Review – Is Userlytics a Scam? Review – Is Userlytics a Scam?

These days people are applying hundreds of methods to earn money easily and quickly. If you too are finding a easy way to earn money online then you should probably read this review about It provides usability testing jobs through which you will be paid.
This article will cover all the questions raised by people doubting the working of We will even cover the functioning of usability testing. Review – Is Userlytics a Scam?

What is is an art platform with global participation. It is been operating since 2009 while helping various multinational companies, innovative firms, agencies,etc. Userlytics has more than 300,000 participants from all over the globe. The website has also issued its own testing software which you will use while performing tests.

How does works?

Primarily for website testing you need to visit the company’s website and there you will be given a list of tasks to complete. Once you complete the task you will be paid. In simple words, there are some businesses who need to some common people to test their digital things like Mobile phone, websites, app, etc. So these companies pay to find them some clients who can do testing.

In case of is simple to use. You just need to sign up by using your email address. After this you will be send a confirmation link to your email. Once the link is confirmed you will be asked to create a password and then you will be allowed to log in.

The website even provides you an option with creating an advanced profile where you are supposed to answer some questions. Most of the questions are generic like information about your family members and which phone they do use, or which websites you surf much. While some personal questions like occupation, annual income, what products do you own, etc.

Most of the tests required you to record your voice, face on screen. While some tests ask you to add some things in your shopping cart or navigate a website. You just need to tell them how you feel about the website, what you find most worthy, what changes are required, etc. Most of the test need 10-15 minutes and you will be paid once you submit your feedback and your it is approved by the company. is for who? is for those people who are finding ways to add some extra income to their pocket. Userlytics and such other testing sites won’t pay you much to run your house. Definitely it won’t replace your job. Basically don’t relieve from the stress of money. Though the website pays you good therefore you won’t get enough tests to occupy yourself. Generally 3 – 4 tests are given to each client in a month and importantly the website follows one slogan and its first comes first serve. So be quick to reply.

Requirements to use

To use all you need is a computer running with Windows 7 or newer or in case MacOS 10.7.3 or newer with a high speed internet connection. Hence you even need webcam or microphone in order to complete the tasks. Even you need a PayPal account to receive payments which we be credited once in a week on Friday. After you profile is creates with verified confirmation link then you will receive the invitations for the tasks.

How much pays?

For every test completed you will receive $10 which is basically a roses amount of payment than any other companies. In their website there are special instances where you can earn more but definitely they will require more information. For received payment you need to have a verified PayPal account and you will receive it as soon as the company approves your feedback as helpful. Funds are transferred once a week on Friday.

Is a scam?

They have been here since 2009 which is almost 10 years and scam sites last for few months. Therefore, is not a scam site. Though there are not many assignments but whatever jobs that come in your way you are been paid. And even is easy and simple to join. The company has provided all the details like phone number, address, etc. Although it does not bring a full time income.

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