The Wealthy affiliate Review – Scam or Legit?

Wealthy Affiliate – Is It No.1 Online Work?

Before you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate, We highly suggest you to read our detailed Wealthy Affiliate review as given below. So you will understand What is Wealthy Affiliate? Whether Wealthy Affiliate Scam or not, What Wealthy Affiliate offer and If it is not a scam then how you can earn money from WA.

Important Notice

Wealthy Affiliates come again to celebrate this Black Friday. They are providing exclusive heavy discount in its yearly premium membership. The membership is yearly one time deal, which will start on 29th November 2019 till 2nd December 2018 i.e. from black Friday till Cyber Monday.
For more details you can visit the link given:

However, If you join the Wealthy Affiliate before November 29 by using the link with in this review then also you can avail the Black Friday Discount immediately. If you are already paid for premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate, do not worry. The remaining balance will be adjusted by WA and you have to pay only the additional money to avail the black Friday discount. For more details you can visit the link given:

the wealthy affiliate review- scam or legit

Price to join: Free
Rank: 98 out of 100
Who can work: Everyone
Recommended: Yes
Click the link below to join Wealthy Affiliate:-

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Kyle and CarsonWealthy Affiliate is an online training program founded in 2005 by Kyle and Carson. With the help of Wealthy Affiliate training, you can learn how to build a successful business online. If you want to be an expert in the online world then it is the perfect place for you.

Wealthy Affiliate is not only the No.1 work home business, but it is also a place where you can connect with one another and get help from them to create and grow your Business online.

Main things about Wealthy Affiliate:

1. Free to Get started:  You can check the quality of Wealthy Affiliate because it’s free to get started.No personal information required, Its totally risk-free or cost-free.

2. Online Since 2005: Wealthy Affiliate is working for more than 12 years and the value of this program is increasing day by day.

Who can work in Wealthy Affiliate?

In Wealthy Affiliate anyone can work, If you are beginner then no need to worry, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to work online and helps you to create your own business  online.

If you are an expert, Wealthy Affiliate is also for you, With the help of Wealthy Affiliate you can reach your Business to next level.


How to earn money in Wealthy Affiliate?

To earn money, Wealthy Affiliate provides two programs:

1. Online Certification Courses: In this course you will learn how to setup an online business by which you can earn long term income. There are 5 levels in this course, and each level has 10 lessons in which you learn how to create a website, how to place that website in search engine, how to get traffic on your website and how to earn revenue with your website.

If you have any interest and you want to build a business based on that interest, this course is totally for you.When you complete your training, you can earn a full-time income and you will be able to establish your online career.

2. Affiliate Bootcamp: If you have no idea what to do, this program will take you to the process of earning money. You do not need any experience to earn money with this program, the only thing you need to follow the guidelines provided in this program.

In Wealthy Affiliate, You will find 100’s of different ways by which you can earn money online. In Wealthy Affiliate, these courses will help entrepreneurs, marketers, from a beginner to someone that is running an already successful business.

How much does Wealthy Affiliate cost?

Wealthy Affiliate is totally free to join, There are two options:

1. Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership – Free   Join Wealthy Affiliate it’s $0

2. Premium Membership – $49 per month or $359 per year

Without paying anything, you can earn money in Wealthy Affiliate. In starter membership, You will get 10 free lessons in online Certification Course as well as in Affiliate Bootcamp course. By learning those lessons, You will get the knowledge of making money online. However, Free lessons will not give you enough knowledge and will take time to earn money. So, If you want to become expert and want to get all knowledge provided by Wealthy Affiliate, then you need to take the advance training. In order to take advance training, You need to pay $19(Discount offer who join through our link) in the first month and after that you need to pay $49 for every month. If you like the program, then it will be good to go for yearly membership because the yearly membership cost is $359, which means you need to pay only $29.9 per month. But as we said before, WA provide free lessons also so you can take lot of ideas from those lessons and can build your online business.

Drawbacks of Wealthy Affiliate:

None: Wealthy Affiliate is the best training program in the internet world.

Wealthy Affiliate is completely legitimate. We highly recommended you to join Wealthy Affiliate, If you want to succeed in any kind of online work.

Ready to get started? Go ahead and click the banner below to join Wealthy Affiliate

online money ideas


Wealthy Affiliate Important Information

Wealthy Affiliated banned six countries from joining Wealthy Affiliate as a free member, But these countries people can still join Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member. Those six countries are India, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt and Vietnam.

