What is ZoomBucks? Can ZoomBucks help you earn bucks?

What is ZoomBucks? Can ZoomBucks help you earn bucks?

Most of us have tried rewards sites at some point in our life. For those that haven’t, let me explain to you as what a rewards site is. Rewards sites try to build engagements between brands and consumers. The brands want more and more people to watch their videos, or info on their target markets.

To serve this purpose, they hire rewards sites to do the hard work for them.

A site like ZoomBucks will encourage its members to do a bunch of simple tasks like answering surveys and watching videos; basically all of which we will be discussing in a bit.

There are a lot of paid to do sites that are legit, but only a few that I really recommend.

We will be reviewing Zoombucks today and let’s see if it is a legit site or not. I hope this little piece of content will be helpful for you.

Without wasting much time, let’s get to the review!

Can ZoomBucks help you earn bucks

About ZoomBucks:

ZoomBucks is what something you can call a “paid to do” site, this means they pay you to take surveys, tasks, watch videos and much more.

ZoomBucks is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) website that is quite a new rewards website that was opened by the creators and owners of GrabPoints. site opened in 2014 and has been going strong ever since. If you are a member of this website, I’d highly recommend checking out their new website ZoomBucks. Here you can complete surveys, offers, test apps, watch videos, and a whole lot more. By joining both of the websites, you can increase your chances of earning money and rewards. If you are looking for another way to earn a passive income, this is an excellent site to join. Just keep in mind that a lot of GPT sites offer the same surveys and different tasks to complete. Furthermore, you need to keep track of the tasks that require you to register with your credit card. You’ll need to cancel your registration before the free offer expires, otherwise, the company will charge your credit card.

Ways to earn on ZoomBucks

ZoomBucks offers multiple ways to earn money. We have the freedom of choice with us. One can choose whatever way suits to him or her according to their convenience.

The following are the ways that ZoomBucks offers : –

  1. Offers : ZoomBucks claims to presents us such offers that we cannot refuse. How it works is, companies want people to test their products also, they want to create awareness among the people about their product. For this, they ask people to review their products. For example, you must have seen that while playing games on your phone, some ads pop up saying if you watch them till the end, you’ll get some bonus. Another example would be, nowadays we also see that we are getting paid to download an app and review it.

In order to promote themselves, such companies get hold of sites like ZoomBucks that can help them popularize themselves and earn benefits.

The process of earning money through offers is very simple. You need to sign up on ZoomBucks first with your basic information like name and email address. But, in case if you want to take surveys you may have to provide demographic information such as age, occupation and income bracket.

But keep in mind that this information is not always needed for offers.

Now, what kind of offers does ZoomBucks provide you?

  • Paid Trial Offer: You will have to pay a very minimal amount for the paid trial offer, after which your credit card will be billed for the regular subscription.
  • Non- Paid Trial Offers: There is no need to pay for these offers. However, you will be billed for these offers after a certain amount of time.

The good thing is, you can cancel the subscription with both paid and non- paid trial offers.

You can earn points by visiting a websites. Here, you might have to do some additional action other than just visiting the site. They might ask you to take up surveys or confirming your email.

Other ways of earning would be trying apps and cashbacks.

  1. Watching Videos: All the big companies and advertisers need eyes on their ads. They have to pay huge sums to advertise their company on TV, radio or newspaper. Instead of paying for airtime on TV, they work with sites like ZoomBucks for guaranteed results. So, whenever you watch a video, you earn money for it.

To earn money this way, you need to sign up. Next, ZoomBucks offers you a wide range of channels. You can choose whatever channel that interests you and then watch a video. Remember, you’ll have to watch the complete video in order to earn. There might be few channels that can ask you to watch 3 videos and there can be few that can help you earn through just a single video.

After you watch a video completely, points will be credited to your account.

  1. Surveys: ZoomBucks gives you a chance to voice your opinion and get paid at the same time.

People’s feedback is very important for companies. They require it to improve their service.

You can choose a survey provider you like and get started.

There are two types of providers:

  • Survey wall; these provide surveys in- house. You just have to sign up once, and after completing your profile you can check out site’s survey wall. Here you can find surveys that are relevant to your profile.
  • Survey routers; these are sites that connect you to surveys but from third parties. You have to sign up but you may have to again fill up your demographic information at the third party sites.

After choosing your survey provider and simultaneously signing up with them, you need to check the surveys matched with your profile. Now, you can start taking up surveys and after completing it, your account gets credited with points.

Coming to the cash out options, there are ample options that Zoombucks provides. It has around 150 reward options available. You can choose PayPal or Skrill, or opt to get rewarded through giftcards whether it’s for gaming, shopping or your favorite apps. Some common rewards options are Amazon, Target, eBay, GAP, Walmart, Fortnite, Steam, Google Play, iTunes, and more.

All these options are available for people all around the globe.

Final Verdict: Legit/ Scam?

ZoomBucks is a totally legit firm. Although ZoomBucks wouldn’t make you a fortune or make you quit your job, it can help you earn some passive money.

The payouts are high, the earning methods are easy to do and the payout processing is also super fast. We totally appreciate how ZoomBucks has made it so easy to earn money online. We totally recommend this website if you’re looking to earn some money online.