What is Yuup.info? Is Yuup.info Scam?

What is Yuup.info? Is Yuup.info Scam?

If you have not heard of Yuup.info then you have come across DutyTrend.com or  Dollartent and if I were to describe all of them we would say there the biggest scams currently infecting people in many parts of the world. Well, Yuup.info is also in this category with its links spreading every day like the bushfire. A lot of young people are entering the online business market to earn and also learn and when you mention easy money to them they’ll give you their eyes and ears. If what they just have to do is refer people then you will have an army of money-hungry gullible individuals flooding your website.

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How Does it work?

When you first sign up you will provide your personal details like your name, email and find a suitable username. After that is done you will log in and start your work, this work entails the new member being provided with some referrals ranging from 20-25 which can get you up to $10 per referral, imagine that!! Very easy money!! However, the work which you’re signed up for is promoting Facebook pages, chats, blogs on different websites, advertisements, messages, forums, Twitter and WhatsApp. At Yuup.info you don’t have to work too hard to earn $10 per referral or even more, if only what you need to do is refer people. What we don’t know is that when you give out your information or your referral’s information such as their email, you run the risk of hackers infiltrating your email or bombarding you with endless adverts.


How Do You  Distinguish between a Legit website and a scam?

1. The pay is too high and inconceivable- How on earth would one get paid $300 per day? Well, Yuup.info provides you with that answer, they will pay you $300 per day and up to $2500 for just working for their website. We would have never gone to college if I knew of such a hack in my high school years.
2.Bad mathematics for business- How will a company make money from referrals and links and not from real investments like in stock, bonds, and shares? Yuup.info proves to be a scam because they don’t have a clear business plan and surprisingly when you reach the $300 target, YOU’RE NOT PAID.
3.This is not a new thing- Just like DutyTrend and other sites, it is not different.
4. It’s undeletable- You cannot delete this account Well. A legit account has to have the delete option in case you don’t feel like using it again.
5. You will never be able to get a reply from their agents or owners as their whereabouts are unknown. Scammers have a tendency to hide their identities to avoid getting caught if they run away with your money.
6.They advertise that they pay well through fake testimonies slides on their website. You don’t have to advertise yourself if you know that you’re the best.
In summary, Yuup.info is a 21st-century scam that has and will continue being on the internet for some time with zero beneficiaries. There are other ways to earn money online that people could latch onto.


As we said before, Yuup.info is a scam site so stay away from this site. If you are looking for good companies to make money online then you can find list of those companies by clicking this link https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities

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