What is Megaebook.cc? Is Mega ebook Scam?

What is Megaebook.cc? Is Mega ebook Scam?

If you are searching about the site which is known as Megaebook.cc then my friend you are reading the right page. In this Megaebook review, we are going to deal with some of the most important questions like, is Megaebook Scam? Or is Megaebook Legit? Or is Megaebook Real? Or is Megaebook Fake? With advent of the IT technology we can read books digitally. We can read the book of any nation from any corner of the world. With passing time internet user number are also increasing and so the number of readers. To avail the benefits of this increasing number of readers many sites has opened the site in which you can download or read the books available to them. It is like an online library. But you have to pay for the services. If you are not interested to read the whole article then we can provide you the summary of our review. The Megaebook is a Scam site. Do not waste your time and money on this site. It is not a genuine site. The reasons behind this argument is discuss below. You can read our article below to know the reasons behind declaring Megaebook a Scam site.

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What Megaebook.cc Is Megaebook Scam or Legit Is Megaebook Real or Fake Megaebook Review, Megaebook

How does Megaebook work?

If you are a person who reads a lot then you might get attracted to this site. Megaebook is one of those sites that allow you to read the books on their site. They charge you for their services. The main work of this site is that they cheat people. They use your information for their own benefits. The modus operandi of such sites is that they allow you to have a free trial period. Megaebook allow its readers to read different books, and download different books. Megaebook is allowing you to have a one week free trail on their site. Sites like Megaebook provide free trail but first they want member credit card details. They also credit money around 1$ to see that you are real person or not. They claim that if you are not satisfy with their services then you can leave their site anytime and they will not charge you. But this is totally false.

Since the Megaebook is not a genuine site, they use people credit card and charge them without their consent or knowledge. They charge the member card even when they leave their site. We have seen many complaints, people have told that company charge them after some days even when they did not use their services. This is not the ethical way to run any business. When somebody use your details without your consent it means that company is not good. They are going to take every benefits of your information that you have provided to them. If any person has provided their details especially financial details or credit card details then please talk with our Credit Card Company or bank to block transactions with this site or block your credit card so that Megaebook people will not use your money.

The company also use people personal information to generate revenue for them. Actually, companies take member information while registering them. They accumulate all the data and turned them into big data. They sell their big data to anonymous third party and earn very handsomely. Third party can use your details and information for their own benefits. In today’s digital world information is the new ‘oil’. Unscrupulous people operating sites on the internet are using such information for their own benefits which may harm community, state, nation or world.

To understand any company is genuine or not then you should see that how much transparency the site provide. If they hide their information it means they are not good people. Transparency increase the trust of the company and credibility among the public. The Megaebook site does not tell us who owns this magnificent company. They did not share their owner information with people. We do not know any real person work on this site or not. The company is totally working in a secret manner. The fun fact is that the Megaebook is taking member personal as well as financial information and did not provide any quantum of information about them. This is not right.

To know about the Megaebook site we tried to see the company details in WHOIS records. Note: many companies which are scam and also work in corrupt manner they all hide their information. Genuine sites that involve money in their working or who deals with customers (who buying something or paying them) provide information about them in WHOIS records and also on their site. They know the importance of the information. For instance we all know that the owner and CEO of Amazon is Jeff Bezos. In same manner, all the sites who is working genuinely they are going to provide their information.

The other major issue you will face on this site is that if you buy any book or want to download then you will not be able to do that. It is because you will face some kind of difficulty on that part. The company can use the details of your card to charge anything from it. The company is cheating the people, this is their main business and selling books is just a cover for them. If you are thinking that Megaebook is a unique site then you are wrong it is because similar site are already available on the internet. For instance Ebooki is one of such sites that is a scam site and already reviewed by us. You can see or review on it by clicking on the Ebooki.


Megaebook is a scam site. We advise our readers that do not waste your time and money on this site. You can spend those money on some other genuine and big sites whose names are very common. Avoid this site and keep a great distance from this and similar sites. It will be great if you spread the words regarding this site and their working in your social circle so that no other people get scammed by them.

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If you have any doubt about the Megaebook site, please tell us about it. You can comment in our comment box. We will be happy to help you.