What is JVZoo.com? Is JVZoo Scam or Legit?

If you are finding the information about the JVZoo.com then you are reading the right article. We will provide the insight about the company in our JVZoo Review. In order to know about the JVZoo Company working in details, we will tackle some mostly asked questions like, is JVZoo Scam? Or is JVZoo Legit? Or is JVZoo Fake? Or is JVZoo Real? If we talk in simple works, JVZoo is a SaaS i.e. Software as a Service. It facilitates and automates online marketing, sales, and delivery. The JVZoo are a providing a platform where people can buy and sell their product. The best part or quality of this website is that it provides a good opportunity to cash out the affiliate marketing. You can earn good money by making affiliates.

If you are not interested in reading the full article and looking to get short and quick review then we can provide you the summary of this article. JVZoo is not a scam website. It is purely legit and provides the right way to earn money on the internet. They are paying to its members as per their claims. Still, there are some complaints we find out against the company. But the complaints are not a serious one. The main negative feedbacks came from those who were unable to earn money because of their own faults or some other factors related to them.

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What is Jvzoo.com Is Jvzoo Scam or Legit Is Jvzoo Real or Fake Jvzoo Review, Jvzoo

JVZoo login link: www.jvzoo.com

How does JVZoo work and its functions?

The registration date of JVZoo is 3-28-2011. It was launched in 2012. It is a subsidiary of BBC System.Inc. It was founded by E.Brian Rose, Chad Casselman, and Bryan Zimmerman. The headquarters of JVZoo Compnay is in Oviedo, Florida, USA.

As we have already mentioned above, JVZoo is a platform or a marketplace to promote and sell the digital products. The digital products can vary under the different sections: books, entertainment, food, lifestyle etc. On the website, JVZoo members can easily publish their digital products to promote and sell them. All such activity can be done within a JVZoo Company. The Affiliate Marketers can also earn money via marketing and selling, the products of JVZoo members. For newbies, JVZoo provides easy-to-use network with different tools and solutions needed to have a successful and profitable online work. By this, the company has offered a huge marketplace within their campus to promote all kind of products in a wide variety of niches.

What is JVZOO?

JVZoo is providing a platform where a member can list their product free of cost. Yes, it is free. According to the JVZoo, “they are providing a safe place for product creator and marketers from all over the world to meet and work together”.

The company only charge when the member earns something on their website. Their straight fee is 5% which is not so high. They allow people to buy the digital products that are listed on their website. You can digitally download the product and it is because most of the product that we found out is related to the internet marketing industry. But there is other stuff also listed on the website.

The business model of JVZoo is perfectly fine and legit. It is so because they are offering a simple affiliate program. By affiliate program, anyone can earn commission by selling the listed products. They can also list their own products to sell them. It is fine and nothing illegal is in this business model.

How it works?

The company provides a platform where members can sell their product and affiliate marketers can make money by selling the product and earn a commission via them. This statement you have already read a few times. But other dimension is not described by us.

For the product creators and people selling their product, the company will charge 5% as their fees after you make your first sale. You are collaborating with different people all over the world on the internet specifically on this website. You have to just list your product with their JVZoo Buy Button and then the website or their software (i.e. SaaS) will take care of other things like management of contracts, payments from the buyers etc. You have to bear zero pain in trying to figure out how to handle the money or split the payments with the payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, or merchant account and delivering the digital products to their customer portal.

How to make money efficiently on the JVZoo?

If you are an expert of the affiliate market then also there is some risk factor still present in JVZoo website. The risk factor on JVZoo is especially about the selling the listed product than selling your own products. It is because there are lots of junk products also listed on the JVZoo. While working on JVZoo we found out that the most of the product list is empty. There are many products available on their website but still, there are some sections which are without product. The second and the most disturbing point about the JVZoo is that they do not filter their product list. It means anyone can list any product on their website. Therefore, many scam products are also available in their sections. So to be a good affiliate marketer you should know about the scam products. Always beware of not promoting such product, not even by mistake.

Money is for which everyone is working. We all need money for our living. The commission is good in JVZoo. But is it as easy to earn money on the JVZoo website as it seems?

The first thing we want to make it clear that “you can earn money or good money by selling products”. There are many payment proofs we have seen during our research. If you are not comfortable with the affiliate marketing or do not know how to earn money efficiently by affiliate marketing then you can first learn or get training of it. To get training videos, services or mentorship to how to earn money, you can consider the Wealthy Affiliate Company.

Before selling any listed product on the JVZoo, you should search and research about the product thoroughly. It is good for you. It will make your reputation among your buyers. The best thing about every kind of work is that ‘the quality work is always better than the quantity work’. The person who will sell the genuine product to its buyer they will come again in future to you and it will help you to earn money in future. How we will discuss it later. The thing you should mark here is that you will not earn good money by selling the scam products. By selling junk product your image will degrade and next time your client will never buy any product which recommends in future. It is because of simple concept you have been un-trusted by the people.

So how to know about the product is a scam or not. There are many binary options products are available with JVZoo. They are nothing but scam products. Buyers have already complaint about losing their money on those products. You should research first about the products that are listed before promoting or selling any product on this website. This is the most negative side JVZoo have in its working. In short term, you may earn good money by selling the product it is because sometimes the commission is 50%. But in long term, it will hamper your earnings.

However, if you are selling your own product on the JVZoo, you do not have to fear of such scam products. It is simply because you know your product better than other. You can sell our own digital products like e-books, video tutorials, software, apps, plug-in and so on. In JVZoo you have to be free from the tension of payment it is because the JVZoo is paying on time from its beginning.

Positive points of the JVZoo

  1. It is free to join.
  2. It is very easy to list your product on the JVZoo. It provides easy platform to sell or promote your own products.
  3. Unlike another contemporary of the JVzoo, they pay instantly in the member PayPal account. If you are a new affiliate, then some vendors opt to pay you after the refund period.
  4. JVZoo uses the cookies for its affiliate links. It helps the member most because whenever your client buys the product in the future from JVZoo, the cookies saved by the JVZoo help to know the client in future. When the client in future buys any product from JVZoo using the same device, you will learn commission on that sale. This is where the reputation of the affiliate marketer comes into play. You good image allow you to earn money in future even if you are not promoting actively. The client came back because of your genuine selling. This is the point we talked earlier in our article.
  5. In some sales, you will earn good commission up to 50%.
  6. JVZoo customer service is good.

Negative points of the JVZoo

  1. The company does not filter their product list. It means there is lots of junk product is available on their website. They can be scam or not. It makes the affiliate marketers work a little bit hard.  Because of it, the marketers have to make a long and deep research before selling any kind of product.
  2. You have to send an application to the vendors. The vendors have full authority to give you permission to sell their product or not. They can reject the application without even reasons also.
  3. Some product also offer up sells due to which purchaser feel cheated. It is because some products do not mention clearly their sale price.


JVZoo is a good website. It is not a scam. Stil, there are some issues faced by people. The issued is always faced by everyone. The best part is that company is not a scam. It is simply because they are selling the real product and services and paying the commission on the sale. They charge fees after a seller makes their first sale. It is fair enough for everyone. The company until now is working expeditiously. They now have more than 6 years in their business. Since the company has also provided their information to its member. This shows that how transparent is the company. They are real people, which increase company’s credibility.

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If you have any doubt regarding the JVZoo website then share it with us by commenting in our comment section. We will be pleased to help you.

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