WA banned Nigeria completely, People from this country can not join Wealthy Affiliate in any way.

Wealthy Affiliate banned these countries because they were facing hacking and spamming problems from the members of those countries.

Wealthy affiliate is no.1 online work  training program If you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate, Please feel free to ask. We are happy to help you.


  1. Who ever that is interested in starting online marketing or affiliate marketing, I do recommend Wealthy Affiliate. I had no knowledge of what online marketing was all about but luckily I ran into this program and I learned so much and been having a blast doing so. I never had a website or knew anything about creating one and now I have one and it’s just so fun to see people visiting my website more as time goes on!

    • Hello Joon,
      Thanks for your comment.We are really happy to hear that you are doing great in your business. Wealth Affiliate is certainly the best place to get the knowledge of internet marketing as their training is very easy to follow.

  2. Hello there,

    That’s a great review of wealthy affiliate, really i love this platform a lot of great lessons and everyday learning a new thing about how to improve you online business and enhance your website and monetize it, thanks for this great post, and wish you all the best with your business.

    • Hello Ehab,
      Thanks a lot for such a nice feedback. Glad to hear, You are learning new things with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.They provide great training and tools, Definitely it is a good platform for building online business.

  3. Hi there Atulya,

    It doesn’t take anyone long to find that Wealthy Affiliate is a training program created to build long term online business, not some hyped program that can make you rich overnight.

    As a free starter member, you can join some of the training and even attend a live webinar to see what they are really teaching inside before upgrading to a premium.

    This training has taught me how to build a solid business website from ground up without having to spend on expensive tools so I am really grateful for that.

    • Hello Cathy,
      You are absolutely right, the great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that it is free to join. Anyone who is trying to make real money online, then Wealthy Affiliate is surely a great place for them.
      Thanks for your comment. We wish you all the best for your business.

  4. This review tells it just like it is – straight to the point and really easy to get through and see the main points loud and clear. I’m a premium member at WA, I joined several months ago and haven’t looked back, it’s been a steep learning curve and hard work but is greatly rewarding to anyone who is prepared to put in the time! I’d certainly recommend it to anyone too, thanks

    • Hello Netp,
      Thanks a lot for such a nice feedback.
      Glad to know that you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate and enjoying it. If you have any questions about online work, feel free to ask us.

    • rather invest in bitcointech.webnode …i have been lat 3 years….its incredible

  5. Wealthy Affiliate is the no.1 online training program in the world. You can build your online business with the help of Wealthy Affiliate. We always recommend wealthy affiliate to you.

  6. Hey I am a student from India and I don’t have any bank account yet and really need of earn money my question is can I make money from this site without paying it any costs by the time I will earn from here I won’t have any problem to pay money for membership can I join

    • Hello Rohit Raj,
      We are happy to know that you are from India because Online Income Resources members are also from India. As India is listed within those banned countries, So you can not join Wealthy Affiliate as a free member. However, You can join Wealthy Affiliate by paying $49 premium membership cost. We had also joined Wealthy Affiliate by paying premium membership cost.

      If you do not have bank account then you can go bank and can open your account or you can take help of your friend to pay your membership fees. You can use PayPal, Visa or Master Credit Card to pay WA premium membership fees.
      However, if you join Wealthy Affiliate through our link then the founder of this website Atulya/Atul Uniyal will be your sponsor and he will help and guide you to step by step to be successful from this company. You can also follow Mr. Atul in Facebook and message him there. The Facebook ID of our founder is
      If you have any other questions, Feel free to contact us.
      Best of Luck!

    • Hello Mawanda Derro,
      As we know, You already joined Wealthy Affiliate as our referral. After, you log into the the system, You will see green button there labeled as “Get Started Here/Certification” on the left hand side menu of WA. Click on that button, which will be redirected to lessons. Now you need to start learn those lessons which will take you to build a successful online business.
      If you need any other help, You can contact your sponsor Atul Uniyal Within WA or You can also ask your questions here.
      Good Luck!

    • Hello Rhuena,
      Your question is not clear that in which company you want to earn money. But, Your comment is in our Wealthy Affiliate review page so we think that you are asking about Wealthy Affiliate. If so, then first you can join Wealthy Affiliate by clicking above image within our review. If you are not from one of those banned countries which we mentioned in our review, Then you can join Wealthy Affiliate as a free member otherwise you need to pay $49. If you join Wealthy Affiliate through our link then Atulya/Atul Uniyal will be your sponsor and you can contact them. He will help and guide you to earn money from this company.
      However, If you are looking for the sites which are good and trusted then you can find list of those sites by clicking this link
      If you are looking for the sites which is promising but risky as well then you can find list of those sites by clicking this link

      If you have any other question, feel free to ask us.

