What is the Ruby Ribbon? Is Ruby Ribbon scam?

There are many sites working online as a shopping website in which www.rubyribbon.com is one of the sites. They have very great product in their Ruby Ribbon catalogue. In this Ruby Ribbon review, we are going to discuss many things regarding this site. For example, Ruby Ribbon Shapewear review, Ruby Ribbon Product Review, Ruby Ribbon Complaints, Ruby Ribbon Stylist, Ruby Ribbon Consultant, Ruby Ribbon Inc, Ruby Ribbon compensation plan, pros and cons of Ruby Ribbons, and about the owner information of the Ruby Ribbon. What is Ruby Ribbon? Is Ruby Ribbon Scam? Is Ruby Ribbon Legit?

In brief, we can say that Ruby Ribbon is a company which is working on the MLM (Multi-level Marketing) strategy which is legit in all aspects. The company is busy in selling their product via direct sale and also their focus totally depends upon selling their products. It is good because the company who is able to make a profit for itself, it is going to pay its partners in time who are working as an affiliate. Through our research, we found very positive review regarding the Ruby Ribbon product quality. Many people have shared their experiences about the product quality and the company compensation plan. Their customer service has been praised by many people. They have been paying its members on time. Still, the company got some drawback. It is normal nobody is perfect.

We are placing this site in our “Promising Section” instead of “Trusted and Legit” section. It is because in this article our major focus is about earning money via working for this company. We found it much hard to earn money on this site. It will be extremely hard for the people who are beginners in affiliate marketing. Below in this article, you can find the detail reason behind our argument.

It is our policy that we only list those company in our “Trusted and Legit” section in which the risk level should be very low. Unfortunately, such is not the case with the Ruby Ribbon. But it does not mean that Ruby ribbon is a scam.  It is 100% legit site. Even though they have guarded their information in WHOIS records but still we know the founder of the company and their customer service is already very good.

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What Rubyribbon.com Is Rubyribbon Scam or Legit Is Rubyribbon Real or Fake Rubyribbon Review, Rubyribbon

What is Ruby Ribbon? Background of Ruby Ribbon

The Ruby Ribbon company is founded by the Anna Zornosa in 2011 which is working on MLM strategy. In MLM strategy, a company gives commission to its members who sell their product directly to the people. It provides commission downline up to sometimes 5 levels and sometimes 10 levels. The no. of levels depends on the company policy. Anna Zornosa the founder of Ruby Robbin is the well-reputed person. She had experience of working in many companies like Glam.com, Trulioo.com, Motista, Chloe, and Isabel.

The Ruby Ribbon headquarter is situated in Burlingame, United States. They have guarded their information in WHOIS records (as we have already mentioned it), still, the contact details they have provided on their website with phone no. (650) 525-4141 is much genuine. Their customer service has been very good and they reach in time to the customer. By this, we are pretty much assured that company is not hiding their details from its members.

Products of the Ruby Ribbon are of very good quality. The company is working in MLM scheme; it means they are indulged in a direct sale. The direct sale product has to be of good quality if it has to get next order from the same person. The products of the Ruby Ribbons are basically based on women wear which ranges from clothes to fashion accessories. We found a very good rating for the product of the company from the women. So we believe 100% in girls on the matter of clothing and accessories regarding the same. The Ruby Ribbon products are of good quality and the secret of their dresses is Shapewear which helps a person to look toned and good by wearing it. The Ruby Ribbon catalogue categorized their product as Ruby Ribbon essentials with shaping, Ruby Ribbon Fashion Layers, Ruby  Ribbon Shapewear, Ruby Ribbon Winter/holiday sales etc.

From the review, we read about the product quality we can say that the Ruby Ribbon products are of best quality which available in different sizes and with great designs in comparison with other MLM Companies working on the same field. The Ruby Ribbon also has a return policy. Under this policy, you are able to return the product within 30 days with a full return or exchange the product within 60 days. The only condition to return or exchange the product is that it must be in brand new condition, unwashed with original packing including the SKU number label on them.

