What is Variobit.com? Is Variobit Scam or Legit?

What is Variobit.com? Is Variobit Scam or Legit?

If you are here to know more about Variobit.com then this is the right article for your search. In this Variobit review, we are going to discuss all those questions related to Variobit like, Is Variobit Scam? Or Is Variobit Legit? Or Is Variobit Real? Or Is Variobit Fake? And what is Variobit and how does it works? Variobit is working as a Ponzi scheme, in Ponzi scheme; old members are paid by the money invested by new members. There are many websites are available on the internet which is working on the Ponzi scheme. Ponzi scheme website paid their members in the starting but after some time they run away with member’s money. They do this because their main motto is collecting the people money by offering very good offers and once they get a huge amount of money they run away. If you have not enough time to read our full article then in the short, we want to tell you that we do not recommend Variobit, this is not a good website for investment purpose. This website is already added to our Not Recommend Section. So please it is our advice you that please stay away from this website.

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What is Variobit.com Is Variobit Scam or Legit Is Variobit Real or Fake Variobit Review, Variobit

How do Variobit works?

Variobit offers 3 investment plans, 1st is 110% ROI after 7 days, 2nd is 5% ROI daily for 30 days and 3rd is 4% daily for 45 days, where minimum investment is $10 and the maximum is $50,000 for all their plans. As we above mentioned that Variobit is a Ponzi scheme. This website can pay in the starting but after some time they will stop to pay their members. So this is very risky to invest on this site. They have no other sources of earning on their website; they are not selling any real product or service on their website so this large amount of money is not easy to pay for them. These plans and the ROI are good to see but in reality, all are fake. So please stay away from this website and save your money.

Variobit also offering 3 level affiliate programs up to 9%. They have 3 level referral commissions which are 5%-3%-1% respectively. This referral commission is very high for any new company, while they have no other sources of earning. They are providing this referral commission to increase their website traffic. They won’t impress new visitors through this referral programs. This is not a good company for investment purpose. So please stay away from this website.

According to Variobit, they are working offline for past 10 years and their office is located in Uk. They have a certificate from beta companies house, the company name is VARIO BIT LTD and Company registration numbers are 10792311. But this is not enough proof for their legitimacy. Anyone can get this certificate by paying only 20 GBP. Mostly Ponzi scheme uses this certificate for their transparency but in reality, this is zero. This is not a valid proof for any companies, and no one can find and proof their address which they have given on their website.

Variobit Company has hidden their owner details completely, they did not provide that who is the owner of this company and whose are their business partners. They also hide their identity in WHOIS records. If they are working genuinely then they should be provided their details for their members’ trust. If anyone is investing money in them so this is their responsibility to come front with people. This is the reason we do not recommend this website, they have no solid proof to trust them. So if you will take our advice then please stay away from this company they are not going to pay you.


We do Not Recommend Variobit, the reason for not recommending this website is given above. This is a Ponzi scheme which is not a legal scheme. This is not only for Variobit there are thousands of website are available on the internet which is working on this scheme. They provide very lucrative offers to people and once they collect huge money of members they run away. So please don’t waste your money on these types of websites, save your time and money. Now share this information on your social media and friends.

If you have any question related to Variobit then please share in our comment box. We will happy to help you.