  7. This is so sad that Philippines is one of the six banned countries ? while reading I got really excited wanted to start right away just to be sadden when i hit the bottom and saw that Philippines is one of the six banned coutries. ???

    • Dear khat
      We are really sorry that you are from the one of those banned countries, They did it because high rates of frauds and gaming from those countries. However, You can still join Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member by paying $49. We are also from India, one of the banned countries. We had also joined Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member.
      If you have any other question, Please feel free to contact us.

  8. Hi, do any one here, know about “”? Is it scam?

  9. Does anyone know about BitcoinBrain?
    Is it a scam or its legit?

    • Dear Sly Mishark Kanebi,
      BitcoinBrain provides up to 0.31% hourly return for forever on one time investment. None of legit companies can provides these kind of return on investment. BitcoinBrain is a ponzi scheme and it is providing high rate of return So, It will be collapse very soon. We do not recommend you to invest in BitcoinBrain.

    • invest in…..i have been since last 3 years

  10. Can you recommend other legitimate site where we can learn and earn other than wealthy affiliates. I am from one of the band countries and the premium membership is costly for me.

    • Dear Sheridan Claire Mangallab,

      Wealthy Affiliate is the only good company which provides free training to check the quality of their program. There are other legit companies which provides this type of training, But all of those companies comes after Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate offers same type of training in much lower fees than compare to any other companies. If you join and work on other companies you will also find upsell there up to $997. But, In Wealthy Affiliate, You have to pay only $49/month OR $359/year to become expert in any online work. More than that, Courses offered by the Wealthy Affiliate are more updated in compare to other companies. So, if you are from banned countries then we suggest you to save money to pay Wealthy affiliate membership fee rather than going after other companies.

      If you have any other question, feel free to ask us.

  11. Hi, do any one know about “” ? is it scam ?

    • Dear Wan Muhamad Shahir Wan Mohd No
      Ethtrade business model is totally unsustainable. There are not any verifiable source of income from which they can generate additionally 25% to pay back their members. More than that, Owner information is completely hidden in WHOIS. However, They provided some team members name on their website but which does not prove that those are the real peoples. If they are providing real names on their website so why they needed to hide the owner details in WHOIS. So it is clear that they are running a ponzi scheme in which they will pay to existing members from the money invested by new members.These kind of sites pay at starting and collapse after some months. So, it is better to stay away from the companies like Ethtrade.

  12. Hello sir
    Is their any website that need zero investment and gives 1$ for every Ads and real unlimited earnings? ?
    Hello sir
    Is their any website that need zero investment and gives 1$ for every Ads and real unlimited earnings? ?

    • Dear Mansoor Shaik,
      There is not any legit website which give you $1 for each ad click. If any site claim to pay $1 for each ad click, that will be definitely a scam. Legit PTC sites only pay in cents from $0.01 to $.03. Sometime revenue sharing sites pay in dollars, But they also need to have enough income sources to give that much money to their members.

      • hello sir
        I want to join WA but how?and are you sure no ads or anything pay if i want to join

  13. Can I make money in the first month of starting with wealthy affiliate? And how quick can a person make money from it?

    • Dear Mr Josh,
      You can’t expect to earn money from Wealthy Affiliate in your first month because first 2-3 months will be your training phase. In your training phase, You need to learn all the lessons provided by Wealthy Affiliate and keep on working as they guided in those lessons. How fast a person can earn depend on the how much work he do there. If any person work 3-4 hours per day, he can learn every lessons of Wealthy Affiliate within 2 months. In an average, the members of Wealthy Affiliate who are giving 2-3 hours per day, they are starting to make money within 4-5 months.

  14. Please, does anyone knows anything about floral investment?

  15. Hi there,
    I have joined wealthy affiliates and lost my now any help in getting my account up and running again?

    • Dear Rofhiwa Halftime Mmbi,
      If you know your Email id and password which you used at the time of signup in Wealthy Affiliate then you can easily access your account in Wealthy Affiliate from any other devices. Or in case if you don’t know your password then just click on Forgot your password in login tab and enter your email address and validate it. Once you do that you will get password recovery mail in which you have to click the reset password link to get a new password. When you done with it you can access your account by using new password.
      If you are still unable to access your account by doing this please let us know.

