Neobux Review – Scam or Legit?

Neobux Review – Scam or Legit?

In Neobux review, we will talk about the world’s biggest PTC site. How to make money? How to make direct referrals in this review, we are going to cover all the important things related with this site in this review.

Neobux: OverviewNeobux Review - Scam or Legit?

Neobux is old and trusted PTC site which is online since 2008. The owner of the Neobux is Fernando.what is neobux:Neobux is a legit PTC site in which you can earn money by clicking ads.  Usually, one ad takes 10 to 20 seconds. You will get 0.001 to $0.01 per  ad click.

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How to earn money in Neobux:

You can earn money in Neobux in two ways.

1. By viewing ads:

You can earn money in Neobux by viewing ads. You will get 10 -20 ads every day. You can earn up to $0.03 per day by clicking ads.

2. By referring others:

To earn money in Neobux, you can refer to others. The people who join Neobux under you, the  time when they click ads or upgrade account you will get the commissions for that.

Whenever your referrals click ads, you will get the commission only if you have also clicked the ads. As a free member, you will find 4 orange ads and 9 orange ads as you upgrade your account. You need to click these orange ads every day to get the commissions from your referrals. If you will not click the ads, you will not get the commissions of that day.

You can also earn money in Neobux by completing offers,  mini jobs, crowd flower tasks

How to earn  more money in Neobux:

To earn more money in Neobux, You need to have referrals, there are two types of referrals in Neobux first one is Rented referrals and the second one is Direct referrals.

  • You can buy rented referrals in Neobux for a given time and when they click you will get commissions. But rented referrals is not a good way to earn money, most of them become inactive after some time. A few users are getting profit with this feature, mostly user lost their money. So we suggest you to not to buy rented referrals and if you want it’s up to you.
  • Direct referrals is a good way to make money in Neobux. Direct referrals are those people  which is referred by you. If you have 200 active direct referrals then you can earn a good money in Neobux. If you want to refer others, You have to wait for first 15 days after joining Neobux.

If you do not have any idea to make referrals then Click here to find the solution.

Downsides of Neobux:

  • Every day you need to click ads at server time to get commissions from your referrals.
  • Rented referrals feature is so bad in Neobux. When you purchase rented referrals you will get good commissions after some time most referrals become inactive. So try to focus on making direct referrals. To make referrals click here
  • Direct referrals are limited in Neobux. At the start, you can only have 30 referrals,  but as the older membership will you will be yours, you can have more referrals.
  • Neobux has a bad support, they do not respond on time to their members.

Any question about Neobux and other online work, ask freely by dropping in comments are below. We will reply in shortly.

  • Baleze

    Hi. Is this a true business or a scam?

    • Hello Baleze,

      Binaryworld-foryou is a very new site, Only two days old. And this time, It is on under construction. So we don’t have enough details about this site. So when it will be live, We will tell you whether it is good site or not.
      If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.
      We are happy to help you.

    • jayzee

      ho about S2S Secret to Success? scam or not?

      • Marisa Zolotor

        I’m a member of S2S secret to success it is legit not scam try to check the review of this company 🙂

  • eulalie

    My problem with neobux is not use with tablets. I don’t know when the personal responsibility for this software will look a solution for that cause i don’t have a computer to use for this now. Then my account was not open cause of this problem. Thank you and wish the best reply from you

    • Dear Eulalie,
      Neobux don’t allow users to view advertisements on moblile phones/tablets, If any one try to do that they will permanently suspend their account. If you want to use Neobux then you need to click advertisement using a mouse and

      • eulalie

        Thank you for your answer, i’m not happy for that cause i think my account was suspend with 5 or 6 dollard. I didn’t know that before so was try with my tablets. As i told, i don’t have a possibility to use a computer now….

        • Dear Eulalie,
          We are sorry for your loss. But before working on any site, You should always read TOS(Term of Services) of the that site which help you to understand the site properly and then you will not lose your hard earned money.

  • emcee quinzel

    when neobux sent a verification code to my email account and it turned out to be a spam message, automatically by gmail. does that means it’s not legit?

  • Ette

    Dear Eulalie,

    How can i register with Neobux , since we do not have a broker in nigeria