Paidviewpoint Review – Scam or Legit?

Paidviewpoint Review – Scam or Legit?

paidviewpoint - scam or legitIn Paidviewpoint Review, you will get the information of the how actually Paidviewpoint works and how you can earn with this site.

Name: Paidviewpoint
Rank: 80 out of 100
Price to join: Free
Website: www.paidviewpoint. com

Introduction to Paidviewpoint:

Paidviewpint is  the market research survey site which is operated by AYTM. AYTM is known as Ask your target market.

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What is Paidviewpoint:

Paidviewpoint is a survey site. In Paidviewpoint, you will get paid when you complete a market research survey. Paidviewpoint provides these survey to you for different purposes like ideas on testing new products, to get the opinion on products and many other things. The company does these type of survey because they want ideas and opinions on their products. If some company is creating a logo and they want the opinion on that logo, then they go for surveys. By which they collect information and based on that they can take a good decision.

How to earn money in Paidviewpoint:

Paidviewpoint is not like the other survey sites. Most survey site ends up your survey in the middle by showing some condition and you will not get paid.

In Paidviewpoint, If you are going to work on a survey, you will be allowed to complete this. And you will get paid on time. To earn on Paidviewpoint, You need to login in Paidviewpoint account and click on the survey is waiting. These surveys give you 10 questions and you need to answer that questions.You can earn up to $0.03 to $0.01 per survey.

How to know if any survey available for to you:

Whenever a survey is available for you, You will get an alert by Paidviewpoint. Paidviewpoint will also email to you whenever any survey question arrives. Surveys have a limited time offer, so once the time will be gone survey will be closed because the order of the numbers of desired responses is fixed. When you get an email for survey other users also get, if the other user beat you to survey then you will be lost the survey opportunity.

You can earn money by increasing trait score. Trait surveys are the one in which you  need to answer about your interests. Paidviewpoint  never asks for your personal identity or they will never ask for your real name.To increase traitscore in Paidviewpoint, you just need to be honest. In traitsurvey, you will get the small collections of questions.

In these questions, you will get 1 or 2 question  which you already answer in the past. If you give your answer right you will get high trait score otherwise you will get low traitscore . By getting the high trait score,  you will get more survey and  you can also increase the amount of per survey you complete. Sometimes, you can find  survey up to $2.
You can also make money in Paidviewpoint by making referrals. You will get 20%  whenever your referrals cash out there earning. If you do not know how to get referrals then Click Here.

Upsides of Paidviewpoint:

1. Paidviewpoint is free to join.
2. Survey in Paidviewpoint are short, usually it takes 2 minutes to complete.

Downsides of Paidviewpoint:

If you change your Paypal email or phone number then your account balance will be zeroed and they will also freeze yours earning. Your earning will be freezed for 180 days. So at the registration time, try to put that email and  phone number which you are not going to change.

In Paidviewpoint, The commissions from the referrals you will get only when they cash out.

Any question about Paidviewpoint and other online work, ask in the comments area below. We are happy to help you.