  16. Hi sir i just want to know about (or Bitpalas Limited)

  17. Please, i want to inquire more about questra-holdings investment

  18. Is coinbulb legit? Cus I have thousands satoshi there but haven’t withdrawn

  19. hello Sir
    I want to know if TBC (TheBillionCoin) is a legit platform for wealth creation and also i am from Ghana and do we have some Ghanaians in your program.

  20. Hello Sir
    I tried registering today but I was not given access. Is Ghana part banned countries?

    • Dear Godson,
      Ghana is not in the list of banned countries. If you are unable to register then first try to clean your browser history or register in WA by using another email address, device and internet connection. If your problem is not solved using this way then let us know.

  21. Hey i like what am seen but am having a big problem with understanding how it works why do i need to pay? And why can’t i get started with the free questions and guidlines first.because i just registered and the page is asking me to sign in premium rate to get access

    • Dear Brandy,
      We have already explained in our Wealthy Affiliate review about how WA works. However, We explain you in short. When you join Wealthy Affiliate you will find videos lessons there. By taking those videos you will be able to learn how to create a website and earn money from it. Those videos also give you the knowledge of earning money from the big companies like Amazon, ebay, Google e.t.c. Wealthy Affiliate lessons also help you to make referrals in any online work companies.

      Wealthy Affiliate is free to join, You only need to pay if you want to access their advance training. But as you are saying that you can’t access free membership and seeing premium rate page to signin there then it means you are from one of the banned countries which we have listed in our WA review as given above. Members from the banned countries can’t join WA as a free member, But they can join WA by paying $49 premium membership cost . So if you want to join Wealthy Affiliate then you need to pay $49.

  22. Sir, do you know about (TCC). is it scam or not?

  23. Hello Admin. I love your work. Pls kindly clarify these issues. What is your view on Cryptowealth. xyz and projectethereum. com?

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  25. Its not free in india i just join they ask me to pay premium membership y

    • Dear Vishal Bharth,
      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is not free in India. And It is because high rate of fraud and gaming from India. However, Members from India can join Wealthy Affiliate by paying premium membership cost which is $49. We are also from India and we joined WA by paying $49. So if you want to join WA then you need to pay $49.

  26. Nice one sir,pls I want to know of empowr .com is legit or scam?

  27. I am also from a banned country Nigeria, pls is there any other free and legit internet business you know of?

    • Dear Egbon Nickluv David,
      Wealthy Affiliate banned Nigeria completely but if you are interested to join WA then you need to have any friend or family members who live outside of Nigeria. You can ask them to help you to create your account in Wealthy Affiliate. Once they create your WA account from other countries then you will also able to login and work in WA from Nigeria as well.

      If you are looking for free and legit sites, Then you can find list of those sites by clicking this link

    • You don’t talk about your country like that. How could you call your country banned?

    • If you need online income in Nigeria, naira4all is the best. Register for free membership and upgrade to premium membership with #3,000. You will be given your affiliate link, anyone that registers and upgrade through your referral link – you earn #1,500 directly into your bank account.
      Register here?

  28. Hello sir
    I looking for online work where i can earn extra income
    Can u help me out which is trusted site where i can work

  29. Hello Even here in the philippines. It is not free. I need to go to premium. But I saw one member told me that ot is free…

    • Dear Baloogas,
      Philippines is in the list of banned countries so you can not join Wealthy Affiliate as a free member. You can join Wealthy Affiliate only by paying premium membership cost.

    • hi, interested in becoming a self entrepreneur? lets connect and I’ll share with you a few legit online opportunities. Kind regards, Elia Tulifau
      hit me up on email

    • Dear Jhennyco Deleon Mullet,
      You can join WA by clicking the above image within our Wealthy Affiliate review. As you are from Philippines so you can not join Wealthy Affiliate as a free member. In order to join Wealthy Affiliate from Philippines, You need to pay WA premium membership cost. The cost of WA premium membership is $49 per month or $359 per year.

  30. Hi sir ! Do you know about is it legit or scam?. I earned a lot of rubbles there but haven’t withdraw yet. Thanks!

  31. hello sir am from Kenya but its not free
    I have just joined but its asking me to
    be part of a premium member.

      Wealthy Affiliate free membership is available for Kenya. If you are unable to join WA as a free member then first try to clean your browser history or use any other email address, internet connection, device to create your account in Wealthy Affiliate. Please let us know whether your problem is solved or not by following those steps.

