What is DollarsJet.com? Is dollarsjet Scam?

What is DollarsJet.com? Is dollarsjet Scam?

May be you came to this page by searching the term like, what is Dollarsjet.com? Or Whether Dollarsjet is Scam or Legit? Whether Dollarsjet is real or fake? If it is true, then you are really a smart person who first wants to learn about the company and then doing any kind of action. You are reading the right article. In this Dollarsjet review we will answer the questions stated above. Earning is the essential task for people. We need money to meet our necessities. We all desire to earn money and we also know that it is not easy. Still many people try to earn money online and also in an easy way. It is not possible in reality but still websites like Dollarsjet offers easy earnings on their website. If you are not interested to read the full article then we will help you out with this problem. In a nutshell Dollarsjet is a scam website. It is not the unique website which is offering easy tasks but there are numerous website dittos like Dollarsjet.

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What is Dollarsjet.com Is Dollarsjet Scam or Legit Is Dollarsjet Real or Fake Dollarsjet Review, Dollarsjet

How does Dollarsjet works?

As aforementioned Dollarsjet is not the unique website who is offer easy task, there are many website similar to it. Dollarsjet is owned by the same scammers group which also owned Dollartell, Dollarsplug, Dutytrend, Dutytimes, Dayjob, Dutyspace, Dutypool and many more. If you visit any website, you will find the same theme, offers and data on the website you visits. Sometimes, they make changes on data like Total Earned Today and Total paid to Users Today. One day after another, they open new site and the only difference in their new website is the domain name and website name. All websites mentioned above is already stated scam and we have also listed all of them in our Avoid Scam list.

These websites offer people very lucrative offers. Dollarsjet is offering $10 for every easy task completed by the member. They immediately credit the amount in to the account of the members (account which is open in this website). There is no problem in crediting the amount. The problem is in payment system. To request for payment you have to meet out the minimum payout limit, which is the threshold amount a member must have in his or her account. When you request after accumulating the money then website reply that your process is in progress and it will take some time. They stretch their ‘some time’ and prolong the process. When you complaint about non-payment, the company reply that to release your payment soon, member has to pay up gradation fees or complete some paid surveys for them. Even after completing the surveys the company does not pay to its members. Company does not have any intention to pay its members and that is why we declare it a scam website. It is true that may be you are not losing your money on this website. But you are wasting your time and resources in this website, which is cheating you.

This website does not provide any information about their owner or personals working on this website. They are not good people and that is why hiding their identity from the people. They also guarded their information in WHOIS records. It means they are not legitimate people and hiding purposely. They do not want to leave any trails behind which help anyone to caught them.


Dollarsjet is a 100% scam website, which is just fooling people to earn revenue for itself. It is completely fake website. Stay away from this website and all others websites which are similar to it. Also beware other people in our social circle about the working of websites mentioned in this article.

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If you have any kind of doubt about Dollarsjet then please share it with us we will be glad to help you out.