Legitimate Work at Home opportunities

Legitimate Work at Home opportunities

 List of legit and trusted sites

This is the legit list. This list provides you those legitimate work at home opportunities which are older than 2 years and paying on time without any major issue.

A site will only be listed here if:

1. They are online for more than 2 years and paying on time.
2. Their Business model is stable.
3. They have good number of active members.

Following are the list of legit and trusted sites. We have given some basic info for each site here and if you want to know all details of a site then click on the particular image to read the full review.

Wealthy Affiliate

The wealthy affiliate ReviewWebsite Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Online Since: 2005
Rating: 98 out of 100
Avg. Earning: $1000 to $10000 per month
Price: Free to join
Who can work:  Everyone



BuxvertiseWebsite Name: Buxvertise
Online Since: 2014
Rating: 82 out of 100
Avg. Earning: $100 to $1000 per month
Price: Free to join
Who can work:  Everyone



legitimate gptplanetWebsite Name: GPTplanet
Online Since: 2010
Rating: 78 out of 100
Avg. Earning: $100 to $1000 per month
Price: Free to join
Who can work:  Everyone



Legitimate ScarletClicksWebsite Name: ScarletClicks
Online Since: 2009
Rating: 78 out of 100
Avg. Earning: $100 to $1000 per month
Price: Free to join
Who can work:  Everyone



Neobux Review - Scam or Legit?Website Name: Neobux
Online Since: 2008
Rating: 75 out of 100
Avg. Earning: $100 to $1000 per month
Price: Free to join
Who can work:  Everyone



PaidviewpointWebsite Name: Paidviewpoint
Online Since: 2009
Rating: 72 out of 100
Avg. Earning: $100 to $1000 per month
Price: Free to join
Who can work:  Everyone


Other legitimate online work opportunities:

BuxP: PTC site

EasyHits4u: Traffic exchange site

Donkeymails PTC,task, andffer site

Wordlinx PTC site

NorthClicks:PTC site

If you have any questions or comments about this page or any other online work, Please do leave them below in the comment area. We’d love to hear from you.

  • Aman Soni

    *Paying daily from last 8 months*
    *Most trusted website*

    *Earn 2.2% daily*
    *Link:* http://www.gladiacoin.com/Vkhappymood
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  • Sudhir Singh

    I’m joint in dutytimes.com,my earnings 1560$ .But there is no way out of the money. There are some who help me.Or tell me a right path.What should I do.these company’s right or wrong.please help me .

    • Dear Sudhir Singh,
      Dutytimes is a fake site, They don’t pay to anyone. We have already added Dutytimes in our Scam List. You can check our list of scam sites by clicking this link http://onlineincomeresources.siterubix.com/work-at-home-scams
      If you have any other question, Feel free to ask us.

      • Sudhir Singh

        If there is any place to complain about it then tell me.Give me a right path .

        • Dear Sudhir Singh,
          There is no exact place where we can complaint about this site. But if you want, then there are many forums online so you can find those and can post your complaints there. There are many complaints about this site around the internet. If the owner of this site found that many people know about their scam then he can closed this website and again open a new site to scam people. Sometime, They also don’t closed their website and remain open it to scam new people. People always need to research about the site before thinking of joining and working on it, Which will save them to fall into any scams.

          • Sudhir Singh

            So what should I do next now? Tell some way.Tell me the way to complain to the government there Or F.B.i.Can I get any help from If you can get the way, tell them the way.

          • Dear Sudhir Singh ,
            You can file a complaint against these kind of sites to the concerned departments like Federal Trade Commission or Internet Crime Complaint Center. We have given the link below of concerned departments, So just click on them and start filing your compaints.

            1. Federal Trade Commission:- https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/
            2. Internet Crime Complaint Center: https://www.ic3.gov/complaint/

          • Sudhir Singh

            Thanks dear for my help.We are very happy that you showed us the way.We give a good earning link to people who pay every day. Good luck too.The work of the promotional company, which is just sharing.

          • You are welcome friend. We are trying our best to save people time, effort and hard earned money.

          • Sudhir Singh

            Thanks for my help.It is not only my help but the help of thousands of people associated with meIt is not only my help but the thousands of people associated with me.