  32. As Nigerian I can’t join wealthy affiliate. I don’t just know the reason why.. I’ve been on net searching for online business how I can make money in my room but it was very hard. A week before today I came across wealthy affiliate but I tried to register but I couldn’t.. .

    • Dear Ayomide,
      Wealthy Affiliate banned Nigeria completely because they were facing hacking and cheating incident from Nigeria. However, If you have any family member or friends outside of Nigeria then you can ask them to help you to register in Wealthy Affiliate by clicking the link above in our WA review. Once you are registered in WA from other countries, You can access and work in Wealthy Affiliate from Nigeria as well.
      Best of Luck!

    • Dear Myo Tint Kyaw,
      Sorry for late reply. It happened because we were facing some serious issue with our website.
      Sitecoin already turned into scam. They shut down their website without paying to their members.

  33. the best cryptocurrincies mining company is only genesis mining its give you a lot of offers firstly sha256 for open ended bitcoin mining i buy 350 ghs for 0.021 (50$) bitcoin i earn 0.00010116 daily. secondly ether contract from 37.5$ for 2 years , you will get doubled investment. you can sign up in genesis mining and buy an contract , and luckily use this code cJUX5L for 4.5% discount. nice mining for any information chat me on viber +32460210244 payment proof mining ghs purchased registration link
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  34. Joined ,how can reclaim for my earnings, Sir?Am troubled with the site.

  35. hello sir
    I want to join WA but how?and are you sure no ads or anything to pay if i want to join

    • Dear Mark Christian Enriquez,
      If you are not from one of the banned countries which we listed in our Wealthy Affiliate review as given above then you do not need to pay anything and you can join WA free of cost, However if you want to take more advance training there then you need to pay their premium membership cost.

    • Dear Mark Christian Enriquez,
      Yep, WA is available in Philippines. But people of Philippines can not join Wealthy Affiliate as a free member. If they want to join WA they need to pay WA premium membership cost which is $49 per month or $359 per year.

  36. Hi sir am from India.. but its not free
    I have just joined but its asking me to
    be part of a premium member.

    • Dear Chifu Bernard,
      Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is definitely not a scam. Even WA is our no.1 recommended site. It helps people to earn a full-time income on the internet. MAny member are successful with the help of WA. We are also one of those member of WA. They have various kind of services to offer as well as training programs. They also mentor their members. Therefore, feel free to join this site without any doubt.

    • Dear Jawad Hassan Sha,
      Easy2Gain is not a good site. Even the makers of the website not used their mind. They have not provide their own content on their site. They just used the samples of lorem Ipsum on their site which is not good for any genuine site. So keep away from this site.

  37. why banned all nigerian peoples? as you know, not all Nigerians are hackers or somethings like that.

    • Dear Usman Said,
      Yes, you are right not all Nigerians are hackers and we also believe that but the WA banned the Nigeria because of security reasons. WA banned Nigerians because they found high rate of cheating and fraud from the Nigeria. We also feel sorry for you.

  38. Is wealthy affiliate a website to TEACH you how to make money online, or can you actually make money ON wealthy affiliate

    • Dear Dilon Laudify,
      Yes, WA help its members to make money online using their training programs. They provide courses from which you can learn how to create website? How to get that website in google ranking? How to generate traffic on your website and earn revenue with that traffic? In simple words, WA will teach you to earn money online.
      For your second question, yes you can actually make money on the WA also. They have affiliate program, which you can promote and earn commission on every affiliate you convert. If you want to make money in Wealthy Affiliate then you can take their Affiliate Bootcamp course labeled in black colour, which is present at the left side menu on WA dashboard. Or if you want to make money by creating your website on own subject of interest then you can take their certificate course labeled in green colour, which is present also at the left side menu on WA dashboard.

    • Dear Julieann Obsequio,
      You can join Wealthy Affiliate through our link or by clicking on the banner provided above review. And when you join Wealthy Affiliate through our link we will provide you help and also guide you step by step to build your online business.

  39. Hi Bro,

    I’m from India and i cannot able to register into the free membership so could you tell is there any option to sign in and work and also please let me know which are the countries you not banned.

    • Dear Raj,
      As you already know, free membership is not available for India then only option left to join Wealthy Affiliate is by taking company premium membership. There are seven countries (India, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Nigeria and Vietnam.) which WA has banned. We did not banned anyone. We are not the owner of the Wealthy Affiliate Company, we are just recommending WA site due to the merits it show.

