Whether to join SurveyFriends or not? SurveyFriends Review

Whether to join SurveyFriends or not? SurveyFriends Review

In the world of internet there are hundreds of survey panels which allow people to earn additional money. Hence most of them are playing trick with the people and is corrupting the internet world.

You probably are here in the search of a latest heard survey paneling namely SurveyFriends which helps its members to share their valuable opinions about the products and services. Therefore you have landed on the right place where you will close to your destination in a go. Hence, we congratulate all of you who have taken investigation as a challenge and have been here.

We in this article will accumulate all the required details about SurveyFriends and will conclude whether SurveyFriends is legit or trustworthy.

Whether to join SurveyFriends or not? SurveyFriends Review

What is SurveyFriends?

It is transparent that SurveyFriends is a survey platform where you will share your personal experiences as well as your opinions about products and services.

The company SurveyFriends was developed in the year 2008 by a mother investigating company namely MIS Group.

Being one of the members of SurveyFriends you will influence the decisions of the participating companies through your comments and suggestions. Therefore you will fetch points on the behalf of your completed surveys where you answer the questions relating to your personal life as well as about the products and services. This way company will get flow with the latest habitual trend of the customers and as a result they can modify their products and services they wish to cater.

Unfortunately SurveyFriends survey platform is only available for the people residing in UK. Hence in simpler words for participating in SurveyFriends you should be a resident of UK.

Once you collect enough points by answering online surveys you can redeem your points through PayPal which is luckily available otherwise you can also exchange the points for gift cards. Unlikely option for survey panels i.e. the members can also bet their accumulated points for a winning lottery and if you win then you will fetch £50 worth Amazon eGift card.

SurveyFriends is a legit and safe platform to share your opinions in exchange of points which is a fair option to earn. Therefore you must still be careful with the payment and withdraw the points as soon as you reach the threshold limit because even the world class survey panels have issues with payments as directed by the members.

How SurveyFriends does tend to work?

Firstly you will be required to register yourself as the member of SurveyFriends and for this you have to create an account. For this purpose you will have to submit name, username, email address, date of birth, contact info, residential address. Thereafter you will be required to verify your submitted email by clicking the confirmation link send to you in your email.

As mentioned above you will receive points based on your completed online surveys. Company presents the length of the survey and the points you will receive from completing it before you step ahead for the survey. Remember that 20,000 points you accumulate will equal to £10.

In order to complete your registration for becoming the member of SurveyFriends you should answer some of the profiling questions which are quiet brief. This way it will be helpful for the survey routers to classify you in the particular category.

Some of the questions asked include annual income, number of members, employment status, marital status, education, and much more. Answering these questions will bring you close to the survey routers.

Therefore completing registration will fetch you 400 points which is a good startup. Even fetching more can be done by completing more 11 profiling which will get you 2400 points. This is a great opportunity laid by the company.

Keep in mind that you will have to go through a screening test for each survey you decide to take. This test will consider whether you are a right candidate for the selected survey or not. It’s not possible to qualify each and every survey hence you should be prepared before the situation occurs.

Money making with SurveyFriends:

Majority of the surveys in SurveyFriends take around 2-5 minutes of your time and fetch you from 500 – 2000 points which equals to £0.25 – £1. Each survey you wish to conquer will have their specified length of the survey and the points you will earn.

The amount you will fetch will depend on the number of surveys you have conquered. Therefore the surveys will come on your way depending on your demographic profile that you have filled at the time of registration. Therefore the members of SurveyFriends can expect to earn £10 – £60.

The company also operates a monthly lottery gateway for all of its members. This will give you a chance of earning £50 gift cards. The points earned by completing online surveys can be used to purchase lottery tickets. Each lottery ticket equals to one point. The more points you invest there are more chances of winning the lottery.

The company also run a monthly auction where you can bid the points you have earned for earning the prizes. Fortunately the members will not lose their points even if they don’t win.


The moment you accumulate 20,000 points the members can submit their request for the payment. You can redeem the points when you have collected £10 via PayPal, Tesco, Amazon, Love2Shop.


In our final verdict we conclude that SurveyFriends is a legit survey panel because till now there is no complaints registered against the platform. According to our investigation SurveyFriends is trustworthy in field of payments.

As problematic it is with other survey panels the same is with Survey Friends in the scenario of number of surveys available and qualified. Therefore you will have to be very patient while working with SurveyFriends.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below. Experience holders are also welcome.