A question might arise in the mind of our readers that if the company is working in a very good manner and everything is fine then why we placed it in our “Promising Section” and not in “Trusted and Legit” site? The answer to this question we are going to answer in next paragraph.

How to earn money from RubyRibbon? 

The problem begins with the company policy to purchase the Startup Kit whose cost is $199.  To start earning as a member of this company first you have to buy the startup kit whose cost we have already mentioned. If compare the cost of startup kit with other online businesses then we found it expensive. We cannot just risk our $199 in some company. But still many people join and few of them earn very handsomely also. After buying the startup kit, you become eligible to sell the product of Ruby Ribbon products. The company has a target of sale for members. You have to sell Ruby Ribbon Product worth of $300 per month continuously for 3 months. If you are able to do that then you will become eligible for their program which is known as Ruby Ribbon Stylist and starts earning from it.

As we have already told this company main focus is on selling their product and not making members. It is good because if company main focus is on making members then it will become an illegal scheme which is known as Pyramid Scheme. If you want to know about the difference between pyramid and MLM scheme or how MLM and Pyramid scheme works then you can click the link given below:

  1. MLM: https://onlineincomeresources.com/what-is-multi-level-marketing-mlm-about-is-mlm-a-scam
  2. Pyramid Scheme: https://onlineincomeresources.com/what-is-pyramid-scheme

To make a sale of $300 continuously for 3 months is a very hard task for many people. For the beginners, it is next to impossible. It is because people generally start selling the product to their relatives and people they know. A time comes when their list of known people becomes saturated and they did not make any further sale. They lose their motivation and then they lose their $199. But a person who is expert in affiliate marketing or internet marketing, he/she can earn very good money from this site by selling their products.  This is the main reason why we placed this site in our “Promising Section” and not in “Trusted and Legit” section.

Ruby Ribbon Compensation plan

According to their compensation plan, you can earn up to 40% commission from direct sales. IF you want to earn more money on this site then you have to make new members below you. You can recruit any person. If you become a stylist member then your earning will be from 20% to 40% from your direct sale and 3% from the referrals volumes which are made by you.

However, with your hard work you become a leader then your earning will be up to 40% commission from your direct sale and you will earn commission up to 4 levels of our referrals; which will be 6%, 3%, 2%,  and 1% commission on each level respectively. To become a leader is not a very easy task. To become a leader you must be able to have a sale of $1500 per month and 3 active stylist members under you as your referrals.

In the end, the compensation plans of the Ruby Ribbon are not bad but it is not good also. For beginners, it is a platform to lose their money and for experts, they can make money on this site. If you are a beginner in this market do not be disheartened there are other ways also present by which you can earn money online. We are discussing some ways in our conclusion below.


In Ruby Ribbon, earning money is hard and for beginners, it is a platform to lose their $199. Therefore, we are placing this site in our “Promising Section” and not in “Trusted and Legit” site. The details and reasons behind our argument are already covered in the above paragraphs.

Still, we cannot deny that the products of the Ruby Ribbon are good and their customer service is also very good. The purchase of super kit is very expensive when we compare it with other sites. This site is better for the experts in internet marketing and not good for beginners. You have to be very patience in order to earn good money on this site.

There are some sites listed in our Legit and Trusted Sites that allow you to earn money online. If you are interested to see the list, please click the link given: https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities

If you want to become an expert in internet marketing and avail the benefits of sites like Ruby Ribbon in a better way then we recommend you to join the Wealthy Affiliate Company. This company is purely working to provide people different training programs and services online that help people to build their online business or earn a fulltime income on the internet. There are a wide variety of things you can learn on this site which provides you the solid base to earn good commission from the sites like Ruby Ribbon. If you want to know more about the Wealthy Affiliate Company, please do visit our webpage by clicking the link, which contains Wealthy Affiliate review: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have any doubt regarding Ruby Ribbon site, please mention it in our comment section, we will be happy to help you out. Also, feel free to share this information with your friends and people in your social circle.

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