    • Dear Nkem Vivian,
      Sorry to say that you cannot join the Wealthy Affiliate because the company has banned the Nigeria completely to join their site. It is because of the high number of fraud and cheating cases the Wealthy Affiliate has received from Nigeria.

  40. hi sir, which ptc site give me .01$ per click, without invest & withdraw minimum 2$

    • Dear Jibon Mondal,
      We do not recommend PTC sites on our website. It is very difficult to earn good money from ptc sites even it cannot pay up to the worth of your efforts that you put on PTC sites. So we do not recommend PTC site anymore.

  41. If I have my own online business plan but have no idea how to get started, is this product that I need?

    • Dear TJD,
      Yes, this is what you are searching. If you have your own business plan than definitely Wealthy Affiliate will help you to build your online business. Even WA is our no.1 recommended program in our site. So if you want to build your online business then surely WA is the great place for you.

    • Dear Lauray Mogor,
      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate free membership is available for Nepal. So feel free to join WA. You can join WA by clicking on the link given in the above review.

  42. Hey sir,
    Is mca motor club of America Legit or fake?
    They ask you for your ssn and to fill out w2 form for government to send you your taxes back!

  43. Dear sir, In order to make money with WA, I have to join, then take lessons as a free member or pay the ($12) intro montly fee (goes to regular $49 a month after) and take premium lessons in order to make a website that will then earn. This seems a little overwhelming since I am a business novice and have no idea what kind of business to establish.
    I’m sure they will help, but can you make income any other way with WA?
    Sorry for length of comment.
    BTW, I absolutely find your resource site INVALUABLE AND ALREADY SAVED ME MAJOR HEADACHES WITH I know they are scam but I already gave them banking information and feel they will hurt me with it.
    Thank you, sir.

    • Dear Bron Jon,
      Yes, in order to earn money with Wealthy Affiliate you need to join it and work in it. However, you can only access 10 lessons in your free membership. These lessons also will help you to create your own website and to learn basic skills to make money online. But if you want to take advance knowledge then you need to become a premium member. And premium membership is not of $12, it is $19 for first month and after that $49 per month. In the beginning WA seems overwhelming because it has lots of materials which make people confuse. But if you do follow step by step WA tasks then you will understand the WA completely.
      If you want to make a good income then WA is a great place for you.
      And about admoney, if you have given them your information then there is nothing much you can do. Just stop using that site.


  45. Hi, this is my first time hearing of WA. Excited about the review only to discover there is a ban on Nigeria. It’s painful to know that the trusted n honest few are locked out of this opportunity. I will appreciate if there can be a consideration to lift the ban…thank you

    • Dear Zino Rino,
      Sorry to say, we are not the concerned people to lift the ban. We are just recommending WA on our site. The Wealthy Affiliate company is different entity. We do not have kind of participation in company work. The Wealthy Affiliate owner ban the Nigeria completely and they are the concerned people who can actually lift the ban. Hope they will soon lift the ban.

  46. Please sir
    I want to know if is a scam or not?
    Am a Nigerian and i dont want to get involve with any scam site. thanks as i await your reply.

    • Dear Stanley Wealth,
      We have does not find any information about the owner on their official website. And also they have hided their information in WHOIS records. So we never recommend such sites that does not share their information with their members.

  47. You can’t do the same thing and expect a different result. Looking for what doesn’t exist is the surest way of wasting ones time, which is life measured out for work! Earning online is best achieved when you have some level of financial intelligence. If you truly desire to earn legitimate money online visit:

  48. Hello sir
    Please can I join wealthy affiliate and still make money from Nigeria? A response will be appreciated.

    • Dear Dinesh Manikanta,
      Surely, you can join the Wealthy Affiliate Company because we are also from India. However, free membership is not available in India. You need to get premium membership to join the WA. The link to join the WA is available in top of this page. Or you can also join the WA by simply clicking the banner also available at the top of this page.

  49. work from home data. all work job. seven doller. online-home-jobs this site fake or trusted? plz give me a 1 data entry trusted site. i need it,

  50. My name is Benjamin Egbadon, I just find this site after so many years of wishing to find a genuie internet business, but my joy was just cut short, when I read that Nigeria is ban from joining WA what a pain.
    So faithful individual are made to suffer the brunt of there countary men and women.
    Please, let there be a reconsidration.

    • Dear Benchrist,
      We are so sorry but the Wealthy Affiliate Company has totally banned Nigeria. The WA ban Nigeria due to security reasons. There are many incidents of fraud and cheating received from the Nigeria.
      It is the company policy we do not have any say in it. We are just recommending this site. We are totally different entity from the WA. The owner and officials of WA are the concerned people which can lift the ban. Hope they will lift the ban soon.