          • That is why we open this website. Our main aim with this site to help people avoid scams and providing good resources for their online income. Many companies are opening daily to scam people, But we are also here to aware people about those scam companies. So, Keep on checking our site for more updates.

          • Dinesh Bishnoi

            Bro send some real sits which real money ?
            I fed up with the fake sites

          • Dear Dinesh Bishnoi,
            You can find list of good and real sites just above within this page. But, If you are fed up with scam sites then we suggest you to open your online business which will be only in your control and from that you can make full-time income online. Our No.1 recommended company Wealthy Affiliate will help you to open your online business, You can find more details about Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link http://onlineincomeresources.siterubix.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

          • Dinesh Bishnoi

            Thank you sir…for your informations…?
            Have a great day

          • You are welcome Dinesh 🙂

  • Katherine

    A great legit site is The Good Life USA! How many of you are Insurance Agents, Realtors, Retired, Home Makers or just looking for a 2nd income? Simply pass out a FREE $200 Gift Card and earn 1/2 of what’s saved on each card that’s activated and used. No Selling, No Stings Attached, No Blackout Dates and Never Expires.

    The Good Life USA $200 Gift Cards Overview 4min Video

  • Nompumelelo Nkosi

    I just joined Tissa is it a scam or legit?

    • Dear Nompumelelo Nkosi,
      We found many complaints over the internet about this site, So stay away from this site. If you have any other question, please feel free to ask us.

  • Samuel Nguta

    Hi. I joined publiclikes.com a couple of weeks ago. Is this legit or a scam?

  • Oyebimpe Peter Oluwaseun

    I am Oyebimpe Peter Oluwaseun by name. I am a Nigerian based in Lagos Nigeria. I appreciate you so much for this. You are one among the best.
    I am trying to register on wealthy Affiliate but they said my country is not accepted.

  • aber crombi

    Legit site, please Join https://www.enclix.com/?r=crombia

  • Dear Oyebimpe Peter Oluwaseun,
    Thanks a lot for giving such a wonderful feedback about our work. We appreciate it a lot.
    As you are from Nigeria so you can not join Wealthy Affiliate from there because they banned Nigeria completely. But, If you have any friends or family members outside of Nigeria then you can ask them to help you to register in Wealthy Affiliate by clicking link within this page: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit
    Once you registered in Wealthy Affiliate from other countries, You can access your account and work there from Nigeria as well.
    Best of Luck!

  • Alphonso Gittens

    Excellent site and great work, congrats.

    I am in a program called Empowr, but I am having reservations about it and as a result I have not made any commitment to the program in full and I am thinking of dropping out.
    Empowr is just how it is spelled here, not an error.

    • Dear Alphonso Gittens,
      Thanks a lot for such a nice feedback about our site.
      We do not recommend Empowr because they are not paying as per their claims. On their site, they promise for big earning for simple work like posting, sharing, commenting e.t.c. But when you make enough money on their site and request for payout, they first ask you to pay from your own pocket to receive your payment and if you pay them then you will find that you get only around 1% of your total earning. If you ask them about your rest of earning, they will say that your remaining earning can be used only in advertisement. So they are showing big money only, they are not going to pay that money so this is the reason we do not recommend anyone to work in Empowr.

  • Pedro Torrealba

    Steemit? It’s scam or not?

    • Hello Pedro Torrealba,
      At this time we are investigating about Steemit, So we can’t say whether it is scam or not. But once our investigation will be completed, We will tell you whether it is good to work or not. So, Keep checking our website for latest updates.

  • Subhajit Dey

    what is WHOIS?

    • Dear Subhajit Dey,
      WHOIS is a service which allows you to seek out basic information of a registered domain. Basic information includes domain owner name, Domain owner address, Contact number and the company name where domain is registered. You can also find the registration and expiration dates of a domain with the help of WHOIS.

  • Patab Borj

    Hi. http://www.smart-bitcoins.com/ scam or real. pls reply

    • Dear Patab Borj,
      Smart-bitcoins claims to give 5 BTC in 24 hours on investing 0.05 BTC. None of legit companies can generate that much of profit within a single day, So they will run a ponzi scheme and which will be collapse soon. We recommend you to stay away from it.

