What is Volendent.com? Is Volendent Scam?

What is Volendent.com? Is Volendent Scam?

If you are searching the web to know about Volendent.com, then you are reading the right article. In this Volendent review are going to deal with some basic questions that disturb or trouble, readers commonly like, is Volendent Scam? Or is Volendent Legit? Or is Volendent Real? Or is Volendent Fake? The offers and working of Volendent is very different then other website working on the internet to provide easy money. Their working is based mainly on two things first, viewing ads and second referral making. If you do not want to read the full article of Volendent then we can provide you the crux of the review at this moment. The Company is paying but still got some discrepancies which we found not appropriate for any genuine company to work.  We do Not Recommend Volendent website. The reasons are provided in more elaborated way below in the article.

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What is Volendent.com? Is Volendent Scam?

How does Volendent work?

Volendent Company is claiming to be the only site where users can earn huge passive online income. The steps are very simple member have to surf the net for more than just 2 hours and refer the link to friends, family members and others. There is no time commitment requires in this website and registration is absolutely free. Let’s elaborate the working of the company.

The company is providing so called ‘passive income opportunities’. They are better and absolutely genuine than other ‘passive income opportunities’ provided by scam website available on the internet. The members have to download Volendent browser extension on their desktop or PC (their extension only works on Chrome).

How to earn money?

As told earlier in the article there are two ways in which member can earn money via Volendent. First, after installing the extension, pop-up under ads will appear after 3 minutes or more only when member is surfing the internet actively. The ads are pop-under ads and not pop-over ads. This means that while member is surfing the internet he/she will not be disturb or get annoyed because of Volendent ads. To avail the benefit of this method strictly require member to be actively surfing the internet.

Second way is the most common way a website or any company works. The referrals are the business strategy to increase the traffic on the website. Company encourage people to make as much as referrals and earn commission on it. But the difference or you can say the genius of Volendent is their 10 level referral program. In level referral programs, a chain gets created by people. The company allows the maker of the chain to earn commission on each level. The same is applicable for Volendent. The only way to earn good or great money in this website is via referrals. If member has a number of people in their 10 level down the line viewing ads, then more recurring passive income can be earn by member. Member can receive up to 5% of the income from each user in his/her 10 level referrals down the line.

The best part of their referral program is that, members will be paid for lifetime of their entire 10 level down the line of referrals instead of being a onetime payment. The Volendent is very different from other websites which have similar working like it. They are not providing any hidden surprises, annoying offers and much more. But their claim to earn money for lifetime and that is also in 6 figures not digestible.

The most essential discrepancy that anyone can find in most of the scam websites share is the hiding of the owner information. The Volendent does not provide any information of their owner on their website. They did not provide any information of a personal (working in Volendent) to which member can contact whenever they face any problem regarding their working. Volendent also guarded their information in WHOIS records. It means they are hiding intentionally and do not want to reveal their identity to the people. This is the most common characteristic of the scam website. Scam websites do not want to leave any trails behind via which anybody could catch them.


We have seen people claiming to earn money via this website. But they still not getting 6 figure mark. It is not possible. The company is paying and we also did not doubt about it. But we cannot neglect the discrepancies shows by the website that is explained above. We do Not Recommend Volendent Company. Everyone is free to do according to their will. You can invest your time and resources in this website to earn money which will not be great. Or utilize your time in more legit website or in different activity that help you to grow. If anyone wants to try it, they can, but do not hope of becoming millionaire via this website.

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If you have any doubt or question regarding Volendent website then please share it with us. Every question is welcomed.

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