Is Yoli a Scam? Learn more with our research!!

Hello friends, we welcome you to our Yoli Review. Before starting our review, we want to really appreciate your efforts that you are doing your own research before involving in it.

Like you and many others, we have been introduced to this site by various means. Yoli which is providing you an opportunity where one can live a healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

By doing your own research help you not only to save your time but also your money and everyone should use your approach. You can see our list of the legit sites here:

Disclaimer: we are not associated with this site in any way. It proves our review will be not prejudiced.

Some questions that many people ask like, is Yoli Scam? Or is Yoli Legit? Such questions will get their answer in our article below.

Product: Yoli

Founder: Robby Fender, Corey Citron, Daren Falter, Bobby Jones and Michael Prichard in 2009

Product type; Health and Wellness

Cost: $39.95 + $20/year + $9.5/month to start + Monthly Autoship of around $70-$80

Brief: Yoli is not a scam site. It is a pretty much legit site. It is dealing with healthcare product and its business is like MLM companies. One who knows online marketing or how to sell a product he/she can definitely earn good money. But we do Not Recommend this site as its cost is high and for newbies, it is not going to help them to earn a fulltime income.

Scam: No

Recommended: No

Is Yoli a Scam Learn more with our research!!

What is Yoli?

In Aztec, Yoli means “to be live”. As we have mentioned earlier it is a company whose product deals with health and wellness.

It is the sector with much competition. Their products are ‘ok’ which one can sell. They have nutritional supplements and shakes to help people to gain health and wealth. They have a mission (which many healthcare product companies also have) “Transform Lives”.

The company claims to touch on three aspects of your life i.e. physical, emotional and financial.

To change the life physically they offer you a line of products dealing with natural nutritional products. Their products help you to lose weight gain body balance and become more fit than earlier which simply give you feeling of wellness.

To change your life emotionally they have a support system that will not only take care of you but boost you, motivate you to build a self-confidence in you.

They claim to change your life financial (which we are also keen to know). They want you to leverage their compensation plan to earn a side income by selling their product as their distributor for a part-time job. Later it can also turn into your fulltime income.

As we know, saying is always easy than doing. The company claims are very ideal in reality things does not work like as we dream. Reality has its own reality which we cannot understand until we experience it physically and emotionally.

Yoli Products

yoli product

It has a good product line available with it. To help people to decide which product they should buy they have categorized their products in 3 categories:

Better Body system: this is their flagship program which focuses on 5 different areas of health, viz., weight management, healthy metabolism, total nutrition, pH balance, and structural support.

Transformation Kits: it is the whole package which company claim will help you to lose your weight quickly, it will enhance your physical energy and definitely improve your health.

Lifestyle Kits: this is a comprehensive kit which includes different product focusing on the specific needs of the people like energy kit, weight management kits, alkalinity kit. They can make kits as per people requirement also.

Now let’s talk about the real part i.e.

How to earn money with Yoli?

In general, every MLM Company offers its members two ways to earn money:

  1. You can sell their product in retail and earn retail commissions.
  2. You can recruit new people downline and earn a commission.

Both options are also available with Yoli.

Before, starting earning money with Yoli, you have to incur some basic cost

1.Enrolment pack; it is a one-time fee cost you $39.95
2. Renewal Fees cost you $20
3. Monthly Fees, cost you $9.95 (it is for a virtual team office and marketing website)

The other condition to earn regular money is that you have to be an active distributor with a sale of minimum $70 to $80 per month and at least 2 active members in downline with the same monthly auto-ship of $70-$80 as well.

Compensation Plan to Yoli

They have a hybrid compensation plan i.e. they have combined both binary and unilevel compensation plans.

One can reap the benefits of both plans with Yoli as many MLM companies do not offer the same system.

There are 10 ways available in Yoli to earn commission:

  1. Fast Start bonus: Yoli gives 20% commission as a bonus to its members for enrolling new members in it.
  2. Rebate Bonus Program: this is designed to reward those active members who enroll preferred customers.
  3. Break Even Bonus (BEB): this is the credit one earn from the auto-ship of their downline members.
  4. Refer 3, get it free: we did not rhyme it. It Yoli plan, you can get products for FREE when you enroll 3 members or preferred customers within a four week period.
  5. Retail profits: this is one of the most common ways to earn commission i.e. by selling the product in retail.
  6. Travel Incentive: every year the company gives a tour of some exotic place to its qualified member.
  7. Binary Team commission: a residual income one can earn on the basis of the performance of their binary downline teams.
  8. Global Bonus Pool: Yoli shares its profit bonus with its top leader who has achieved the diamond rank and above.
  9. Unilevel Executive Matching Bonus: it is the unilevel commission one will earn based on his/her personally enrolled members. The no. of levels depends upon your rank.
  10. Multiple Business Centers: top leaders who have maxed out their binary compensation plan can build another domain which helps you to qualify for “multi-binary commission”

But it is not as it seems. As we have told above also it is very easy to say, then doing things. All the discussed ways to earn money look good and very appealing at the same time.

But more than 95% fail and never earn a good money. Why?

It is because they do not know how to earn money in the marketing business. Actually, what happens when a newbie gets to enroll in such kind of company they believe that they can earn money by selling their products to their know people who will definitely buy it.

Everyone believes that he/she knows many people which can help them to earn a fulltime income by selling those products. But in reality, it does not work. It is because no matter how many people you know your one day your list is going to be saturated.

Once the list gets saturated, you will not be able to make money further. It means your earning will stop. After it, you will lose motivation and did not try to work further.

This happened to almost 90% of people and the people downline. Therefore many people lose interest in working with Yoli and they just stop there.

On the other hand, people with marketing skill earn a good income.


Yoli is a legit site and people who declare it a scam site are those people who were not able to earn money with them. The problem does not lie with the company. It lies within the people approach and lack of skill. You cannot earn money in that area about which you know nothing. Be practical in that sense, the world does not move with emotion. You have to play the game according to the rules and if you really want to bend the rules or break the rules in your way then you should know the rules first.

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If you have any doubt regarding the Yoli site, please share it with us. We will be happy to help you out.