  • Muhammad Saeed

    what about this site ethereumpro.biz is scam or not

    • Dear Muhammad Saeed,
      Ethereumpro is not sustainable for long run, So we do not recommend you to work in this site.

  • Sineth Dharmaratne

    “usdwork.com” is this a scam. Please let me know

  • SrèèNu Gunťuri

    Champcaah? It’s scam or not?

  • SrèèNu Gunťuri

    Champcash? It’s scam or not?

    • Dear SrèèNu Gunťuri,
      Chamcash is paying at the moment, But we have doubt about how long they can run. So, You can wok in Champcash but do not waste too much time there.

  • Marilena Crina Marilena Crina

    myadsino is a scam?

    • Dear Marilena Crina Marilena Crina,
      Myadsino is a gaming and betiing site and sorry to say that we we don’t investigate these kind of sites.

  • kimberly reynolds

    Which company really works that isn’t a scam out there and you don’t have to pay out of pocket on anything.

    • Dear kimberly reynolds,
      If you are asking about the company which really works then we only recommend Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform which help you to make money online.You can also join Wealthy Affiliate free of cost. However, In order to access their advance training you need to purchase their premium membership and the cost of premium membership is $49 per month. You can know more about Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

  • Raj Bakshi

    Which is best to work in India, As Wealthy Affiliate is banned in India.

    • Dear Raj Bakshi,
      Wealthy Affiliate banned Indian members to join WA as a free member. But Indian members can join WA by paying premium fees. We are also from India and we found Wealthy Affiliate as the best program in compare to any other programs. So now if you are interested to join and work in WA, then you can find the link to join in WA in our Wealthy Affiliate review by clicking this link https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

  • What about grandbux.net?

    • Dear Ksh Surjit Singh,
      Grandbux is giving high return of investment on the rented referrals. In the past, there were many sites which provided high ROI on rented referrals but after some months they shut down their site without paying to their members. So we do not recommend you to invest money in this company.

  • Perlas Ng Silanganan

    hello. is this a scam site?
    Thank you so much.

  • Dinesh Kumar

    Hi. I am from India. I had joined wow app. Is it fake or ponzi scheme.

    • Dear Dinesh Kumar,
      Wowapp is paying at the moment but we still have doubt about how long this company can sustain. So if you want to work there then You can work as a free user but we do not recommend you to invest any money there.

  • Candace Nicole

    Is pennypays. com legit or scam?

  • מאיר שמחוני

    what about those sites:
    1. http://www.empowr.com
    2. http://www.buytimeinc.com
    thank you

    • Dear מאיר שמחוני,
      Empowr is not a good site because they are not paying as per their claims. So we recommend you to stay away from Empowr. And about Buytimeinc, at this time we can’t say anything because it is still on our investigation phase.

  • Goopio Jared

    is jamdengi.club legit?

  • Anna May Duca

    how about http://surpay. site/?r=185372
    not sure if its legit or not. tnx

  • Coco Thegreat

    how about ahadengi.ckub, is this legitimate?

  • Coco Thegreat


  • Brian Odhiambo

    What about publiclikes. Is it real

    • Publiclikes business model is totally unsustainable, So we recommend you to stay away from it. We have already written detail review on Publiclikes which you can find by clicking this link https://onlineincomeresources.com/publiclikes

      • Kurgat

        And they have already closed doors in Kenya.And the fool parted with his money.

  • Hussein Osman

    MMM IS a scam?

  • Hannah Jane Olarte

    is wad.ojooo a scam or legit?

    • Dear Hannah Jane Olarte ,
      Wad Ojooo pays selectively it means they are not paying to all members, So we recommend you to stay away from this site.

  • crosskhi

    You have a good ratings and trusted site among others.
    How about NORTHCLICKS?
    I’m wondering if I join on that site.
    Please help investigate that.

  • Dhen

    What about the dubdengi. club it is scam or legit?

  • Dear Anna May Duca,
    Surpay. site is a scam site, Stay away from it.

  • Dear Candace Nicole,
    PennyPays is a pyramid scheme which can be collapse anytime. So we don’t recommend anyone to work in PennyPays.

  • iss reader


  • Joane Nodado

    Hi I joined socofnews is legit or scam?

