What is Inboxdollars.com? Is Inboxdollars Scam?

If you are looking throughout the internet to know about Inboxdollars.com, then your surfing on the net and suffering both ends here. On this page, we are going to solve some queries raised by our readers. Queries like is Inboxdollas Scam? Or is Inboxdollas Legit? Or is Inboxdollas Real? Or is Inboxdollas Fake? Everybody wants to earn money online. It is good thinking to earn money by utilizing your time on the internet. The problem emerged when people think it is an easy task. Some companies take the advantage of this thinking. If you are not concerned about the arguments and reasons and want the review crux, then we do “Not Recommend” ‘Inboxdollars’. The reasons we are going to discuss later in this article. In a nutshell, this company is paying but far less than what they claim. They need to change their name from Inboxdollars to Inboxpennies. Yes, you will not be going to earn more than a penny. All the ‘Whys’ coming into your mind will be answered in this article.

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What is Inboxdollars.com Is Inboxdollars Scam or Legit Is Inboxdollars Real or Fake Inboxdollars Review, Inboxdollars

How does Inboxdollars work?

The company is offering you the $5 for signing up. Isn’t it amazing earning $5 for just signing-up? It is not much easy, actually, you have to provide your details to the company by submitting information while registering. You have to enter your email-id, create a password and confirm your account via email. After it, you have to answer the questions. It becomes awful at the time when it asks other information than normal like your medical history. The questions asked on this website seemed on par, if compared with other survey sites. After completing the survey, you have to watch (optional) some introductory tutorials- that lasted only for 2 minutes.

After receiving your $5 as a sign-up bonus, you can start your earning on this website.  The company minimum cash out limit is $30. The cash-out limit is the threshold amount before which you cannot request for payment to the company. There are different ways by which you can make money on this website

  1. Earn money by taking surveys: click the “survey tab” at the top of their webpage. There you will find you dashboard notification. It will have the cluster of surveys that you might qualify. It is not easy to earn via surveys on this website. What happens, surveys on Inboxdollars site depend on your demographic position. Or you can say that surveys are geotagged. It is work good for the USA or European countries. It is not good for Asia countries. Are you able to qualify for surveys or not, it totally depends upon your answers (stated by the company). But you will know that you are qualified or not after 20 minutes. Assumes, if you fail straightforward 4 times to qualify the surveys, you wasted your one hour. It is not one of the best ways to earn money. You can earn “spins” here, which you can use on the ‘Billy’s Spin and Win game’. You can easily find your no. of spin on the ‘Survey page’.
  2. Watch videos and TV to make money: The Inboxdollars Company is offering cents for viewing videos and TV. They are just the clips of random channels serials which probably you also know. Video per view will give you one or two cents. The shows or videos you view will only limit to 2 minutes. Earning money in this way is even more mindless than taking surveys on this website.
  3. Surf the web and earn money: you can earn money by searching on Inboxdollars search engine. You can earn up to 1 cent and three sweeps for 4 random searches on their search engine. Sweeps is a short form of Sweepstakes. You can use it to earn cash or more sweeps.
  4. Other ways to earn: Games, shopping, reading emails and signing up for products or services.

From the above points, it is clear that you can earn money on this website. But the amount you will earn will not much. It so hard to earn $1 on this website and it is very hard to meet out the $30 cash out limit. What we want to say here is that, the time and effort you need to provide on this website can be utilized in any other legit websites to earn money according to your hard work.

The surveys you complete on this website need your credit card information. It is imperative to complete the surveys. Those surveys are not listed by Inboxdollars but by the advertisers. Some of them ask the information with a motive of scam. They use your card details to steal your money. It is not wise to provide your essential details like credit card information to them. But the point is that if you do not provide the information you will not earn and receive money. And you will waste your 20 minutes that you have invested just to get to know in which surveys qualify. Due to such problems, it is much hard to earn money on this website.


Inboxdollars website is Not Recommend by us. The reasons and explanations are already discussed in above paragraphs. It is purely your call to work on this website or not. We are not concerned about that. We just want people to provide insight on this website which helps you to take your decision. We can only advice you to avoid this website. They are not worthy of your time. If you work on other good websites, you can earn more money than Inboxdollars. It is futile to invest your time and resources on this website. Still, we cannot declare it a scam website because it regularly pays to its members. Instead of working on some scam website, you can work on this website. But it will not be a good thing to do.

If you really want to earn full-time income then we recommend you the Wealthy Affiliate Company. It is a good website and legitimate also. They are in this business from 2005. They have various training programs on their website. To know more about the Wealthy Affiliate Company, please click the given link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have any doubt regarding Inboxdollars please share it with us. We will be more than happy to help you.


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