  51. These days I am seeing wealthy affiliate at many places but sadly I see this message “Free Starter accounts are not available in your country”.

    • Dear Ranjan Sharma,
      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most trusted and legit site available on the internet, that is why many people are recommending it. WA has banned 7 countries to join WA as a free member. If you are coming from one of the banned countries then you will not be able to open a free account on the WA. The list of banned countries is: India, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Nigeria and Vietnam.
      So if you want to join this site, chose the premium membership without any hesitation. Believe us you will not regret after joining this company.


    • Dear DeAnne Aems,
      It seems you are upset with something. May be you have been scammed by some scam site. We do not understand in which site you have invested or spent your money. We are not responsible for your money because we do not belong to that site.
      In our site we only recommend genuine sites which are legit and paying to its members regularly. It will be appreciable if you tell your grievance in detail manner. You have to provide us the site name, so we can help you in that matter.

  53. I truly need to know how legit WA is. I can’t afford to waste my time on a scam. Is there a site where I could investigate WA even further before making an initial investment?

    • Dear Ty summers,
      Sorry for delayed response. It is because we were very busy to resolved some technical issue within our website. So sorry once again.

      About WA legitimacy, There are many members who are earning full-time income with the help of WA. Even we are also the example to prove WA legitimacy. We have created this website with the training and resources provided by Wealthy Affiliate. Now this website is getting huge traffic and we are earning very good amount of money from this website. Not only this site, we have other sites which we also build through Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to check whether WA is good or not, You can just simply google about WA. You will find many positive review about WA, hardly you will get some negative review and they are from the members who have not worked hard and not have patience to build their online business .

    • Dear Rahul,
      Olymptrade is a binary option broker site and we do not recommend anyone to work on these kind of sites because there are high risk involved to lose your investment.

  54. what is free?
    if you tell me wealthy affiliate is free then it must be free.
    why do i have to pay for a monthly or annual billing?
    if something is free, you do not pay anything. so i suggest you find a proper word to replace FREE…

    • Dear Alexander Fenning Sencherey,
      We think you not understand what we are saying. Wealthy Affiliate offers two types of membership free and paid. You can join WA without paying anything. In free membership, You can create two free website and access 10 training lessons. These lessons provides you basic ideas and skills which will help you to make money online. They provide free membership so members can check the quality of Wealthy Affiliate without paying a dime. Premium membership has some advanced lessons which will be help you to generate income more quickly. So Wealthy Affiliate is Definitely free, They are not forcing you to upgrade to premium membership, If you like their training you can go to premium otherwise you can stick with your free membership and can earn money with your free websites.

  55. Hello sir, If I join in Wealthy Affiliate through your link, how much will

    i have to pay? How is their support team?If I face problem to follow their guide,
    will they help timely? Collecting direct referrals is very tough task, if I fail to collect
    it will I have to stop work? Are there any hidden costs? If yes, how much? Can I earn
    at least what I have spent ?

    • Dear Ashis Ghose,
      Wealthy affiliate is free to join but if you are from the banned countries then you can join WA by paying their premium membership fees, WA premium membership cost is $49 per/month or $359 per/year. WA support team is very good, you will get different types of support system such as, community support system, WA owners support, support from SiteRubix technical team and so on. If you face any problem you can ask from WA owners as well as from other WA members. If you join WA through our link we will be your sponsor and we will personally help you and guide you to build your online business.

      You do not need to collect direct referral in WA, even they will teach you to how to get direct referral for any Company. There is no hidden cost in WA. If you work in WA then you will definitely not regret because you can earn more than ten times what you spent on Wealthy Affiliate.

  56. Well I’m a Nigerian and I think your reason is bullshit… pardon my French there, but it’s fucking stupid especially cos of your spam excuse. Fuck, I get uncountable numbers of spam everyday from other countries not banned but I understand it’s a world problem. So it’s either you have something personal against us Nigerians, you are a racist or you’re just a scam like the rest of them after all….

    • Dear Jovi Ofigo,
      First of all, we want to clear that we are not the one who banned you. Wealthy Affiliate is the Company who banned your country. Nigeria is not the single country which is banned by WA, there are other countries also banned by WA. Those countries are India, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt and Vietnam. However, member from those countries can join WA by Paying their Premium membership fees. They banned Nigeria completely because they don’t want to get their Company in risk position as they were getting continuously hacking and cheating incident from Nigerian members.

