Wish to earn easy money? You Cubez Review

There are various ways invented for earning money online on a daily basis. This is done through several websites which can even prove to be scam.

We all welcome you with complete appreciation to our You-Cubez Review. As we all are aware of the fact that numerous online sites are mostly identical to each other which greater the chances of falling into the scam.

In this article we will uncover all the major prospects and conclude whether You-Cubez is scam or legit.

What is You-Cubez?

You-Cubez is a blend of GPT site (get paid to) and PTC site (paid to click) which allows members to earn online money just by completing easy tasks. The company is available for the people residing all over the world. Thus anyone can grab this amazing opportunity.

Wish to earn easy money? You Cubez Review

The website You-Cubez is established and rooted in 2007.  The company claims that simple and easy tasks will fetch you various rewards. You-Cubez is an advertising panel which publicizes the products and services of other people and hence generates revenue.  Some of tasks which bring you rewards are:

  • Watching videos.
  • Taking offers.
  • Completing surveys.
  • Inviting friends.
  • Watching ads.

The underlay point in naming You-Cubez is that the word Cubez describes the spaces in the advertising. Therefore the members of You Cubez can review the ads either purchasing them in order to advertise or view them itself in the You Cubez in exchange of funds.

The company claimed that it had already bundled more than 300,000 members and have made payments to approximate 20,000 of them.

Hence you will accumulate rewards only when you complete a task which can be redeemed either via PayPal or you can exchange them for cube funds which can be used for purchasing the advertisements.

As I mentioned above that You Cubez is available globally but remember that the tasks you will be flourished with will totally depend on the reside in.

The company was developed in 2007 and it has been nearly 12 years but still the company does not pursue much fame.

How You Cubez does tend to work?

You will have to browse the website and sign in for free. The signing up is quite simple and swift which will consume less than 5 minutes. In this you will have to provide some of your information including full name, email address, gender, country, date of birth and username.

In the final step you will be asked to verify your email which can be done easily as you will have to click on the confirmation link sent on your email.

The first time you login You Cubez you will be face to face with two types of membership which the company is offering. First one of them is premium membership which will cost members £9.95 and the other one cost you £14.95 which is also for one year and provides you premium + membership to You Cubez.

Each membership offered by the company provides various perks such as lower minimum threshold limit, bonuses, buying advertising at cheaper rates and much more. It is only recommendable to purchase such memberships only when you have a desire to participate actively and uses this panel to place the ads.

Ways to earn money:

The company You Cubez is offering various tasks to its members which are explained below:

  • View ads: This section will fetch you £005 – £0.01 just to visit sponsored sites and watch ads which continue for maximum 60 seconds. The catch with this section is that sometimes the ads can be seen in weeks. Depending in your country you will receive ads which stand eligible for.
  • Adboard: This section is named as Adboard which will provide you Cubes Funds for viewing advertisements. This section will also allow you to purchase the advertising space.

It’s a bit tricky. First you will need to tap on at least 30 cubes which will fetch you £1 Cubes Funds which can be used for purchasing AKA advertising i.e. member’s cubes. For being credited you should remember that you will have to view various sites consisted in these cubes.

Keep in mind that this section is useful only when you are interested in placing ads otherwise your collected Cubes Funds will not get exchanged for cash.

The trick to acknowledge the Cubes Funds you will fetch then divide the points with 1000 for each task or survey you incur.

  • Offer walls: The Company You Cubez connect you with 7 different Offer walls which flourish the members with several tasks, offers, surveys and much more in order to earn Cubes Funds.

Some of the companies collaborated with You Cubez are:

  1. Radium one
  2. Adsend Media
  3. Peanut Labs
  4. Offer Toro
  5. kiwiWall
  6. SuperRewards
  7. Persona.ly

For getting paid you need to select the option with third party and select the offer provided in the index. Hence you should read the given instruction carefully in order to fulfill the desires of the task to the fullest.

Some of the offers available are completely free such as free trials, app installation, prize withdrawal, and free signing. Some require the members to make an initial deposit for being started.

Depending on your residing country you can earn somewhere from £0.02 – £2 which equals to 20 – 2000 Cubes Funds. There are some Offer walls which will also provide you an opportunity to answer surveys. Hence this survey part takes a lot of distress as you will have to go through various disqualifications.

  • Inviting friends: Fortunately the company has provided the referral program for its members in order to earn more. Each friend that login using your referral link will fetch you £10 Cubes Funds. Thus these CF will not be able to exchange for real cash. Hence these CF are beneficial only for those who are interested in publicizing their websites on this panel.

How members are paid?

Your payout limit totally depends on the membership you owe. If you are a common member then you will have to reach £8 for withdrawing your earnings. Therefore if you are a premium member or a premium + members then you will have clear the threshold £ and 2 respectively.

Once you reach the minimum threshold limit then you can redeem your earnings via PayPal. You can also retrieve payments through Bitcoin as per your request. For this purpose you can come in contact with the customer team of You Cubez.

Even you can opt to receive your payments through bank account which can be used to buy things like membership upgrading and advertisements.


You Cubez is absolutely legitimate GPT and PTC site and it has been operating since 2007. Thus we do not recommend it for the reason that the site is most suitable for those who are interested in publicizing their affiliate links and websites.

You can also opt for other options for earning well such as Prizerebel, Grabpoints, Offernation, and Prolific Academic.

Therefore, instead of You Cubez legitimacy we do not recommend it to or readers.

Thus instead of its legitimacy we do not recommend CB Money Vine to any of our reader.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below.


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