. You can also see the complaints of nonpayment in any forums available online.

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What is USDtimes.com Is USDtimes Scam or Legit Is USDtimes Real or Fake USDtimes Review, USDtimes

How USDtimes works?

This website is not unique in its working it is because various website operating on the internet have similar kind of offers and theme. All of them are scam website. We can say with full confidence that USDtimes site is owned by scammers group, which is also operating other similar websites like, Dutytimes, Dutytrend, Dutyspace, Dutypool, Dollarsjob, Dollarstell, Dollarsplug and many more. All of them got the place in our Avoid Scam list. These websites people not use much of their mind and bring new website with same theme, offers and sometime even same data or statistics. The only difference they maintain is the different domain name.

This website is offering easy tasks that take only 5 second to complete and paying to its members $10 instantly. The company credit instantly after the completion of the tasks. Everything works very smoothly until somebody request for release of payment. You will be wondering that is obvious that people request for payment. Yes, you are absolutely right, if member did not receive any money than there is no use of working anywhere. The member will be able to request for payment after surpassing the minimum payout limit. After it, when member request for payment company just reply that your request is in progress. It will remain in progress until infinity. Some people complain about the delay. The company message back that to release your payment soon, you must pay the up gradation fees or complete some paid surveys. You never receive any payment from this website and also lose your own money because many people in the influence of greed pay the company.

The company did not provide any information about their owner or people working in this company. They also guarded their information in WHOIS records so that no one can identify them. They are just not leaving any trails behind themselves which result in their destruction. The purposely hiding so that nobody can catch them.

On one side these website do not share their information but asks its members to share their information with them. They sell people personal information to some third party which is also anonymous. They use people personal information to send malware into their financial account and theft in financial account of the member. Do not reveal your information and especially the financial information it makes you vulnerable to hackers attack.


As we mention before, USDtimes is a fake company. So stay away from it. Avoid this website completely. Do not run to earn easy money because at the end you will regret. Be wise and aware of such scam websites and also beware people in our social circle.

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If you have any doubt about USDtimes then please feel free to share it with us. You can put your query in comment box.