Digital PayDay Review- Is Digital PayDay a scam?

Hey folks, if you are reading this article then you are finding to get some information about Digital Payday.  In this Digital Payday Review, we are going to discuss different things and different questions like is Digital Payday Scam? Or is Digital Payday Legit? Or is Digital Payday Real? Or is Digital Payday Fake? All the questions we are going to discuss in this article. The Digital Payday claims to share the secret of generating money. They are claiming that they know the secret by which Google and Facebook are generating revenue for them. There are many claims they have made but we want to tell you here that it is not the first site to claim overwhelmed statements. Many scam sites do the same thing just to woo the readers and to get the traffic on their site for different reasons and one of them is to loot people by scamming them. If you are not interested to read the whole article then we do Not Recommend the Digital Payday site because it is a scam site. The reasons to declare it a scam is discussed in the article below.

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What is Digital Payday Is Digital Payday Scam or Legit Is Digital Payday Real or Fake Digital Payday Review, Digital Payday

What is Digital Payday? How does Digital Payday Work?

Digital Payday is an online opportunity (according to the site) that help ordinary people to earn very handsome passive income or revenue. As per the site, their working is based on some secret on which tech giants like Google and Facebook are working and using for many years. The idea of earning passive income always lure people and it is going to lure people because greed is the human nature so it is natural.

In the sales video Daniel claims, anyone who signs up on this site will be able to earn significantly and the good point is that they did not even explain it how? Joining the site is free but discuss how one will earn good income without doing anything. Taking the names of big companies do not make any product a legit product. Therefore, we have claimed this site in the beginning as a scam site.

This site tells themselves as a financial trading company but they did not have a base to prove it. They know nothing about the cryptocurrencies. They are claiming that their platform connects people to know the secret that big giants carry with them and earn money like them without having any kind of training. When someone signs up, they have to choose the ads and banners and get paid for displaying it somewhere.

Cons of Digital Payday

  1. Owner Information: on the website of the Digital Payday you will find a pic with a description of a person named Daniel Bluth. But we are sure that it is a pseudo name which is used to mislead people. The pic is nothing but a stock pic which the site want us to believe that he is the self-made millionaire and entrepreneur.
  2. Overwhelmed statement: They want people to believe that they have replicated the secret or the blueprint of tech giants like Facebook and Google. They are now providing that secret to us through their site i.e. Digital Payday.
  3. Fake Claims: They are alleging that they are making $13000 per day. They neither provided any evidence or proof of their claim nor explain the source of the generation of money.
  4. Contrary statements: the sales video is talking about the banner ads and the rest of the site is talking about the Bitcoins. It happens because some scammers do not use their brain while making any site. Yes, it is true. For example, the scammer used the video on his site is same as the video appeared on the Bitcoin Code Scam.
  5. Fake Testimonials: It is the most basic feature among scammer to use fake testimonial to declare themselves legit and shows their authenticity. The people who appear on the video are generally the actors who do their job for some bucks. Sometimes the testimonials are also generated by them by using random pics and post.


Digital Payday is a Scam site and we do Not Recommend it. The best way to keep yourself safe from such sites is to avoid it. This will also be our advice to you to keep a distance from scam sites they will lure you and at the end, they will scam you and take all your money differently. Do not fall into their trap as they are not the good people. They are hiding their information just to save themselves from scrutiny. Beware of scam sites and their working also aware people in your social circle who people are scamming others online and they are becoming their prey unconsciously.

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If you have any doubt regarding the Digital Payday site please share it with us and we will solve it as soon as possible. We will be happy to help you.

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