Wish to add extra money in pocket? Coin Digger Review

Every research has its destination and you have found yours. We are aware of the fact that there are plenty of applications which has surrounded us. Each and every person is curious to earn effortless money. These whims of the people are relaxed by the development of newly application which flourishes them with various new tasks and opportunities.

One such opportunity we came across is an application namely Coin Digger which allows people to become a member and earn passive income by completing numerous tasks and offers.

Definitely, you people will be occupied with several questions containing doubts and anxiety. Therefore in this article we will cover all the prospects and corners and will conclude whether Coin Digger is legit application or just another scam.

Wish to add extra money in pocket? Coin Digger Review

What is Coin Digger app?

Firstly the application Coin Digger is available for the people residing all over the world. The app is a rewarding which is run by a mother company known as Wallet Tech. It is been investigated that the orthodox application Money Cube is renovated and named as Coin Digger.

According to the claims of the company the points can be accumulated by conquering several tasks and watching selected videos.

Though this is observed that the Coin Digger is a legitimate app but there are various complaints registered against the fraud and misplace of points by the company. While others are annoyed with the process of payout.

How does Coin Digger tend to work?

Firstly you will be required to install the application. The moment you open the app you will see the dashboard where the initial step will be to tap on the profile. The profile can be created either using Google account or Facebook id. On the first the newly members will have all the options to earn locked which can be unlocked once you render the referral code.

The referral code can be searched with Google. The moment you enter the code in the space “invite” directly you will earn 300 points with no time.

Ways to earn points:

Just as the registration was quick easy the same way earning points with Coin Digger is quite easy. The members will have to click the gold bag continuously until and unless the green bar does not logged.

After the tapping session the company will fetch you with points from 20 – 50 which equals to $0.0002 – $0.0003. Thereafter a video will start playing. If you watch the video you can multiply your account.

After the video session you can again continue to tap the gold bag the same way you were doing before, in order to earn more points.

The company has also added various other ways which can contribute to fetch more points i.e. playing games. Some of the games provided by Coin Digger are:

  • Slot King.
  • Happy bingo.
  • Lucky twist.

Fortunately the Coin Digger also provides its members an opportunity to earn more points by inviting friends. If you referrals join the app using your referral code the company will provide you 800 points and in addition to this the referral that had joined will fetch 300 points. The referral code can be searched in the provided tab namely “invite friends”.

As we are aware till now that the application Coin Digger is not providing much tasks and whatsoever tasks is been given are way too easy. Some of the tasks are tapping while others are watching videos and playing games. Therefore the members using Coin Digger must not expect to earn vast money.


The company has provided various methods to fetch which precisely depends on the country you reside in.

There are some countries like UK and US where you can request for payment via PayPal, Amazon gift card, Google Play gift card and iTunes gift card.

Some countries may even not provide the option of PayPal.

For being paid through gift cards the minimum cash out limit to be achieved is $3 while for PayPal you must accumulate $5 for payout.


  • The application is available for the people residing globally.
  • Well designed platform.
  • Earn easy money.


  • Many negative reviews by the members.
  • Minimum limit is way too high according to the earnings.
  • No guarantee is been given to the members.


In our final verdict we claim that Coin Digger is a legit application which allows people to earn points by watching videos and tapping the golden bag.

Unfortunately we do not recommend Coin Digger to any of our readers because many people are dealing with the issue of cashing their hard earned money.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below. Experience holders are also welcome.


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