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Website design in Dehradun.Online scams are on the rise. From phishing attacks to fake products, you can lose your money very easily online. One such site that is facing the scrutiny of its legitimacy is There is a growing voice across the internet that suggests that Yeah Save Vip, the website that sells clothes is actually a scam site. So, we decided to take a closer look.

Why You need website? is a website that sells clothes, shoes, and other such accessories for men and women online. They have offers like worldwide free shipping like any other site. The products are priced aggressively to tempt the customers.      You just have to visit their website and select what you want. You will be redirected to the checkout page and a payment will be accepted.

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Website design in Dehradun:  Want to Create website?

  Is Yeah Save Vip Scam?

Over the last few months, people have been reporting the Yeahsavevip scam. So, we conducted a thorough search. You can visit  Finefurnitureu, Lookdora, Pickido, Shopnowone, Cybermankind, Hovlly, Bealoving, Oralestore  to see more of our reviews on fake sites.

Before deciding whether a website is legit or not, there are a few tests that we run.    

  1. Whois: Through Whois lookup, we can access the data of the owners of any website. A legal, legit, and honest website will always provide as much information as possible to the Whois database. This is to infuse a sense of confidance in their customers. However, when we ran a Whois check on Yeah Save Vip, we did not get any information at all. “Redacted for privacy,” the website says. Street number, locality, area, city, and even state are not provided. No email address or contact number is available either. Now, this makes Yeah Save Vip a strong contender for a fake website.
  2. False Branding Seals: Any website that has a checkout page and accepts payments from its customers online should have a robust online security system. Most websites have companies like VeriSign or McAfee logos on them. This means the website has been approved by those companies and is safe to use. The logos must be clickable. On, you can see these logos but cannot click on them. This is a clear sign that the logos are fake. They are not secure and have not been approved by McAfee or VeriSign.
  3. Fake Products: The Yeah Save Vip scam does not end there. On Yeah Save Vip, you will receive fake products. They might not be genuine at all. A lot of people have reported that they received counterfeit products. In some cases, no product was received at all. Getting a refund from Yeah Save Vip is next to impossible. Most legit websites have a simple refund policy. You return the items and your refund will be credited to your account. However, on, you cannot do that.


Yeah Save Vip will ask you to open a dispute with your bank. After the bank contacts them, Yeah Save Vip will credit money to your account. From the points mentioned above, we can say that is a complete scam. Yeah Save Vip is a fake website that will steal your money. In this day and age, you can never be too careful.

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