What is Bitminer? Is Bitminer Scam or Legit?

On the internet, there are many websites working that allow people to cloud mine the Bitcoins. The Bitminer.io and Bitminer.eu are such websites that allow people to earn bitcoins via cloud mining. So if you are searching information about the websites Bitminer.io and Bitminer.eu then you have arrived at the right article. In this Bitminer.io review and Bitminer.eu review, we will answer some general questions raised by our readers like, are Bitnminer.io and Bitminer.eu Scam? Or are Bitminer.io and Bitminer.eu Legit? Or are Bitminer.io and Bitminer.eu Real? Or is Bitminer.io and Bitminer.eu Fake? You must be wondering why we are writing Bitminer.io and Bitminer.eu simultaneously. It is because both websites have similar working and same details or information. If you are not interested to read the full article and reasons or arguments and if it does not matter to you, then we can provide you the brief of this article. In short, we do “Not Recommend” both Bitminer.io and Bitminer.eu websites. Both of them are working in Ponzi scheme which is the declared illegal scheme in many countries.

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What is Bitminer Is Bitminer Scam or Legit Is Bitminer Real or Fake Bitminer Review, Bitminer.io scam, Bitminer.eu scam


How do Bitminer.io and Bitminer.eu works?

If you are wondering how we know that the two websites are same then it is because of the address. Yes, the connection between both websites is marked by the companies address and the company registration document. Same documents have been provided by both websites, with the same details. The address both have provided is same i.e. 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N17 GU. It is not a surprise to us it is because the same address had been used by numerous companies in past and at present. The websites that are mostly scam and working under the Ponzi scheme used the same address. This address is a virtual office address that anyone can use by paying the rent.

The Bitminer.io and Bitminer.eu both allow people to earn bitcoin via cloud mining. The cloud mining is the technology which allows people to mine the bitcoins by utilizing a remote datacenter with shared processing power. It enables users to mine bitcoins or alternate cryptocurrencies without managing hardware (as per Wikipedia). It seems that people are free from managing the hardware and can mine bitcoin profitably but this is not true. Actually, the company charges a good amount as a rent of their hardware which in lump sum does not mark any huge difference in profit. In the recent past, the world has seen many scams on the internet and the cloud mining is also emerging one of them.

The legitimacy of any company is marked with the transparency it provides in its working. Many scam websites do not provide their information to its members. The owner information is not provided on the websites. We tried to find out the main people behind the website in WHOIS records but we failed there. Both companies have guarded their owner details in the records.

The company has provided their registration document on their website. You can easily check by yourself about the company via their company registration number. The registration number is 09951039 under the UK Companies House Data. Here, you will found out that Giacomo Bungi from Italy is the owner of the company. This gave a red flag to both the companies (i.e. Bitminer.io and Bitminer.eu) because the owner name has been involved in Ponzi scheme companies like ADVgenration etc. and also in a failed website like Bitcoinbay.co.

With all above argument one thing is very clear that both websites are not legitimate. They are not authentic and they did not provide any solid proof of being a genuine website. It is futile to invest your time and money on this website in a hope to earn money by working in the company.

Let’s now we talk about the company offering. The company is offering high Return on Investment (ROI). Actually, they have marked the price or rate on every plan that one can buy on their websites. The high ROI claims are bogus because the company does not provide any source of their real income. We cannot think just that the company has “Aladdin Jinni” which can mine as much bitcoin as one want. The guarantee to pay the claimed price is also unreal i.e. fake.

If we compare both websites i.e. Bitminer.io and Bitminer.eu then we observe one difference. The ROI is higher in Bitminer.io than Bitminer.eu. This implies that the Bitminer website does not have any long-term plan and as soon as they get enough money as per their need, they will shut down their website and they will be going to run away with people money. This is nothing, but same as how Ponzi scheme works. Under this scheme, the company does not have any plan to generate revenue and they pay interest to its old members from the money deposited by the new members. With higher ROI the Bitminer.io will soon be going to collapse as compared to Bitminer.eu. The lower rate of Bitminer.eu provides it longevity.

Since both websites have hidden their information only because to save themselves from legal issues. When people understand the illegal working of the company, they will try to sue them. But people will be unable to do that for the obvious reason i.e. people do not have authentic information about the company. Hiding the information gave an upper arm to scam websites that are only working to cheat people. That is why such companies working under the Ponzi schemes collapsed itself.


We do Not Recommend Bitminer.io and Bitminer.eu websites. The reasons are already explained in the above paragraphs. We have just provided our opinion and the discrepancies we have found in their working. At the end, to invest your money in these websites or not is ultimately your decision. But still, we advise you that avoid this website. They will not help you to earn good money. There are very high chances that the company will pay initially but sooner or later they are going to run away with your money. They are not bound by any kind of obligation. They have only moral obligation to not cheat people. They are not ethically good people; therefore, hoping morality from them is not good.

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If you have any doubt regarding Bitminer.io and Bitminer.eu websites please share it with us. We will be glad to help you. 

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