What is USITech? Is USITech Scam or Legit?

If you are reading this article it means you have some question your mind regarding USItech. Congrats you have arrived at the right place. After reading this Usitech review you don’t have to read any other articles. We will solve some general questions also like, is Usitech Scam? Or is Usitech Legit? Or is Usitech Real? Or is Usitech Fake? Usitech is a company whose business model is inclined towards the Pyramid and Ponzi scheme. Both of them are an illegal business model. It means the Usitech business model is a blend of Ponzi as well as Pyramid Scheme. If you are not interested to read the whole review and even do not care with the arguments behind our rational then we can lower your reading burden. We do “Not Recommend” Usitech Company. It is because their working is totally dependent upon the illegal schemes and they have not proved any method by which they are earning money. Ponzi scheme is the one in which company pays to its members from the money invested by the new members and therefore accumulate huge debt over itself. Initially, companies pay to its members but after some time they run away with people money.

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How does Usitech works?

On this site, the members can simply earn around €70 after 140 days. It happens when member deposit €50. It means the member is receiving 140% ROI including the principle in 140 days.

Now, think calmly that if any genuine company does have a scheme or method by which they can get 140ROI then why they are not taking a loan from the bank. Ok, the bank does not give any loan for such adventures but genuine company members can take personal loans. They can use that money to generate huge profit for them (including principal) and pay the bank whole amount with interest in 140 days. Usitech is not doing that simply because they cannot generate such a huge amount in a long run. The way they are paying to its members is only from the new deposits they are receiving. This is nothing but a Ponzi scheme working.

For once instance, we believe in the claims of the Usitech Company. According to them they have automated software for Forex trading which help them to generate a good amount of profit. But they have not shown any proof of such claim. Ok, the company cannot disclose its software details. We are not asking for their blueprints or codes of the software we just want a proof of the authenticity of the software. The Usitech failed to provide any solid proof that can back their high claims. This company is similar to every other company that is working on the Ponzi scheme. These kinds of the company initially to its members but at the end collapse without paying the majority of its members. The business model of the Usitech is unsustainable which is not going to last for long.

As we have already told it is working on a Ponzi and pyramid scheme. In pyramid scheme company generally works as a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). This scheme is work under the affiliate program of the company. Genuine companies that are providing affiliate programs sell some real products and pay to its members a commission on their sale which is understood. But Usitech is not selling any real product or services it means the commission they are offering under the affiliate program also comes from the member’s deposits. It makes the company business model non-reliable.

To get qualify for referral commission, affiliates of Usitech needs to pay €600 for a forex bot fee. They also have to recruit minimum 3 affiliates who also pay €600 for the same things or 3 affiliates who can invest €600 together. The catch here is that the forex bot is not useful or legal software. It is not a real product and if it is then still it is a pyramid scheme where you have to make more referrals promoting and selling Usitech forex bot.

Usitech in their site has written that they are from the USA, but in their records (WHOIS records) we found out their location in Dubai, UAE. Also, if we assume that they are telling truth then also we should get their information from the SEC’s Edgar database. It shows that Usitech is not registered anywhere. A legitimate company cannot offer securities to US resident without registering in the SEC. This shows that Usitech is lying to its members and the visitors about their business location and about their registration as a legitimate company.


We do Not Recommend the Usitech site. Due to various reasons already mentioned in the above paragraphs. Keep away from such sites. Do not get involves and regret. There are many sites that are legit and can help you also to earn income on the internet. The list of the good and legit site can be seen by clicking the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities

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If you have any doubt regarding the Usitech site, please mention it in our comment section. We will be happy to help you out.