What is SFIMG.com? Is SFIMG Scam or Legit?

If you are searching the internet to get the information about the SFI Affiliate Center which is also known as SFIMG.com then your search has led you to the right place. In this SFMIG Review, we will answer all your queries. Some questions we are going to tackle like is SFI Scam? Or is SFI.com Legit? Or is SFI Real? Or is SFI Fake? Can you earn from SFI? There are various websites that are offering to earn money from home. The SFI is also one of such website. But it is only the one reason among various reasons because of which you should join this website. If you are not interested to read the full article then we can help you to provide a brief of this article. SFI is a legit company. It is not a scam. We have placed it in our Legit and Trusted Site section. In initial days it is hard to earn through SFI.com programs first but later on with passing time and when you start making referrals then you are going to earn good money from it. It is going to pay up to the worth of the time and hard work you invest on this site.

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What is SFIMG.com Is SFIMG Scam or Legit Is SFIMG Real or Fake SFIMG Review, SFIMG

Link to join SFI: www.sfimg.com


SFI Online Company is founded in 1998 by its founder Gery Carson. He is a very well known person around the world as a successful business person. This company is among one of the old online work companies.

How does SFI Work? What is SFI?

Affiliate programs are a well-known strategy in the marketing world. It is used in both online and offline strategy. SFI Affiliate Center is also using this strategy. It is the oldest and established networking company. It claims to be an Affiliate Program but in the true sense, it is working on an MLM i.e. Multi-Level Marketing. MLM is nothing but one part of the Affiliate Program. It is hard to earn in MLM than in direct Affiliate Program. It is easy to get a commission from the first level direct referrals in an Affiliate Program. It is very hard to convince your affiliate to make more affiliate via MLM program which at the end help you to earn more money. Many affiliates’ quits the SFI Affiliate Center because of tiring nature of making 12 generation of referral in MLM. If MLM works in a good manner then it is ok. But generally it is very hard to teach and convince your direct referrals to make more referrals beneath him/her and that is up to 12 generation. This is the main reason why many affiliates quite it SFI Affiliate Center after working for 3-4 months.

Therefore, the crux of what is SFI is that you can earn money by making referrals and guiding your referrals to make more referrals beneath them then you are going to earn a very good commission up to 12 levels. In simple words, if you make one referral under you which join the SFI and then member makes another referral under him/her and so on up to 12 levels then you are going to get commission up to 12 referrals beneath you.

 SFI Affiliates TripleClicks Home

Tripleclicks is a sister site of SFI, which you can access with the same username and password that is used in SFI. The database of both sites is same that is why people can use similar username and passwords to operate both sites. Why are they doing it? It is because SFI is selling the TripleClicks product through SFI marketing strategy. One thing we want to clear you that it is not the place to earn good money overnight. To get and start your earning you need to have good patience. You have to wait at least 3-4 months. That is also even when you have understood the system completely. Therefore, it is not for the newbies of the online workers.

SFI Affiliate works and its details

When you register yourself on this site, you need to login to start your journey of an affiliate program. You are first going through the launch pad button which helps you to understand the system. This launch pad contains 30 lessons which are in reality nothing but the training programs from the SFI. Completing each lesson after answering them correctly you will earn 15VP and it makes you understand about SFI system.

But we want to warn our readers about their teaching programs are not good because they want you to make referrals by involving your friends and family members through social media or other means. In reality, it does not work like it. To makes, referrals on this kind of company you should have the knowledge of internet marketing. To get that training program you can consider the Wealthy Affiliate Company which is the best company that also teaches people about the internet marketing.

In the SFI system, if you want to earn commission from your referrals then you have to become EA first by earning 1500 VP. It is not a hard task. You can easily get 1500 VP in the first month by performing simple works as listed in their To-Do list section. Daily and weekly work is available on the SFI homepage continuously. From your second month, you will get only around 400VP by completing daily and weekly works. Now to get 1500VP and to get qualified as EA and also to earn commission from the referrals you have to buy products from the TripleClicks site. You can easily find products of your daily life on the TripleClicks website. It means you have a variety of products to chose and it is not just for sake of buying you will buy a product from this site. Products will be useful for you and you will be going to use them also for a daily purpose. It is not a negative point even though you can buy things from somewhere else. But buying products from this site help you get more VP to maintain your EA status in SFI. If your downline referrals also do the same thing then you can earn commission from their purchases as well. Like this, you are going to earn up to 12 levels of referral. The fastest way to earn income on the SFI site is by selling the products, products that are listed on the TripleClicks. In the sale of each product, you will earn commission instantly. It is similar to selling thing from Amazon using the affiliate link. You can also sell your own items through TripleClicks. The product can be both first as well second-hand items just to becoming ECA.

In the auction section of the Tripleclicks, you have the chance to win up to $1000+ worth product in just $1 to $2. You need to have TCredits before playing the auction. Each 100TCredits award you 1200VP instantly that make you easily qualified for EA every month. So here the knowledge and understanding to sell the product at the right places are must to earn big commission via auctions.

SFI is Free to join

Yes, SFI is totally free to join. But in order to earn money in SFI, you need to buy the products within SFI. It will also help to get 1500VP that will maintain you EA status every month. Otherwise, it will be very hard for you to maintain 1500VP in order to be qualified for EA in SFI.

It simply means that it is free to join but without buying the product in SFI it very-2 hard to earn a good income from it. The only good and best point is that you have various choices to buy the products from the TripleClicks site that are also useful in daily life. Unlike other sites, you do not need to upgrade your account. Instead, you have to buy the products that you want to purchase from their store. That helps you to maintain your VP and being eligible for EA and also you can withdraw money after maintaining the VP. You are going to commission on everything your referrals will go to buy and like that, your commission depends on your referrals work also.

Some Negative points of SFI

  1. It is not easy to earn money on this site for the beginners. Even though they claim that beginners can also earn it. But It is very hard for them. Only the suitable people that are professional in online work can avail the benefits of this site.
  2. They also suggest their members focus on making referrals but you will earn good money and commission by selling the products.
  3. Support from the company staff is not appropriate. They take more than 1 month to reply.
  4. You have to risk more money, in the beginning, to purchase the products and maintain your EA status than you can earn here.
  5. Tools and programs offered by the SFI are outdated and obsolete. They are not much use for the people.
  6. It takes some time to earn a good commission here. To get good earning you need at least 5 members doing the work with the same zeal that you are doing. That means you need 5 active referrals that are also maintaining their EA Status.


SFI in comparison to other similar sites are good and paying. Definitely, it is not a scam site. It takes hard work to start earning online and take your much time. But earning after understanding the system and have at least 5 active referrals will be going to pay your dues. Therefore, we have placed this site in the section of our Trusted and Legit site.

If you are willing to earn money i.e. fulltime income on the internet in the more simple manner then we recommend you to join the Wealthy Affiliate Company. To get more details and information about the Wealthy Affiliate Company, please click the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have any doubt regarding SFI please mention it in our comment section. We will be glad to listen to you.

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