Is WFG (World Financial Group) a Scam? Know what representatives hiding from you!!

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Welcome to our WFG (World Financial Group) Review. Like many of you, we are also come to know about WFG via different means, like Facebook and other social media platform.

We saw the company site and what they are claiming. We decided to write an article on it and place our research in front of everyone.

With this article we are going to answer some of the most asked questions like, is WFG Scam? Or is WFG Legit? These are the essential question to know the working of any company.

Before starting our review, we just want to appreciate your effort t to do your own research. This is the good way to avoid scam. To see other scams list and want to know their modus operandi then you should click here:

Disclaimer: we are not associated with WFG in any way. You can believe in us to provide you non-biased review. Our opinion is truly based on the fact and working of the company.

Company: World Financial Group

Scam: No

Recommended: No

Brief: WFG is not a scam site. It is true that they are the company is legitimate. We do not have a doubt about it. But still, we found some practices which are not good. We should understand the difference between, having an opportunity and converting it into success. We do Not Recommend this site for working. The reasons are discussed below in detail.

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Is WFG (World Financial Group) a Scam Know what representatives hiding from you!!

What is WFG?

WFG was founded in 1991 by Huber Humphrey as a World Marketing Alliance (WMA). In 1998 they opened their office in 1lakh sq. ft. building with their 500 employees.

In 2001, WMA was purchased by the AEGON. They renamed WMA to WFG (World Financial Group).

WFG is claiming to be a platform that is offering people to have a job. Many people joined it and submitted their resume. They also had an interview but at the end what they find is that they have to submit fees to be their independent representatives.

This is a false marketing strategy which is against the ethics. Even being a legitimate company, this company is not suitable for any kind of job.

This strategy is used by the representatives and company has no role in it but still, it is happening under the name of the company, so they should be responsible to take action and correct what is going wrong.

It is nothing but an MLM Company. MLM is a Multi-Level Marketing strategy in which you can earn money via two ways. First, by selling the product in retail and earn retail commission and second, you can recruit people downline to earn the commission (which is better than any commission offered by the company).

Product line of WFG:

  1. Life Insurance
  2. Critical Illness Insurance
  3. Long-Term Care
  4. Mutual Funds
  5. Annuities
  6. Disability Insurance
  7. Segregated Funds
  8. Group Insurance
  9. Business Solution
  10. College/Post-secondary Education Funding
  11. Financial Needs Analysis

Cost to join WFG

To sell WFG products is not free, you have to pay some amount of money to join it. By some, we do not mean it is cheap. The administration fees to join WFG is $100. It is not only cost you have to incur before joining WFG.

In totality, you have to pay around $500 to $1000. They charge fees in the name of exam materials, exam fees, registration fees and other education costs. They do all those things to make you fully licensed personal so that you can sell their every product and services.

In short, in the beginning, you have to pay hundreds of dollars to become their member only. Still, you do not know you will become successful or not. It is because it is not easy to earn money in MLM business.

Cons of WFG

  1. False Claims: the representatives are not recruiting people with the wrong strategy. It is not good because when people came to know about it then instead of working for the company they are going to feel cheated and never give their 100%.
  2. No decent income: being their representative, earning a decent income is very tough. Many more than 95% of people fail in this pursuit. Reasons behind it we will discuss later.
  3. Complaints: there are a bunch of complaints you can find against WFG. Their unethical way of promoting themselves is one of the wrong practice they do (especially the representative).
  4. Wrong promotion: WFG promote itself as a company which is offering the job to people. But in reality, you get paid by selling their products. Which you can do with any company or any product. If you can sell anything then you can do the job for yourself and you do not need to work for any company. In reality, WFG is not offering any job to you.
  5. Unworthy joining cost: as we have already explained in the starting you have to invest hundreds of dollars which is not suitable for anyone. This company does not have that kind of reputation and in MLM business it is not easy to earn money.

Why more than 90% fail?

In this company, first people were misled by the representatives. This way they do not provide the whole picture to them which demotivate them later. If your member is demotivated and he/she is not going to make any money for you. They will leave you.

In MLM business the success rate in itself is 5%. It is because people especially newbies do not know what it takes to market the product in the present digital world.

People use old tactics i.e. they start selling their product to their known people and earn initially. But after a time the list get saturated and they did not earn even a penny after that.

This way they lose their motivation and stop working further. The same thing happened to the people downline. If nobody is working then nobody is earning. To keep earning, you have to keep selling products.


WFG is not a scam site but it is not good for the company where you can earn money. The reasons behind not recommended this site we think is clear now. What we want to clarify is that MLM business is difficult to earn money but it is not impossible. As they say, the right things do not happen to you, if you do not do the right things. We emphasize you to do the right thing.

You should understand that something is lacking between you and success. That gap is of lack of knowledge. You can either get it on your own via doing different things. Or you can take help of other.

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If you have any doubt regarding WFG then please tell us about it. You can write to us in our comment box and we will answer. We will be glad to help you.