Paidverts Review – Scam or Legit ?

Update: 20 Dec 2016

Paidverts has decreased the return of investment. Now you will get 120% return of investment on adpack purchases instead of 150% ROI. It means if you purchase $1 ad pack, then you can make $1.20 only. This step is taken by Paidverts to make system more sustainable.

In Paidverts review, You will know what is paidverts and how much benefit you can get from this. In this review, We will try to cover all the necessary information related with Paidverts.

Paidverts review

Name: Paidverts
Rank: 85 out of 100
Price: Free to Join
Link to Join Website:

Paidverts: Overview

Paidverts is the branch of  My Traffic value which is online since 2011. Marc De Koning are and Carlos Garcia are the owner of the Paidverts. Paidverts was launched on March 31, 2014.

Paidverts is a paid to click site in which you can earn money by viewing ads. Paidverts is not like any other PTC, In paidverts you can earn up to $100 by just viewing one ad for 30 seconds. Paidverts is different from other PTC sites Because in this site you not need to depend on referrals.Paidverts Review

Paidverts has not the system of rented referrals so you can’t rent referrals. But In paidverts, you can refer people and make huge income. Paidverts is the part of My Traffic Value which is a crowdfunding platform. You can access  My Traffic Value with the same email and password. In My Traffic Value, You can invest in shares if you wish. My traffic is paying more than 3 years.

In paidverts, Users daily earning are higher than any other PTC. Users are growing in  paidverts on the daily basis because the only thing they need to rely on advertisement. You can also earn huge money by referring paidverts to others, You will get the commission when they purchase ads or they click ads.

Many users are earning more than 50$ per day and some users also earning up to 200$ per day. By providing high earning to users,  paidverts has become the most popular company in the online word in just a few months.

Main things About Paidverts

1. Paidverts is free to join. By viewing Only one ad for 30 seconds, You can earn up to 100$.

2. Without referrals, you can earn huge money in Paidverts.

How to Earn Money in Paidverts

Paidverts is different from others PTC site when new user come to paidverts, They get confuse how to work. It is very easy to work in paidverts, You have to simply view the ad for 30 seconds. Paidverts has BAP(Bonus Ads Points) system, The more BAP you have, The higher earning will be yours.

When you join paidverts, You need to accumulate BAP. By clicking on activation ads, you can accumulate BAP. Each activation ad will give you 25 BAP. At the starting you will get 400 BAP daily ($0.20 worth ads) after that it reduce to 200 BAP(0.10$ worth ads). You will receive daily cash ads when you have more than 1600 BAP. In paidverts, BAP system is divided into the groups, The more BAP you have the higher group you will receive.

To move into the higher group, you need more BAP. By just clicking activation ads, it will take the time to reach on first few groups. To increase BAP, The time when you earning will reach $1, you can buy your own advertisement. By $1 you will get 3100 BAP. 1 BAP gives you $0.0005, Then 3100 BAP will give you $1.55. So it means if you invest $1, you will get $1.55 and even more. You will get $0.55 profit as soon as possible.

How to Make Money fast in Paidverts

If you do not want to work as a free user and you want to make money fast, Then you can invest in paidverts. You will make huge profit in Paidverts for buying ads, If you purchase $100 ads you will get 155$ ($55 profit) back as soon as possible.

How to Make Money with Referrals

In Paidverts, You can easily earn money without referrals, but you can earn more money by referring others. Commissions are huge in paidverts, you will get 10 % of everY ad purchased by your referrals and 5 % of  their ad click. It means if they purchase $100 of ads you get $10 in commissions, and if they click on $20 ad you will get $1 in commissions.

By referring thousand of others, you can get huge commissions.  If you want to make free direct referrals for paidverts or any  other programs and you do not know how to do that, we provide you the best way to do that. T0 learn or to become expert in online world  Click Here

BAP Swap in Paidverts

In Paidverts, To make the system more reliable BAP swap is used. A BAP swap is a tool which helps to clear all the debt of the system. In the past, paidverts had done two times BAP swap, That time no one lose their money instead made more money with that. Member get panic when they do debt swap, But it is used to grow paidverts business and to maintain the system. You will not lose money in BAP swap, So you don’t need to panic.

In BAP swap, your all BAP convert into shares and later on you can sell them on a high price to make more profit. When you invest in BAP, It will take 1-2 months to back all your investment with profit. Paidverts announce about BAP Swap before 1-2  months, so you can decided what to do with their investment. After the BAP swap, everyone will have 0 BAP, and in earn to again you need to accumulate BAP again. You will get huge ads issues for the first week  or even months after BAP swap, instead you have less BAP. We suggest you to sell the share when the price is high by which you can make a good profit.

Final Verdict

Paidverts is a new site, But it is the part of My Traffic value Which is a reputed online company since 2011. So we can trust on paidverts. From the starting, Paidverts is paying on time to members. Paidverts is a great place to make a good income. You can work as a free user in paidverts and make good money. If you want to invest money in paidverts, only the invest money which you can afford to loose. Paidverts is constantly growing site, so we can say it is the best place to earn money.

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If you want to ask any question about paidverts, Please feel free to ask.You can leave your questions in the comments area below. We are happy to help you.

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