  57. Please Sir, am a Nigerian. Nigeria was among countries banned not to join wealthy affiliate. Please Sir, how can I join wealthy affiliate? I need ur assistant. Tnx

    • Dear Emmanuel Ikechukwu,
      Yes, you can not join WA from Nigeria. However, if you have any friends or relatives outside of Nigeria then you can ask them to help you to signup in WA. Once you are register in WA by your friends or relatives from other countries then you can access WA and work there from Nigeria as well.

    • Dear Ansh,
      You can not join WA free of cost because India is one of the countries which is banned by WA. However, you can join WA by paying $49. We are also from India and we joined by paying premium membership fee.

  58. Hello

    the appendix is the goods we did not get you do not reply
    to the mail !!!

    We do not have the goods and you claim to be handed over.

    please sign on who took the goods.

    I expect you to return money or resell the goods
    otherwise I would have to hand over everything to the police.

    my contact

    • Dear Michal Konrád,
      We are not the one from where you purchased goods. We Only provides review in our website and also alert people about online Scam. So you need to contact the site owner from where you purchased the goods.

  59. anytime i try to create an account in wealthy affiliate my country code does not surport it, please sir what do i do?

  60. Sir i am from Pakistan can i join Wealthy Affiliate ?
    Sir i have no investment i want to start from 0$.
    And please also tell me about their payment proof.

  61. This is not funny at all. Am a NIGERIAN for God’s sake. The reason for total ban is flimsy . You lock everybody out just because of a few individuals? Characters like this are all over the world. Nigeria is corrupt because the western world provides safe haven for our money to be kept while they use same to develop their land. Crazy world.

    • How dare you talk about flimsy and then try blaming the West. Many Nigerians are thieves and scammers. Simple. Blaming the West is about as flimsy excuse as you can get.

    • Dear Noel Osagie,
      Wealthy Affiliate banned Nigeria to protect their security system. WA team also knows that there are lots of honest people in Nigeria, But they also know there are also few hackers in Nigeria as well. Hackers are almost in every country, But Nigerian hackers are very irritating, if they could sign up in Wealthy Affiliate then they can threat WA security system and make it unsafe. If Wealthy Affiliate security will get unsafe then WA members from all other countries will be in big trouble. Wealthy Affiliate tried lots of ways to secure their security system from Nigerian hackers, But they found all their security measures fails, so they decided to banned few countries from where they were getting cheating and hacking problems and Nigeria was also in those banned countries list.

  62. Are you Nigerian and want to invest in a legit online business?
    Whatsapp 07068683406 for info

    • that’s exactly thesame am feeling right now, imagine how we have denied ourselves of good opportunities all because of greed

    • Anywhere in the world, as soon as the words Nigeria and Internet are used together, the first thing people think is scam scam scam.

    • They’re only bad actors trying to tarnish the country’s image. Nigeria is not worst than the US, North Korea or anyother country where hackers operate.

  63. Is there no other way to remedy this situation for we Nigerians that are willing to join? Checks can be placed on us to monitor our activities in the system

    • Dear Alex Ogbuabo,
      Nigerians can not join WA directly, But if they have any friend or relatives outside of Nigeria then you can ask them to help to create your account in WA. Once your WA account is created by your friend or family members then you can access and work in WA from Nigeria as well.

  64. So there is no way for me to join, I feel so much disappointed after reading with hope only to find out that I can not participate because am a Nigerian oooooh.

    • Dear GoldenL79,
      If you want to work in WA then you can ask your friend or family members who resides in other countries to create your account in Wealthy Affiliate, once they will createed your account in WA from other country then you can access and work in WA from Nigeria as well.

  65. Hi,
    could you give an example of a web page which is advertising products offered by Wealthy Affiliate program?

    • Dear Edo Hlača,
      We think you did not understand WA properly. WA is a training program which will help you to learn the skills to earn money online. WA provides video lessons, By taking those videos lessons you can build your full- time business online. They will teach you to create website in your own subject of interest and also they will teach you to earn money from that website. With the help of Wealthy Affiliate, You can earn money by selling and promoting products in your website. If you do not want to sell anything in your website and still want to earn then you can do it from the company like Google Adsense, Media. By learning the skills with in WA, You can earn money from the big companies like Amazon, Walmart, ebay, et.c. More than that, you can also earn money by promoting Wealthy Affiliate program in your site.

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