What is EuroUS.net? Is EuroUS Scam or Legit?

Scams are all over nowadays.Online platforms pop up now and then in a bid to skim money out of unsuspecting individuals.In this regard, this article aims to point out one of those avenues where you lose your money to these swindlers.Eurous.net is one of such.As an internet marketing forum, one may ask whether EuroUS.net is legit or a scam.Several EuroUS.net reviews on their online page are mainly a hoax.To obtain genuine reviews, you have to check elsewhere.

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Here are some pointers to the shady business being carried out in the Eurous.net;


The statistics paraded in their site are outrightly fake.The names have been made up, and if you spend your time checking it regularly, you will notice that the names do not change over time.The number of referrals indicated is also made up to provide some sense of many customers.The summary statistics are all falsified as there have been no payments.You can prove this by searching through Google.

Owner information

There is an attempt to hide the owner information.If you check the Whois information, you will notice that the registration is by a Russian.It also has Russian servers.The registrant has protection enabled.The private ownership raises a question of legitimacy since that is not the norm for a corporation of such caliber.It is a pointer to a Russian scammer out to milk out the funds of the unknowing public. The other issue is the registration and the expiration date.It was registered in March 2017 and expires after one year meaning they will not be around for long to address the setbacks and the questions that will undoubtedly arise in due time.


Some pop-up advertisements earn them money.There is no provision for stopping the adverts thus ensuring that as long as you have opened the site, they will automatically come up.It is contrary to the requirement of online platforms that are meant to avail the opportunity to reject the advert pop-ups.

Terms and conditions

These are written in Russian, with no possibility of translation to English.All the other information is available in English except for this section.The different parts have the option of using either English or Russian apart from this specific one.It raises a red flag on the authenticity of this particular site if one does not get the opportunity to understand the terms of engagement.Keeping you in the darkness in such a way is one of their means of plausible deniability should any issues arise in the contract.


The reviews offered at the EuroUS.net site are fake.You will notice the poor quality of English used in the analyses pointing towards the possibility of being written by the same person who is not well versed with the language.They have been made up to create an impression of an internet forum that is successful.The aim is to attract more clients who only realize their mistake once they have fallen into the trap.

Sign up

They offer 100 dollars for free that is provided merely by signing up!The offer has to be the joke of the year!The caveat is that there will always be information on your account saying that the payment is in process.It will never be paid out to you.You can use a fake ID to enroll and check this out for yourself.


There is no mechanism in use to authenticate individuals signing up.One can, therefore, use a fake ID to sign up. It is an indication that they are not even interested in authenticity. Instead, their focus is on getting money once they provide you with non-existent services.

Spam in inbox

Once you register, you will frequently get random spam in your inbox.It is because they sell your email to other companies which take the opportunity to send you to offer which are also a scam.

Jobs on the site

The jobs offered on site are all a fabrication, and one cannot understand in the actual sense what they entail.The affiliate programmes outlined on their page are also illegitimate.


EuroUS.net world analytic program is an online scam project whose sole aim is to get money out of the public while creating a false impression of a money-making forum.The aspects mentioned above directly indicate the falsehood peddled by this company.You are safer avoiding the temptation of indulging them.

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If you have been scammed by Eurous and want to ask any question about Eurous then please leave a comment below, we are happy to help you.



  1. Hi Online Income Resources,

    I just come across this in a group I joined today. I WHOIS checked, and it appears, they have changed their registration date.

    They have registration date set to 24/3/1998!!
    Expiration 23/3/2019! Guess they are sticking around for a little longer.

    Thought I’d let you know as I have read many of your articles and know you like to hear from your readers and like snippets of useful data like this.

    I also noticed they were giving away free money for just signing up – this the point I Googled them and Found Your Post – Thank you yet again from saving me from another scam 🙂 .

    I do have one question though:- How do you know what country the servers come from? This would be great to know – thank you.



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