Worried about health? VoxxLife Review

Worried about health? VoxxLife Review

In the era of globalization health has become one of the major concerns for people.  These days’ people are dwelling with various stages in their health routine.

There are numerous MLM opportunities laying in your way but this recent research of ours is absolutely marvelous.  First of all we congratulate all of you to initiate a step towards the safety of the surrounding.

There might be several questions evolving around. Whether VoxxLife is scam or legit? Does the product sold by the VoxxLife provide relief?

In this article we will reveal all the major prospects which will showcase the legitimacy of the products and the company.

Worried about health? VoxxLife Review

What is VoxxLife?

Basically, VoxxLife is a Canadian based platform which incentive technology and advancement with the footwear stuff which initiates people to reach the goal of health and well being. The company is developed and operated by Jay Dhaliwal.

The company motives to sell footwear products like socks, patches, insoles which are technically embedded with Voxx HPT or commonly known as Human Performance Technology. This advance technology HPT is bragged with various benefits and overall energy of a person.

The science behind this technology is that once a person steps and press on the bottom of the products made by Voxx HPT a sudden pattern of neurotransmitter is generated and promotes in brain-stem Homeostasis.

The company VoxxLife claims that this technology is scientifically proven and is been precisely suggested by doctors who are specialized in their fields like Sports performance, Wellness, Natural health, resettlement. These footwear specialized products improves balance in body whilst providing durability, versatility and enhance energy. Thus these products reduce the dependability on pharmaceutical products.

VoxxLife is a MLM which means multi level marketing. Thus this do not means that it runs a pyramid scheme because according to the claims of the company their main focus is to sell the product rather than hiring people.

Story behind VoxxLife:

The history can be scratched from the article written in CEO Magazine which tags Limitless potential: Jay Dhaliwal. This article shares the past of the founder and his approach to this advance technology.

Jay Dhaliwal up comes with this statement that he founded VoxxLife in 2016. This company was a result of efforts to dis-burden the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis of his mother. Soon he learned that the medication of neurodegenerative symptoms evolve the use of electrical stimulation and various drugs. But he realized that these medications and treatments are not completely compensatory. Therefore he didn’t stop his research for a permanent solution to this condition.

Spontaneously he came across two biggest discoveries. Firstly he found out that orthotics can also produce neural responses and hence can decrease pain. Secondly he learned that brainstem homeostasis can improve brain working and function from the study held in 1964 by CJ Griffin who showcased this importance.

Hence after collaborating these two theories Jay Dhaliwal and his working team invented Voxx HPT technology.

The company claims that the products had helped more than 3 million people in their history and various  users have shown their satisfaction from relief. Thus it also proves that this technology has also helped in renovate memory, focus and retentive power.

VoxxLife Product Line:

This MLM VoxxLife is flourishing people with unique products i.e. socks and soles which no other MLM can bring roundabout. These socks and soles are embedded with Voxx HPT technology which can be customized as per the requirements. The products of VoxxLife are featured with high quality materials.

The patterns of Voxx HPT are ruddled in several different passages and also attach the patch of hosiery on their footwear products.

The two types of products which VoxxLife sells are Voxx Stasis and Voxx Sol.

  • Voxx Stasis:

VoxxLife has created this unit of socks especially for the loop of athletics. The socks are available for each and every situation either for hectic day or long walk or it could even be compared with an intense workout.

  1. Wellness Stasis ($40 – $45): This pair of socks is ideal for a long work day on a daily basis. They are very much comfy and do not stake your blood circulation. According to the statement of company the pair of socks is best suited for diabetes patients because it’s scientifically proven that these Voxx HPT socks helps to reduce the nerve pain occurred due to diabetes (diabetes neuropathy).
  2. Liner Stasis ($35 – $40): This pair of socks can be worn inside other socks to gain the benefits of Voxx HPT. They are snuggly, thin and breathable which can work either way.
  3. Lifestyle Stasis ($50 – $55): These bundles of socks are bit more stylish and incentive than Wellness socks. There is no difference in wellness socks and lifestyle socks except their appearance.
  4. Athletics Stasis ($35 – $50): This pair of socks is specially developed for those who desire to attain the greatest level performance in the field of sports. These socks provide quick recovery, balance and versatility.

There are types in athletics socks such as crew, mini crew, knee high and no shows.

