What is Wowapp.com? Is Wowapp Scam or legit?

If you are wondering about the Wowapp.com then you are reading the right article page. In this Wowapp review, we will solve all your doubts regarding this site. Questions like, is Wowapp Scam? Or is Wowapp Legit? Or is Wowapp Real? Or is Wowapp Fake? First of all, we want to clarify one point, earning on this site is not huge. You cannot earn a fulltime income from this site. But if you are trying to cash such activities which you are doing for free then this app is for you. If you are not interested to read the full article and want the crux of this article then we can provide it to you. Wowapp is not a scam. It is 100% legit company. This company is founded by Thoman Knobel of NobelGlobe.com. There are six ways by which you can earn on this site (discuss below).

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What is Wowapp.com Is Wowapp Scam or Legit Is Wowapp Real or Fake Wowapp Review, Wowapp

How does Wowapp work?

The Wowapp is basically an app allow people to chat with other features. In laymen language, it is similar to Whatsapp. The only difference between the Wowapp and Whatsapp is that in Wowapp you can earn on your activities which you do free of cost in other chat applications like Whatsapp. The Wowapp mission is very simple and gigantic, they want to become the first Global Solution against Income inequality by offering their members the possibility to earn from the activities that they are doing for free. This site is based upon the Wowism (this is something created by the company on their own). Wowism is basically a new economic system in which the majority of the economic benefit is shared with the community. Under the Wowapp, the company shares its 70-80% net revenues with their members. They automatically distribute a percentage of their daily earnings to support the charities. Member can also choose to donate their earnings to the charity. Wowapp is compatible with every device like mobile phones, tablets and even desktops (Windows & Mac). All you have to do is to download the App for Free and register your account.

There are 6 ways by which you can earn on this app. The work like chat, make audio and video calls, play games, shop, lock-screen and Advertise.

There are 6 ways you could possibly earn with WowApp.

  1. Play games: In Wowapp you can easily find the different games. You can earn money by playing those games.
  2. Shopping online: The Wowapp allow the member to earn commission on their own purchase from their own link. This kind of service is not available on other sites or app.
  3. Talk: The Wowapp allow the member to talk for free. But if you call somebody else other than the Wowapp user then company charge on that call. The company pays you commission from the charges.
  4. Instant Earn: Some simple activities allow you to earn money on Wowapp. The activities are like watching videos, taking a survey, installing an app and other tasks. You will earn Wowcoin which can be later converted into the dollars. One dollar is equal to 100 Wowcoins.
  5. Lockscreen ads: Have you ever thought that you can earn by just opening and close your phone. The answer is simple no. You have to just switch on the locked screen ads feature and every time you or anyone in your network opens their phone, you will earn Wowconis.
  6. Advertise me: As we have already mentioned above the Wowapp share their 70% revenue with its members. This feature allows member to earn Wowcoins through his/her networks.

The best and good way to earn a good amount on this site is by making affiliates. The affiliate marketing business is very wide and applicable in almost every website. You have to promote the company product or services and get a commission on its sale. The affiliate program of this site is not much different than other sites. But you can earn via your affiliates up to 8 generations. The only best way to earn via affiliate is when you have active affiliates under you. This is the most difficult task for an affiliate marketer to have active affiliates. But once you the active affiliate then your income become well after some time. Member can earn 25% commission on their direct affiliate i.e. first generate.


Wowapp is a legit site. It is not a scam. They are paying to its members. We have seen no complaints against the company regarding payment issues. You’re earning on this app is totally depends on your hard work. We want to warn you again the income will not be much. Do not have many aspirations for this app. In the end, the Wowapp is the only winner. They are earning money from all the angles.

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If you have any doubt about the Wowapp, please do mention it in out the comment section. We will be happy to help you.

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