Review: Should you trust Winrdio or not? Review: Should you trust Winrdio or not?

The internet provides a plethora of websites for your each and every need. There is nothing you cannot find on the internet. But amidst this abundance of websites, there are certain platforms that are completely fraudulent.

One such website in Winrdio. If you are looking for a trustworthy review of Winrdio then you are at the right place. We will unfold here the intricacies of Winrdio and how it has been doing scam with consumers. Let’s get into winrdio review straightaway. What is Winrdio?

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Wealthy Affiliate- Our No. 1 Recommended Company. is an online retail store. In their About Us page, they claim to sell bathroom accessories. But on their homepage, there are no bathroom accessories. All you can see are footwear in two categories: boots and heel. This is the first factor that raises one’s eyebrows. Why does a site selling footwear claim to be an online store for selling bathroom accessories? The only logical explanation is that they have just created the site and copy-pasted the About Us information from another platform. This is clearly a fraudulent website. Such a website is not at all trustworthy. But that’s not the only factor that raises a doubt. Below we list some other factors that prove that the site is a fraud.

What are the other factors that prove Winrdio is fake?

Other than the copy-pasted About Us page, below are few other factors that disapprove the authenticity of the website. Let’s unroll the Winrdio scam.

1.Copy-pasted Information: Other than the About Us page, has copy-pasted other pages as well. If you look into the Terms of Service page or the Privacy Policy page, you will notice that they have copied snippets from different websites and portrayed it as their own. A simple Google search would reflect that.

  1. Fraudulent email ID: Winrdio has listed as their contact email. You will be amazed to know that this email id belongs to numerous fraudulent and scam sites. You can find the same email id in sites like LaptopsVIP, LaptopGB, etc. which are scam sites. This clearly states that Winrdio must be operated by the same group of cybercriminals who have been operating many other scam websites.
  2. Incorrect company address: The company address listed on Winrdio is 11501 Amherst Ave #102, Silver Spring, MD 20902 United States. Nowadays with Google, you can locate any company on the internet and see if it really exists. When you search for this address, there is no company with the name associated with this address. There’s not even a commercial building associated with this address. Neither there are any other companies with the same address. This simply means that this address doesn’t even exist. It’s a fake address.
  3. Constant consumer complaints: There are hundreds of complaints on the web of users complaining about unreliable customer service. Besides that, numerous consumers have claimed that while making payment, the credit card companies have discovered that Winrdio actually operates out of Vietnam. But Winrdio’s website claims to operate out of the United States. Credit card companies would never be wrong. So it’s obvious that Winrdio is in the wrong here.

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