What is Zeeis.me? Is Zeeis.me Scam or Real?

What is Zeeis.me? Is Zeeis.me Scam or Real?

If you are reading this Zeeis.me article, then there will be some questions might trouble you like, is Zeeis Scam? Or is Zeeis Legit? Or is Zeeis Real? Or is Zeeis Fake? These are some general questions one might ask before involving in any website which is offering lucrative offers. In this Zeeis article we are going to solve all questions asked above. Earning money online can be done through various ways. There are many website offering their services and mentorship for people around the world. But there are many people who want to earn money online easily. To earn money easily and that is also in legit way is not possible because anything worthy never comes easy. Fundamentals of life will not going to change no matter how advanced technology become. Due to ignorance or greed, we try to find ways to earn money easily. Here comes scam sites in picture. They provide offers or job and also very easy tasks to people all around the world. If you do not want to read more about Zeeis, then ‘Yes, Zeeis is a scam site and they are cheating people because they are not going to pay to anyone’. Why they do not pay? We will going to tell in this article. There are various website available in our Avoid Scam list that have same theme and offers like Zeeis and they are already turned into a scam sites. Since, all website are have same working the only difference is the domain name. So we can conclude that such websites are operated by same group of people.

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What is Zeeis.me Is Zeeis Scam or Legit Is Zeeis Real or Fake Zeeis Review Zeeis

How does Zeeis Works?

Earning money can be done in many ways already told in upper paragraph but there are website providing easy task to complete and earn in dollars. Yes, the Zeeis offer its members to work for them and complete task and get $10 for every task. Since the tasks are easy to do, anybody in this world can do it. The best part of such companies is that they credit the account of member immediately after the completion of the task. Yes, they credit the account opened in their website. The company ask vey genuinely to its members to meet out the minimum payout limit before requesting for withdraw of their money. We also think that this is very genuine thing to ask. The minimum payout limit is the threshold amount before which members were not allowed to request for withdraw of money. After surpassing this limit member can put a request. If you put a request to withdraw then company simply told its members that your request is in process and it will take some time. In general, the time taken by the company is minimum one month and even after it they did not pay to its member. They are just delaying and not want to give any money to anyone. When patience of member ended he/she ask again for their money. The company told them again that their request is in process and if they want their money soon then member have to pay up gradation fee or complete some paid surveys. This condition is meet out by member from their own pocket and hence, company earn revenue from its member. Even after completing the surveys the company did not pay. They never paid to anyone in their history and complaints of non-payment can be seen in any forum. Why they did not pay? The business model and their working is not viable or sustainable for any institution. Their claims are bogus and it will be very foolish to pay anyone for doing absurd task and that is also in dollars. These website people are not foolish but they are fooling others.

The company ask its member to provide their personal and financial information to them. They use the personal information to earn revenue by selling the data to third party. Company ask the financial information to send you your payment. But they are not going to pay and therefore, your revelation of financial information make you vulnerable to hackers’ attack. Never and not even by mistake share your any kind of information to anyone without proper authenticity.

The owner details are not mentioned in the website. It means they did not want to share their information with people and that is why they also hided their information in WHOIS records. They are hiding so that no one can catch them. The scam sites are cheating and breaking people trust. They do not want to lose any kind of trail and get caught by people. Think with peaceful mind that when a company is not able share its information with its member then how they will share the revenue they will earned.


Zeeis is purely a scam site and it is futile to invest your time and resources in this website. They are not going to pay anyone. Your time is way more important than doing absurd task in this website. Be wise and more aware of such websites. They are launching new and different sites regularly and on daily basis.

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If you have any doubt regard Zeeis please free to ask us. You can drop your comment in our comment box.