  • Joane Nodado

    I joined socofnews.com is it legit or scam?

  • Faheem Ahmed

    Am getting payout amounts without failed from these websites



    Free to join

  • Mujahid Anwaar

    what about neobux? is it real *

  • RheaFlor Aquino Silbasa Alpant

    is RazDengi.Club legit?

  • Just Saying

    Someone referred me to this website….I’m nervous to click the link, does it work?


  • Sylvia N Muthini

    Is Global Trading Club a scam or not?

    • Dear Sylvia N Muthini,
      Global Trading Club is a ponzi scheme in which they will pay existing members from the money invested by new members which can be collapse any time so we recommend you to stay away from it.

  • Princess Jackson

    What about MCA

  • crosskhi

    Do I know DATABASE ADVISOR if its scam or legit site?

  • Chulo B
  • Joy Chelangat


  • Durodola Ibukunoluwapo

    Is wufdengi scam?

  • Afaan Ali

    is it trusted???

    • Dear Afaan Ali,
      Zexdengi. top is not a good site. All the claims on their sites are completely fake, So stay away from it.

  • Christian Lacaste

    Does doublebitblocks.com and bitlake.biz are scam?

    • Aura White Murah

      hey, have you try the oublebitblocks. com? i also want to know it real or scam.

      • Christian Lacaste

        i dont know.. i hope someone will reply to us and confirm if that sites is a scam or not

  • julie anne calantas

    Timebucks. com is a scam? ty

  • Jawad Nadeem

    http://nowmoney.club is it legit ???

  • julie anne calantas

    Is nocmoney.club scam?

  • Resa

    Hi how about wobmoney.club?

  • smallgunx

    Hello sir, can u tell me is this site scam or legit..

  • mour

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  • Kimberly hope Centina

    does wobmoney.club are scam?

    • mour

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  • mour

    Paying PROJECT


    ACCEPT – BTC (MIN – 0.001BTC)

    plans :

    -0.15%-0.19% HOURLY

    -3.60% -4.56% Daily

  • MS1der
  • Yalem Atienza

    hi i want to know if formoneyonly.com is scam or legit? plss reply thank you

    • PJ McNerney

      I haven’t gotten any money yet 🙁

  • Shiva

    HI. Can you please let me know about bgmoney.club. Is it fake or not?

  • Muhammad Shuhadaows

    What about adbtc?

  • Mayur Nagar

    http://blackoption.net is legit or scam??

  • MGT

    Make Money Online > https://bit.ly/-JoinHere

  • Sai Kumari
  • anthony chege

    Hi, what about cvmoney.xyz?

  • Jomesh Joseph

    Is open 4 profit is genuine site

  • Kimer Godwithme Peter

    Does the above reference include Caribbean country like antigua&barbuda if not point me in the right direction

  • abovelinks

    what about blackoption.net

  • Pamela Nyambe

    have you investigated 4 corners?

  • Brendan

    hello there online income resources how are you all doing today. I left a comment about jobzipo and how can i find out more about that business to see if its fully a scam just asking

  • Earl Ndinda

    What About MLC247 (my life change 247)

  • Opara Solomon Uche


  • Ndubuisi Onuigbo

    Thanks for your recommendation but getting direct referrals for all those programs seems hard, can you recommend an easy way of getting 100 direct referrals in an easy way.

  • Melissa Farris

    does anyone know if Appen is legit

  • Eli

    hi, is success share.com scam or not?

  • ongdong bog

    Automated Trading System

  • Aurelien Essembion Ewane

    PLease and recyclix iis good??

  • Israel Abiola

    Am so glad to have stumbled into this site! I must really appreciate this site and the person really behind it all. God shall bless you forever!
    Please is INCLOUDE a scam site or legit ?

  • Irfan Fanfan

    Hello. (Fineptc, aglocoptr, ptrvipclub, paypermails) scam or Legit? Thanks

  • Loyaltea

    What about jobismust?

  • Enyew Kassahun

    How can I receive the payment? is it possible by ordinary way- simply receiving it by using bank account number?

  • samuel

    please what about coinbulb

  • Jerelyn Neo Jao

    please tell me about http://www.btcclicks.com, and adbtc.top. thank you