What is Bitreserve.io? Is Bitreserve Scam or Legit?

What is Bitreserve.io? Is Bitreserve Scam or Legit?

If you are searching the internet to get the review of Bitreserve.io, then you have arrived at the right page. This Bitreserve Review are dealing with some of the common issues raised by people like, is Bitreserve Scam? Or is Bitreserve Legit? Or is Bitreserve Real? Or is Bitreserve Fake? Bitcoin investment market is very new, even it is in its nascent stage. There are many speculations about the bitcoin. It’s increasing price surge attracting many investors. People are trying to take advantage of its price. To avail the benefit of demand of bitcoin many players have created website. They are encouraging people to invest their bitcoin in their company and avail the good returns. If you are not in a mood to read the full review then ‘we do Not Recommend Bitreserve website’. It is because they are working on Ponzi scheme. Under this scheme companies pay to its registered members from the money deposited by the new members. Working in ponzi scheme is illegal and many countries have banned it also.

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What is Bitreserve.io Is Bitreserve Scam or Legit Is Bitreserve Real or Fake Bitreserve Review Bitreserve

How does Bitreserve works?

The working of Bitreserve is not different from other HYPE sites. They are also offering very lucrative offers to lure people. They are generally, want people to invest their static bitcoin into their company and earn profit on their investment. The investment plan offer by them is very profitable for every investor. Let’s take a look into their investment plan. They are offering 0.15% hourly interest forever. The minimum balance from which one can start is 0.001BTC. Believe it or not the fraction of BTC is also good money. One BTC (at the time of writing this article) can buy you a luxury car (i.e. $17000). Their plan is one of the most unstable plans for any business entity. The investment market is always volatile but they are paying people guaranteed profit on their investment and that is also without any subject to market risk. It is cannot possible in reality, yes, they can pay this amount but in dreams only.

The partnership program or affiliate programs are used by companies to ameliorate their website traffic. To avail the benefits of partnership program member does not need to make any investment. You can earn BTC by referring their website via using your unique referral link. They are offering 5% commission to standard members and 10% commission to their representatives. Many other genuine website also offer affiliate programs commission but their commission is very low. The low commission provides the company sustainability. The commission offered by Bitreserve is not viable for any company to operate for long time, that is why many website who work in ponzi scheme theory pay to its members initially and when the acquire good amount then they run away.

If such company gets ‘run away with people money’ then, why government does not catch them? It is because such companies do not leave their identity or do not reveal their identity to people. Bitreserve is not provided their information on their website. They do not tell anything about their owner or professionals that are going to investment people money their behalf. They also guarded their information in WHOIS records. It means simply that they do not want to share their information with people. Hiding of information gives upper hand to these companies to run away without fear of getting caught. The credibility of Bitreserve as an Investment Company is not appropriate.

To make their argument to be an authentic company or building some trust among people they have shown an UK Companies Registration Certificate. The company is registered under company name: BITRESERVE LTD and under the company number: 11061509. The Company certificate is also available on their website. We do not question on the originality of the certificate. It is because to get the certificate in UK Companies is not big task. Anyone can become an owner of any xyz company by paying just 20GBP. Because of this low cost of registration, almost every website which is not recommended by us earlier listed in our Not Recommended list having certificate of registration from UK Companies. Many of such companies listed in our not recommended list later on turned into scam website.


Bitreserve is not recommended by us due to various facts provided in details in above paragraphs. We advise our readers to avoid this website. There are very high chances that it pays initially but there is also an equal chance that they will run away after some time. Their plans are profitable for investors not viable for any investment company. Do not fall into their trap, be wise in our investment.

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If you have any doubts about Bitreserve then please bring it in our consideration by dropping your comment in our comment box.