Review: Is Zakmma Scam? Review: Is Zakmma Scam? is a fake online shopping store, so if you are thinking to buy something from this website please don’t do it. In this Zakmma review, we are going to discuss those points which are enough to declare scam into Zakmma website. Before buying something from this website you should clear few droughts related this website like Is Zakmma real or fake? And how do Zakmma works?  According to Zakmma claims this is an e-commerce website which is selling different types of products in very high discount rate. But in reality, this is not a good site for shopping purpose because their all claims are fake and their product quality is also very low. So we will never recommend you to buy something from this website. We have already added this website to our “Avoid Scam” section. If you want to see our Avoid Scam section then please visits through this link; Review Is Zakmma Scam

What is Zakmma? Or Is Zakmma a Scam?

Zakmma is an online shopping website which is claiming to sell different types of products like Sports, Electronics and many more. They are providing a very high discount on their all products; their product quality is also very low. There are 99% chances is that they do not deliver any products. They receive payments but do not deliver the products. So don’t buy any products from this website and save your money.

Zakmma deduct your money from your credit card without your permission. It means if you will use your credit card/bank account on this website then you will definitely lose your money from your bank account. They collect your card details through the checkout page. So it will be good if you will stay away from this fraudulent website. If you have already added your card on this website then remove it very fast and contact your bank if there are any unknown transactions. So it is our advice to you that never share your financial details with any unknown and very new websites.

Zakmma has hidden their owner details completely, they also hide them on WHOIS records. If they are genuine then they should not hide themselves. They are not doing a legit work so they are hiding them. If you want to contact them then it is not possible because there is no option available to contact them.

Zakmma and these types of many more websites collect user’s data and sell it to any third parties. In this case, your data can be misused. So never share your personal details with any new and fraudulent website. This is the reason we are not recommending this website.


Zakmma is a 100% Scam site so please stay away from this. Don’t fall on their lucrative discounts offers because those all are fake. They are making people fool nothing else. If you are aware now then share this information with your social media and friends.


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