What is Dosh.cash? Is DoshCash Scam or Legit?

Seeking over the internet to know about Dosh.cash? You are at the right place. In this Dosh.cash review we are going to touch some issues that trouble people like, is Dosh.cash Scam? Or is Dosh.cash Legit? Or is Dosh.cash Real? Or is Dosh.cash Fake? Earning an extra income, we all desire and if we get it in easy way then it is like a cherry on the top. Do we are not concerned about money? Yes, we are. There are some Applications (Apps) available in the Google Play that promising to provide cash backs on your every shopping. If you do not want to read the full article and reasons of our arguments, then we are shortening your labour of reading. The Dosh.cash App is promising app that are paying. It is very new and got itself thousands of download in Google Play.

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What is Dosh.cash Is DoshCash Scam or Legit Is DoshCash Real or Fake DoshCash Review DoshCash

How Dosh.cash works?

Doshcash is providing revolutionary shopping rewards that anybody can pay to anyone. In Dosh.cash App member has to connect its credit and debit cards to this app. They can use them where offers are available, book travel with it and get cash back, “Auto-Magically”. This is what company has told about itself. It basically allows people to avail the benefit of cash backs and offers available in this app. One can use it for shopping, hotel booking and for travel activities with more than 100000 merchants and brands.

The Dosh.cash App claims that there is no need of scanning slips, mailing in rebates, promos codes or taking pictures of receipts while you are at the register.  The company in other words helping people to live their life normally while using offers present in their app. There is no need to hustle for managing receipts to avail its benefits. They are taking the advantage of $200 billion advertising industry’s and pass a fraction of their revenue to its member every time they shop at their friendly retailers. The best thing is that this app paying in cash.

The company is started its working from April 2017. It is still fresh and only 6 month old, that is why some people are reporting some problem in the working of the app. The Dosh.cash working is based on Pavlovian theory: you surprise the users, incentivize their behavior, create some insight and deliver the predictive results. There are three basic features of the Dosh Cash Backs. First feature is the consumer app.  The second feature is the merchant platform. The third and last feature is Mobile Wallet and Banking Environment.

The app offers are geo-targeted solely based on member location. Members have to enter the details in the app and start finding the offers. Member receives a notification telling about what deal is there and who is offering it.  If member did not receive any notification the Dosh app will still search for discounts and coupons available.

The company is offering $5 sign up bonus and if someone join and link their card by Dcember 31st. He/she can earn additional $1 bonus by adding 2nd and 3rd cards.

Different ways by which one can earn in Dosh.cash App

  1. Cash Back while traveling: to book hotel rooms and booking some other traveling activity, one can choose this app. Dosh provide a list of available hotels and offers on its app.
  2. Online Cash Back: this app also provides cash back to famous online stores like Fitbit, RayBan, Nike and a few hundred other stores. All one need to do is that to visit the store through link inside the Dosh and buy something. He/she will earn percentage cash back.
  3. In-Store Automatic Cash Back: this is location based. If member live in a city of decent size the chance of availing benefits of maximum offers is also maximum. It works very simply, you link your debit or credit card and when member make any purchases at a partner store, member earn cash back automatically without scanning a receipts.
  4. Refer Friends: Referrals are use by various website and company to increase their traffic and popularity. The company popularity via this method is made by people; therefore, the company pays to its member. Same way Dosh App also paying to its customer. The company is offering $5 for every new member made by member. After complete the joining process the company pay to its member from whose refer the new member join it.

The company pays after one reach a minimum payout limit i.e. $15. Member can cash out it via PayPal or Direct Deposit. After 2-3 business day money will show up in member account.

Complaints from the members

One of the major problems many people face is of linking their debit and credit cards to Dosh. There are some app issues also faced by many people. Anybody can see those complain on Google Play Store review. All of them are regarding App not working, card not linked, account not showing properly and etc.  Since, company is new and they are evolving every day. They are also working to bug out all the problems their app is facing and soon the company is going to fix all those problems.


The company is genuine and promising via its working. They are not a scam because various people have earned money via using this app. They are new and it takes time for them to increase their reach. There are some issues on the app working but company is working to sort them out. So, if you are looking to get some extra income then this company is good. But you cannot earn a full time earning using this app.

The full time online earning can be done via various ways and all of them are provided by Wealthy Affiliate Company. The Company is working from 2005 to provide different kind of training programs to its members. To know more about it please visit our website by clicking the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have any doubt regarding Dosh.cash then please let us know. We will be happy to help you.



  1. Yes I have an issue I just tried linking my card and it said I have to have at least $15.00 on my card to link it therefore it won’t link my card… Why do I need cash on it to just link it?…

  2. didnt see anything add when purchased food from one the restaurants..still says 5 bucks only on account

  3. Dosh should have been more prepared before launching. Some like me losing intrest. How much longer?

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