Wish to earn legit money? Purkle Review

Wish to earn legit money? Purkle Review

One of the main objectives of people these days is to earn online legit money. This profound curiosity is wrenching in their minds. For this purpose there are hundreds of platforms which offer a chance to people to earn online money. At times these chances abrupt the environment due to corrupt played by scammers. Hence we congratulate you all for becoming a major aware part of the society.

Lately we came across another Australian survey panel namely Purkle which claims to pay legit money to its members. Through the outlook Purkle survey panel seems legit and worth using but this outlook cannot be taken as a factor to use it. We need more strong investigation to trust the legitimacy of Purkle.

In this article we will cover all the major factors and conclude whether Purkle is a legit platform to follow our dreams or another scam.

Wish to earn legit money? Purkle Review

What is Purkle?

As mentioned above Purkle a survey platform is an Australian based company. Thus Purkle is operated and run by an Australian company namely TEG insights Pty.

By being one the members of Purkle you will participate in influencing the decisions of the leading brands by your comments and suggestions. This will help the company to enhance their products and services according to the requirements of the customer needs. These leading brands have invested a large amount in survey panels like Purkle to acknowledge the latest trend running in the present time.

For providing valuable opinions and viewpoints the company Purkle pays its members points which can be exchanged for Ticketek, Purkle and Hoyts eGift coupons.

With the help of eGift card of Purkle the members can benefits from stores like Kmart, Dominos, Target, Woolworths and many more.

How Purkle does tend to work?

For joining Purkle you must be a resident of Australia and be above 15 years of age. After the completion of the requirement you will be required to submit details including name, username, date of birth, email address and house address.

Thereafter you will be required to fill a demographic profile which consists of brief questions such as employment status, marital status, education, annual income and much more. It is advisable to provide honest answers in order to increase your probability of earning more.

When you conquer the first survey of your Purkle the company will render you $1 and additional 1 entry pass for a lottery where you have chance of winning $2500.

For using Purkle survey panel you must have Adobe PDF reader downloaded on your desktop or if you are using mobile application then it must be installed in it.

Completing Surveys:

The members joining Purkle fetch money by completing surveys. The invitations for the available surveys are sent to the members to their email address which submitted before. Yes it can be quite frustrating when you do not receive survey for the long period of time. The reason behind the test is to measure the idealism of you as being the candidate for the survey.

Thus, once you receive the invitations for the survey make sure to get their immediately in order to avoid queue. Prior to taking surveys you will have to qualify a screening test.

In case you get qualified in the test you will be taken to the survey area. Majority of the surveys take 10 – 20 minutes of your valuable time and fetch you from few cents – $2. Before starting with the surveys make sure to read all the rules and regulations carefully in order to avoid getting banned. In case of misbehavior the company can reject your account if you rush through the surveys.

Therefore remember to provide honest answers while taking surveys. Honest reviews increase your chance of receiving more survey invitations.

On the similar hand you should be prepared to accept the rejection because disqualification is the common part in survey panels. Hence you should become habitual to this scenario. Disqualification is a part of growth and cannot be neglected in any way.

There are people who tend to lie during surveys but it is highly avoidable to do so because in case the company caught you with the lie they have full authority to ban your account.

Though Purkle is a legit survey platform but you should not expect to receive many surveys. Even the income potential of Purkle is not very much high.


Once you conquer surveys you will fetch points in return of the time and energy that you have invested. The points earned can be redeemed for eGift cards. In order to submit request for payment you must accumulate $20 which can be exchanged for eGift cards partnered with the company Purkle such as Kmart, Woolworths, Target, Dominos, Pharmacy, Priceline and many more.

After your request gets submitted the company Purkle will target 5 – 7 working days to process your eGift card which will be send you through email address.


  • Another way of fetching money is by referring the survey panel to friends and family members. Thus this process will fetch you commission and hence draw you to the goal of minimum limit.
  • Joining Purkle is simple and hassle free.
  • After you complete your first survey you will receive an entry ticket to earn $2500.
  • The moment you complete your profile you will fetch $1.



  • The income potential is quiet low.
  • The company Purkle does not pay the payments via PayPal which is considered the most reliable source of payment.
  • Like many survey sites Purkle screening test are also difficult to qualify.


In our final verdict we conclude that Purkle is legitimate and trustworthy survey panel which allows its members to extra money in your pocket.

The plunge with Purkle is that the company does not pay the earnings through PayPal which is preferred by most of the members.

Therefore we do not recommend Purkle survey panel to our readers.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below. Experience holders are also welcome.