What is Bestsun.net? Is Bestsun Scam or Legit?

What is Bestsun.net? Is Bestsun Scam or Legit?

Are you looking to know about Bestsun.net? You have arrived at the right place to get the insight of Bestsun and answer of some general questions raise by our readers to us like, is Bestsun Scam? Or is Bestsun Legit? Or is Bestsun Real? Or is Bestsun Fake? First, we want to clear our readers that there are no shortcuts available to earn money. If someone is offering then it will never going to be a legit method. Scam websites work to suck money from people by offering them an easy ways to earn money. The aim of writing this article is that we want to point out one of the methods of scam website working. If you do not want to read the full article then Bestsun is a scam website. Working and theme of this website is almost similar to the other website like EuroUs.net. It is already declared as a scam website in our Avoid Scam list.

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What is Bestsun.net Is Bestsun Scam or Legit Is Bestsun Real or Fake Bestsun Review Bestsun

How does Bestsun works?

The Bestsun organization claims to be ‘the first integrated partner program for operation with the foreign exchange market’. They are offering free opening of the account on their website that is also with balance already credited by them for operations. The operations in their website do not require any attachments. Member can only use the funds allocated to them by the organization. It is true and if someone registers themselves on this website they see that their account is already credited with $100. It means without doing anything, one has earned $100. If you try to cash it out you cannot because for cash out you have to complete 2 conditions i.e. member have to make 20 transactions and invite 10 members on this website.

Before talking about their payment process let’s explore this website more. The company is only 16 days old (at the time of writing the article) and they claim to disperse $165132 fund among its members. There are other statistics also shown by them, but what we want to convey here is that, their statistics are bogus and fake. No new company can pay such a huge amount in less no. of days.

The company not only offer sign up bonus of $100 but also provide $2-$5 instantly on making any new referrals. As referrals are very famous to increase the website traffic and that is why every company uses it. The difference between genuine website and scam website is that, in genuine website initially it is very hard to earn even $1. The scam website directly or instantly credit person account in dollars. One more difference is that genuine website pay to its members and scam website does not pay.

After joining the website member will see that their account credit with $1 as a daily bonus. It means you get $101 to start your earning in this website. On your account wall, you will see some financial partners. The financial partners list is where you can invest your money (provided by the company) and earn daily profit. The money automatically credit and deducted from your account. Further, how company operates is mystery. It is because the company working is very ambiguous and hard to understand but the underline thing to understand is that you are paying nothing in this website but you are investing your time and resources. Question arise how company earn then?

Since, members are not paying to its members but they are investing their time and resources by making referrals. The referrals increase the website traffic which help to increase website revenue. The more the website got the traffic the chances of getting Google ads increases. After registering you will be able to see Google ads on the website. By this method company earn revenue using people.

The company tried to get people information via registration or other ways. The company wants to get people personal and financial information. The company gathered information all of their members and turned it into big data. They then sell it to some anonymous third party and earn revenue from it. Since, company is a scam website they are going to use every bit of your details and that is why revelation of your financial information makes you more vulnerable to hackers attack. Hackers send malwares in people financial accounts and then theft it.

The most essential quality or feature of a genuine company is that they provide information of their company and owner. Bestsun does not provide information of their owner on their website. They are hiding it from people and that is why they also guarded their information in WHOIS records. Hiding information is the common feature of scam website. They hide so that nobody can catch them and they can cheat people with free mind.


Bestsun is a 100% scam website. They are fooling people, using their time and resources only for their earning. Avoid this website as soon as possible. Aware other peoples also about such unscrupulous website. The time someone waste in this website, utilize the same time on other genuine website then they will definitely get paid. It may not be huge but it will be worthy.

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If you have any doubt regarding Bestsun website then feel free to ask. You can drop your comment in our comment box. We will be happy to help you.