Want to earn online money? Validately Review

As if we talk of earning then there are hundreds of opportunities lying on the internet which gives their best to fulfill the demands of users. Some of the well known opportunities which allow you to earn money online are completing tasks, answering surveys, downloading various applications, watching videos, visiting stores, etc. All of these approaches have their own benefits and falseness.

One of the highly fame opportunity over internet these days is website testing. The opportunity brings money to your way. Such an opportunity over the internet that I came across is Validately. The company pays you money for every website you test.

Want to earn online money?Validately Review

Now the real question arises is whether Validately is a legit application or just a strategy thrown by the company to dupe its customers. In this article we will investigate the legitimacy of the company known as Validately.

What is Validately?

Validately is company which motives to research the market. It aims to paying it users who research and review the functionality of the website. Basically, it pays people for website testing, app, etc. According to the researches the company was founded by tech entrepreneurs Steven Cohn and Mark Bathie in 2013. Validately remains its headquarters in New York, USA.

Hence, you will be paid for every website which is reviewed by you. The amount money you tend to fetch totally depends on the type of task you complete while testing the website. After your review file gets verified your amount will be credited via PayPal.

Who tends uses Validately?

If we discuss the usage of Validately then purposely it is intended for two groups – one being the organizations, businesses who wish to know the truthful review and analysis for their website or an app. They want that their website should be first tested before the people countrywide use it. Hence, with Validately businesses or organization can reveal the ugliness of the website and can consider the improvements recommended by the testers.

Secondly, the other group stands for the people who are widely looking for various opportunities to earn money online. Therefore, with the help of Validately these people in search can investigate the website or app of the businesses.

How to use Validately?

Firstly, joining Validately is absolutely free to use. You will require an email address to sign up, but you can also sign up using Facebook id. After that you can create your password. Next, you will have to fill a profile for with full of demographic questions. Questions include age, name, work status, annual income, education, location, marital status, etc. After this you have to go through a screener test which is basically taken to check the requirements and the quality of the equipments you acquire and this will be followed by a series of questions again.

If you pass the test then the company will inform via email. This will be followed by a number of jobs matching your demographic profile.

Requirements for working with Validately:

First and foremost you must at least 18 years of age to use Validately. You must have a laptop or computer that operates on Windows 10 or Mac. Importantly you must owe a laptop or computer which has internal or external availability of a webcam and a microphone. In order to communicate you must be fluent in English. For running the application you must have an access to high speed internet. Therefore, for receiving payments you must also have a PayPal account.

How to make money:

There is only a single way to fetch money through Validately and that is by becoming their website tester. Being the website tester you only have to test the websites which is been invented by the clients that is organizations or businesses.

Once your test gets approval you account will be credited with the money of your part. The amount of money you receive depends totally on the type of test you will come across.

You will receive your payments via PayPal count. Well, fortunately the company does not offer any threshold limit to be acquired. So you can withdraw any limit of amount. Therefore, you can expect your payment within 7 working days.

Hence, there are some problems with the company. Firstly, users have to go through screening test which are quite difficult to pass. Secondly, the options available for payment withdrawal are limited. Currently, the company seems to pay only through PayPal. Hence, this scenario restricts the people who wish to use Validately but resides in a country which does not support PayPal.


  • Firstly, the company is available on a global basis for use. But it obstructs the people whose country does not support PayPal.
  • Secondly, Validately provides wide range of website testing opportunities. It is apparent that the company at least provides one invitation a day but you can also receive more if you are lucky one.
  • The big treasure part about Validately is that there is no minimum cash out limit. You can withdraw your hard earned as and when you want.


  • The payments that users receive are only through PayPal account only. Many people who wish to use Validately are restricted by having a mandatory PayPal account. As there are some countries which do not support PayPal.
  • Secondly, the company sets it requirements for equipments to be latest and updated. The users must have either Windows 10 or Mac operating in their laptop or computer.
  • Lastly, the company offers people to go through a screening test which is basically difficult to pass.

Is Validately legit?

After learning the benefits that Validately brings to our table we definitely allot it a legit section. Though the company is suffering from certain issues but the opportunity is still worth checking. Hence, there are no red flags which prove that Validately is a scam company.


Getting through all the details about Validately we do recommend our present and potential customers to check Validately at least once. The company is absolutely legit and we transfer it our “Trusted and Legit section”.

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