What is Bits-world.com? Is Bits-world Scam?

What is Bits-world.com? Is Bits-world Scam?

You are here so definitely you are searching the best article about Bits-world.com and we are sure that you are reading the best review. Here we will solve your all problems related to Bits-world. We know that you have many questions about Bits-world as others so do not worry about this, we will clear your all doubts. Such as, Is Bits-world a scam? Or Is Bits-world Real? Or Is Bits-world Fake? Or Is Bits-world Legit? What is the background of this company? How does it work? The Companies plans, offers, referral commissions and many more.  Before answering your other questions we would like to clear you that we “Do Not Recommend” this site to our readers because this is a Ponzi scheme site.  In our many articles, we have given the detail of Ponzi scheme many times. Once again we would like to tell you that in this, they pay their old members by the investment of new members and it goes on till they are making a profit for themselves. Once they will estimate that they are near to lose then they will shut down and run away.

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What is Bits-world.com Is Bits-world Scam or Legit Is Bits-world Real or Fake Bits-world review, Bits-world

 How Bit-world does works?

As the other companies which are fraud, Bits-world also gives so many lucrative offers. On their lucrative offers, many innocent people trapped. Such companies are always waiting for the peoples who want to make a huge amount in short time and such people are easy target. Be wise and do not come on their lucrative offers. Before joining them first make sure that you are joining a right party. We do not recommend this site to our readers.

We want to tell you the offers, plans and referral commissions of Bits-world Company. Bits-world Company claims that:

  • You can invest minimum 0.01 BTC.
  • You can withdrawal minimum 0.001 BTC
  • Minimum compounding is 0.001 BTC
  • The rate of interest 3% daily for 60 days.
  • The company will charge 5% for withdrawal.

They are claiming that they will give you 3% interest daily. If they do this then they will bankrupt soon. Do you notice that the rate of interest is 3% and the withdrawal charge is 5%. They are going to loot you at every step.

Bits-world Company also claims for 5 level of referral commission. For level one company gives 10% referral commission, for level two is5%, for level three is 3%, for level four is 2% and for level five is 1%.

Bits-world Company does not give the information of its owner. Neither on their website nor in WHOIS record. It tends to some suspicious things. We know that a genuine company or a reputable company will never hide their information. They trap innocent people with their exciting offers.


In this article we discussed company background, companies working style, its offers, commissions and many more. They promise many things which are not looking genuine because they are not genuine. All their claims are fake. They claim 3% rate of interest daily for 60 days. How it is possible. They can not fulfill their promise. They will pay their old members till then they will get profit much from new members. Once it will stop they will shut down their site. So we “do Not Recommend” to work with this company.

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If you have any question on your mind then please share in our comment box. we will happy to help you.