What is UserTesting.com? Is User Testing Scam?

Welcome to all in our User Testing Review. Every day we got surprise when we see the different and various ways to earn money.

Everyone wants to earn money and the internet has provided lot of possibilities to us. Between all these sites many people started to scam others. They use the potential of the internet in a negative way.

Still, you will find many other ways to earn money in a legit way and User Testing is one of the answers.

Many people are asking some questions regarding this site. Questions like, is UserTesting.com Scam? Or is User Testing Fake?

We will answer this question directly. But before it we want to appreciate your effort to do your own research before involving in the site.

This way you can not only save yourself from scam and also know about the other legit sites where you can earn money, like these:

Website: User Testing

Working: to test the website and apps performace

Cost: Free (for testers)

Owners: Darrell Benatar and Dave Garr

Scam: No

Brief: User Testing is the site where one can test their apps and website before launching it or making it live. Actually, those people who test their site have to pay. But who are working as a tester can earn money. User Testing is pretty legit site and they are paying to its testers. How much they are paying and how they are paying is discussed below. But we do not recommend this site as you can earn money on this but it will not be a full time income.

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What is UserTesting.com Is User Testing Scam

What is User Testing?

User Testing is the site where one can test its Apps and Website to see how it s performing before making it live.

Many people develop site for themselves and they want to know its performance. One way to see it directly by making it live and other option they have is to test it.

Here, in User Testing, real people test the site and give their opinion or review. This way one can know how his/her site working by knowing the feedback of people.

Such people come to User Testing and pay them to test their site. It is simple in this way. Now, you and I come into picture. We can fill the spots of testers and get paid by User Testing.

It is free for us to join the site. Again, it is not simple as it seems. First you have to go through their process of selection. It is like a screening. If you clear this screening round then you are good to go.

So, if you are thinking to work for them and earn money then you can. But on record we want to say that there are other options are also available.

Let us take a deep look…

First, you have to sign-up on this site, as we all does on other sites. The sign-up is free and you have to just enter your email. You have to download a Screen Recorder. It is because you have to record yourself at the time of testing the site.

You can use any electrical device like, smart phone, table devices, desktop, or laptop. One thing you have to make sure that you must have a working microphone and internet access. Or any other thing that will help you to record your voice while testing the site.

After signing up you have to do a test video. It takes only 5 minutes. Now the question arise is that what is Test Video?

It is nothing but a sample of website, the User Testing will provide you. You have to look over it and do as needed.

Advice: while you are recording yourself speak loudly and clearly. It is because this will going to help you to pass this screening and you will get good rating.

Pay structure

For each and every 20 minutes video will be getting $10. It is very good money as in one hour you can earn $30.

In User Testing other short test also available in which they pay less than $10 and minimum money you will earn is $3. But it is also possible that in between you will get test which is over $10.

You will receive your money 7 days after you submit your test. They are paying via PayPal.

The Tests & Ratings

You have to wait for getting the test. You have to keep checking your dashboard as some time the company does not have any site. Also sometimes they do not have enough money because each test is limited to only a certain amount of people that company paid for.

You will face competition among other testers because the test comes on the dashboard and there are many people want to grab it. So you have to respond quickly.

After you are done, you will get rating from the site owner (whose site you have tested). Next test available to you is also depends upon this rating.

Pros of User Testing

  1. Testing work is very easy to do.
  2. They are paying good, $10 per video.
  3. They pay on time and we did not find any complaint regarding the delay of payment.
  4. Fun to do work.
  5. Anyone can join it.

Cons of User Testing

  1. Not much work available
  2. Competition to get a work
  3. Dubious rating system
  4. Only limited test is available
  5. Limited amount of money one can earn


User Testing is legit site and no did not find any complaint against it. Still we do Not Recommend this site. As you can only earn limited money on this site. They do not have any exposure of earning good money.

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If you have any doubt regarding User Testing please share it with us. We will be happy to help you.

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