What is Xomio.io? Is Xomio Scam or Legit?

What is Xomio.io? Is Xomio Scam or Legit?

Maybe you are trying to invest your money in cryptocurrency or bitcoins. Your search brought you to the Xomio.io website. If you are reading this Xomio review, it means you are willing to know about it.  We will explain some frequently asked queries. Whether Xomio is Scam or Legit? Whether Xomio is Real or Fake? Bitcoins or cryptocurrency price surge gave rise to ‘cryptocurrency investment market’. It is not an organized market because bitcoin is a decentralized currency. It means if you invest your bitcoins in any Investment Company it will be purely at your own risk. If you are not interested to know about the working of Xomio website, we can lower your burden of reading. We do Not Recommend Xomio website. It is working on Ponzi and hybrid level scheme. Both of them are unethical methods that turned into scam later.  Ponzi scheme is the one in which company pays to its member from the money invested by the new members.

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What is Xomio.io Is Xomio Scam or Legit Is Xomio Real or Fake Xomio Review Xomio

How does Xomio work?

In present digital age, information is imperative in every field. The more the information is available. The more is transparency of work is considered. The transparency helps to builds trust among people, which later increase the credibility of the company. The Xomio website does not believe in transparency. They did not provide any information of their owner. The company not even mentioned the name of any person. They just want people to believe on their words. We check their WHOIS records. They guarded their identity. It means they are hiding purposely. They intentionally do not want reveal their identity. It is the common feature among scam websites.

The company investment plans are very lucrative and unsustainable at the same time. The company has 3 plans to offer. The last plan is offering 4% interest daily for 40 days. It is not possible for any investment company to such a good interest rate. If the company does really have any ‘Alibaba Jin technology’ then they do not have to get investment from people. They can easily take a personal loan from the bank. They have to pay interest to bank on annual basis. They can pay back to bank very easily by using their technology or investment plan. They know that they cannot fool the bank. So, they are fooling people. Actually, many people fall into their trap. It is so because they did not try to find out the company authenticity. They just believe in company investment plans and dream of huge profit.

If we assume the company is able to pay 4% interest daily for 40 days then it will soon get collapse. It is very unsustainable way to work. This business model is not genuine. It will be futile if you are investing on this website.

The company also has an affiliate program for its members. Since affiliate program works on the shoulder of members. The company pays commission to its members. Many genuine websites also use affiliate program. They pay very low commission which allows a genuine website to sustain for long. You can rely on them that they will pay regularly. You do not have that leverage with Xomio website. It is because their affiliate program is a hybrid level program. They are offering 3 levels affiliate program. 7%-2%-1% commissions are offered by the Xomio. It makes the website more non-reliable. It means there is very high possibility that company pays initially. But after sometime they will start selective payments to show their authenticity. Later on, when the company accumulates good amount from the public, they are going to run away.


The Xomio website is Not Recommend by us. The reasons are already explained in upper paragraphs. We are just providing you our opinion. We have mentioned about the things, that we as an investor will check before investing. You are free to invest as per your will. To invest or not is purely your call. Our concern is very simple. We just want you to aware of the suspicious points of this website.

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If you have any question regarding Xomio website then please share it with us. We will help you out as soon as possible.