  • VoxxSol:

They are also called Insoles. They tend to function custom orthotics that to for a lower price. This section of products helps people from alleviating back and foot pain. These insoles are embedded with Voxx HPT and are also available for both medium and large sizes.

These insoles not only help users rectify your pain but also provide assistance in sports performance.

The company has showcased three different types of insoles on their website:

  • Classic: it is best suited for everyday performances.
  • Bliss: this version is much comfy than the classic one and amplify wellness and energy.
  • Rush: this version of insoles prolongs the energy and hence results in boasting the performance.

There is not much between these categories and even their prices are also same i.e. $50.

Do VoxxLife products work?

According to the claims of the VoxxLife it is stated that specialists and experts have tested the products and provides their assurance on its usage to this advance technology. Hence you can also see a wide list of experts who tend to be a part of VoxxLife Medical Advisory Board.

On their page they have even filled various studies they undertook and become successful.

1.) 3rd part rehab clinic: A study of 1000 diabetic people was conducted by 3rd party rehab clinic.

2.) Major Golf Brand: A study was conducted on 72 golfers to estimate the distance and precision improvements.

3.) California Storts Institute: This institute held a study with 50 people who were double blinded.

4.) Labourers’ International Union of North America: From the union 69 members were picked and tested for checking the balance and stability by using the software known as swag medical.

Some of the discoveries were:

  • 22% more power.
  • 15 degrees range of motion was increased.
  • Progress in eccentric force by 17%.
  • Out of 1000 diabetic people 940 were versed with relief from pain.
  • Progress in balance and durability by 31%.

How to become member of VoxxLife?

Through the company online store you can apply for your registration and start your own business with VoxxLife. Instead of it being a MLM they have set any monthly requirement which proves it’s endurable. Thus in order to generate revenue the members must make a purchase of at least $100 in a month. Thus the commission received can be utilized at per wish.

For joining you will have to deposit $40 which is a membership fee and additional charges will be applied for builders’ kit. You can chose any of the builders kit mentioned by the company.

  1. Gold: $600
  2. Silver: $400
  3. Bronze: $200

Whenever you will buy the builders kit the company will give you a bonus which will contain free products:

  1. Gold: $405 MSRP in products
  2. Silver: $180 MSRP in products
  3. Bronze: $45 MSRP in products

The company has scheduled levels which can be attained by fulfilling various requirements like:

  • Number of people sponsored through you.
  • Your wholesale value of your monthly personal sale which will recognize your personal performance.
  • Wholesale value of monthly sales done by your associates and their down line which marks up to 8 levels.

In case you do not conquer any of the sponsored associates then you will stuck to be remaining in Associate level which will fetch you 25% commission.

Supposedly you add an associate under you and continue to personal performance of $100 per month then you will automatically become a Qualified associate.

This way you will fetch a commission of 20% on your sponsored associate sales which are directed as Level 1 and additional commission of 2% on your sponsor’s sponsor associate sales.

One of the benefits of attaining the position of an associate is that you will attract repetitive commissions.

After becoming the associate you will receive following perks:

  • Penetration to the products in wholesale pricing.
  • Responded online stores.
  • Marketing training.
  • In order to manage business activities a back office is provided by the company.
  • One pair of sample socks.


  • The company provides various perks such as replicated website, free pair of sample socks, marketing training and much more in the box.
  • Various testimonials are showcased which proves the legitimacy of the products.
  • The products provided by VoxxLife are embedded with HPT which alleviates pain and relief.
  • The materials used for preparing the products are of high quality and breathable.
  • You can become an associate with smaller share.
  • The members will receive a commission of 25% on personal sales.
  • You will also fetch commission for sponsoring associate and sponsor’s sponsor associate.


  • The income potential offered by the company is quite low.
  • Many people are not satisfied from the products provided by VoxxLife as they have seen no improvements in their health.
  • The products sold by the company i.e. socks and insoles are quite costly.
  • It is observed that there is no return policy available for members.


VoxxLife a MLM is a legitimate company which is well known. Therefore various people are satisfied with the products flourished by the company.

There are bundle of pros than the cons for VoxxLife. But recommending VoxxLife is quite skeptical.

Instead of its legitimacy we do not recommend VoxxLife to our readers because if company closes for no reason then your hard work and down line will sink.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below.